Charlotte de Witte Becomes First Ever Techno and Female Headliner to Close Tomorrowland Mainstage

2018 + 2019 mainstage set:


This July, the two time DJ Mag Alternative Top 100 winner & Belgian techno queen Charlotte de Witte, will be the first techno act, as well as the first female DJ ever, to close the fabled Mainstage on Saturday July 30. The KNTXT label head will close on July 30th as part of the world renowned festival’s first ever third and final weekend.

Charlotte has had another non-stop and game-changing year in 2022 so far. She headed up a label party at the vast Printworks in London with all her key label associates alongside her, has played a 10 hour set at an epic and largest ever party in her hometown of Ghent under the KNTXT banner, and also hosted an unforgettable KNTXT party in Los Angeles.

The tireless Belgian has also signed up plenty of fresh and innovative new sounds for her label, as well as offering up her own latest Universal Consciousness EP which was another evolution in her signature sound.

She has also continued with her Apple Music Residency mixes and her ‘Age of Love’ remix has hit number 1 on the charts. As such, Charlotte has a jam-packed schedule this summer that will take her to the world’s most iconic stages, largest festivals and this unmissable Mainstage set at Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland is recognised as the world’s foremost electronic music gathering, with out-of-this-world production and towering stage designs to match. Charlotte has been playing the event for 10 years and now her much-anticipated set will once again confirm that she is one of the leading techno artists on the planet, as well as changing the industry for her fellow women forever.

The countdown is now on to what will be another milestone in Charlotte de Witte’s already remarkable career.

Charlotte de Witte celebrates her new “Universal Consciousness” EP with exciting ‘New Form’ V: live stream 



Charlotte de Witte takes charge of her KNTXT label’s 15th release with the new Universal Consciousness EP. It comes after Amazingblaze – Venture EP and features four more powerful and psychedelic techno cuts.
A day before release on Wednesday 27th of April at 19:00 CEST and in collaboration with Beatport, Charlotte heads up ’New Form’ V: Universal Consciousness stream. It was recorded in the empty Flanders Expo venue with the epic production that was set up for the hugely successful event on 16th April.

Charlotte is fresh off the back of her biggest ever KNTXT party in mid April. It took place in her hometown of Ghent and saw her play a historic 10 hour set to a vast crowd of people who were taken on a real sonic journey. Also in April, Charlotte returned to London’s iconic Printworks for the first time in five years, this time with her KNTXT concept and once again raised the roof. While staying busy on the road, she continues to curate the Apple Music x KNTXT page while cooking up ever fresh sounds in the studio. This latest EP is another subtle evolution in her signature style.

Says Charlotte of the EP, “following up on my latest Asura EP in September, I decided to delve a bit deeper in the world of psychedelia. All the tracks of the EP are psy inspired, some more than others. I’ve been playing these tracks for a while now in the clubs. It’s been a real
pleasure to see the crowd’s reaction and see the amount of track ID requests online. This one is from me to you, I hope you enjoy my Universal Consciousness EP!”

Opener ‘Satori’ is dark and heavy. The chunky, raw drums hit hard and flat, as the squelchy acid synths pan about the mix. An enchanting middle eastern vocal wail brings an extra trance-inducing element that is sure to lock in the hearts and minds of the crowd.

The super ‘Kali’ is a slick and high speed piece that shows the love relation between psy trance and techno. The video game style synths peel off the groove next to alien sound effects, and the subtly evolving acid line burrows deep into your brain.

Then comes the dynamic, bouncy and acid laced-title cut ‘Universal Consciousness’. It’s a fulsome tune with rubbery kicks and visceral 303 loops that will melt the mind, as dancers fall under its hypnotic and tripped out spell.

Last of all is ‘Ahimsa’ with its bright, lashing acid synths and hammering kick drums. It’s the perfect mix of physical groove and psyched-out synth work, and is perfect for both sweaty basements and vast main rooms alike. When the mystical flutes come in, it takes things to another level entirely.

This is another all consuming EP of innovative techno from Charlotte de Witte.

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