10 Jun, 2017

System of a Down – Download Festival 2017: Reviewed!

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A miraculously dry day at Download sees droves of half-drunk, half-sunburnt red faces heading to the main arena for Friday night's headliner System of a Down. Having played at Download last in 2011, SOAD were definitely due a return to the main stage at Donington and thousands of people are already packed in to watch.

30 Mar, 2017

Download Festival announce the grand return of WWE NXT Live! for 2017!

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Download Festival have announced the grand return of WWE NXT Live! for 2017! Get ready to be electrified once again with incredible displays of skill and athleticism, as the biggest names in Sports Entertainment deliver the complete WWE NXT experience.

5 Nov, 2016

Download Festival announces 2017 Headliners – love or loathe?

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With the summer a distant memory and even the Autumn racked with stormy skies this week, you could be forgiven for wanting nothing more than to hunker down, ignore the world and eat your bodyweight in cheese. However, even in your internest you surely haven’t missed summer 2017’s first big band announcement – Download Festival.

14 Jun, 2016

Iron Maiden – Download 2016 Review

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Well, the arena is awash with the kind of sludge you dream up monsters emerging from and everyone we pass is in varying states of ‘fuck-it’ at this point. Little has been done to calm the quagmire overnight it seems and as the rain poured steadily throughout the day (and then horrifically during Nightwish’s set) there are actual rivers becoming moats between the stages. If you were the guy throwing yourself down the hill with wild abandon after the first falling-over incident, because why the he

14 Jun, 2016

Black Sabbath – Download 2016 Review

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Well what can you say about the finality of one of the most prolific bands in history’s last ever show at their spiritual home of Donington Park? The band have played here time and time again, Monsters of Rock, Ozzfest, Download – Donington in all it’s incarnations. Black Sabbath are sewn into the fabric here and the arena is awash with black shirts in all shapes and sizes, from a tour history spanning decades and generations. Families making sure their kids get to experience this once in their