Multi-disciplinary artist and activist, Kiss Nuka from Mumbai, India releases her latest single “Fight” in collaboration with Lebanon-based humanitarian organisation The Great Oven and UK-based music tech platform SongBits.
Fight is an emotive singer-songwriter piece written by Kiss Nuka over a decade ago to help her cope with the repercussions of her growing awareness of the injustices she observed in the world. The song she primarily wrote to herself to help find her own voice hopes to inspire the listener to find their own, and to fight for their beliefs.
Keeping the focus on her voice and lyrics, Kiss Nuka produces and composes a track that features keys by her long-time friend, musician and producer Utkarsh Dhotekar, a sparse bassline by Abhinav Bora, and has been mixed and mastered by her brother Shikhar Yuvraj Manchanda at his studios ‘The Beast India Company’.
In the past, Kiss Nuka has experimented with new music-based technology by collaborating with media giant Dolby. Continuing in that direction, Kiss Nuka is offering fans and collectors the opportunity to buy ‘bits’ of Fight, via SongBits, a music platform launched by Dave Stewart (Eurythmics, SONGLAND, Hospital Club) and Russell and Justin Sheffield (of Trident Studios heritage). Fans receive a share of Fight’s streaming revenues every time it is streamed. The royalties earned will be shared between the fans who purchase the Bits, Kiss Nuka, and The Great Oven. Kiss Nuka also was part of the SongBits delegation at SXSW in Austin, Texas earlier this month for the promotion of Fight. The waiting list is open, sign up to find out more and get involved.
The Great Oven is an international organization that builds giant, beautifully decorated ovens and sends them to places in need – from refugee camps and war-torn communities to countries in crisis. Currently based in Lebanon and expanding to Colombia in 2023, they believe in the power of food, art and music to nourish, inspire and transform lives.
Kiss Nuka met James Thompson, the founder of The Great Oven when she was invited to showcase her works at their fundraising festival called The Banquet in August last year, at The Konvent de Cal Rosal (a late 19th-century nun’s convent and textile colony that was converted into a contemporary art centre) in the Catalonia mountains, outside of Barcelona. This was also where she met Russel Sheffield and learned about SongBits.
Moved by the work of the NGO, she offered Fight to raise awareness and funds for The Great Oven. Collaborating with the artists in residence at The Konvent, she created a visual piece to promote the cause. Directed and shot by London-based Cinematographer Pep Bosch, the project was planned and shot within a week.
The cover image for the artwork has been shot by French photographer Aruallanon the set of Fight. Aruallan (Laura) was one of the artists showcasing her work at The Banquet.
James Thompson / The Great Oven adds, “In a world filled with strife a beacon of hope often emerges just in the nick of time. Kiss Nuka’s anthemic, call to arms ‘Fight’ has inspired the women of our organisation. Trafficked women, refugees, indigenous matriarchs, and rescued migrant workers. Roused by the song and knowing that our work will be supported by the profits… completes this harmonious circle of art, food and music. This gift of solidarity from India gives us the strength we need to continue our work.
Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) / SongBits says “Once in a while, an artist grabs my attention and usually, it’s because they are unique as is Kiss Nuka. Her visceral approach to music and storytelling pulls you away from the humdrum of cookie-cutter songwriting and paints an interesting picture inviting you in to be a color in her ethereal landscape.”
Speaking on the new single and the association with SongBits and The Great Oven, Kiss Nuka says, “I understand now why I never found the right time to release Fight in all these years. It was meant for this moment. I am inspired by the work of The Great Oven, and SongBits has helped me contribute towards the cause by ensuring I have full control of my song and am able to share and connect with my listeners in a way that I never have before.”
About Kiss Nuka
Raw, eclectic and phantasmic, Kiss Nuka (real name Anushka Manchanda) is a global award-winning music producer from Mumbai, India who fearlessly bends genres and creates uncensored and immersive audio-visual experiences. Manchanda’s first foray into music and film started by recording playback music for Bollywood movies. She later gravitated to the more technical side of filmmaking by first editing film projects and then quickly learning directing and production.  
Manchanda’s experiences in technical filmmaking would later inform her to switch to music production and visual art. Her work for music videos “Don’t Be Afraid”and “Ayo Burn” was recognised at The Indian Independent Music Awards, Berlin Music Video Awards, London Music Video Awards, and was on display at The World of Music Video exhibition at Völkinger Hütte UNESCO World Heritage Site alongside work from iconic artists including Björk, Daft Punk, MassiveAttack, Pussy Riot and Young Fathers. Her free-spirited love for nature and activism translates into thought-provoking pieces of mid to hard electronic bass blended with ambient layers, electro-pop melodies, distorted vocals, and an occasional hint of roots. 
As a live performer, Kiss Nuka has brought her hypnotic, seamless and dynamically-rich live set to stages such as Mixmag LAB, Magnetic Fields Festival, Basscamp and Far Out Festival. She wrapped up her first year soundtracking the dancefloor by being featured among Mixmag’s Top 15 Live Acts of 2022.

French 79 Drops Exclusive Video for his Second Single ‘Life Is Like’ of his Upcoming ‘TEENAGERS’ LP

The video is directed by the the French duo The Cauboys
Stream and download the exclusive music video here
The Cauboyz duo has always been in charge of French 79’s visual art direction. For Simon
Henner, “They are part of French 79’s project. We spent our childhood and teenage years
together. We understand each other at a glance. It’s crazy to be that much on the same
page.” An incredibly rare work-life relationship.
“Life is Like tells of a musician’s journey or itinerary. If the music video embodies three phases
of his life, it helps us give a glimpse at the intimacy of a character through a window. Here,
architecture and time seem to intertwine and create a monolithic sequence. The perception of
time evolves with age. The tender age was yesterday and yet, it is already so far away. What
is left of our childhood? From the time when dreams were as powerful as life. Where building
an ego was as much as when the architect completes a bridge. What is left of our
adolescence? Our first experiences, our fleeting loves… ? These creative moments resonate in
us as adults, with nostalgia driving our creation instincts. This music is so heady that the
synths’s reverb seems to echo in these private places. The story of a piece, from its first dream
to the release of the album. The position of the musician, at the center of our lives through

Caprices Announce First Release of New Label CAPRICES MUSIC Featuring Music from Brizman, Silat Beski and Tripmastaz

For its first release, Caprices Music relies on Brizman, an Israeli based in Berlin. In a competitive market of international DJs and producers, Brizman’s distinctive sound consistently delights the hearts of listeners.
He has produced a massive collection of minimal house tracks that have already been released on renowned labels. Now he’s hitting his notes on Caprices Music with two original tracks “Mama Shelly feat. Linn Stern” and “Berlin Moment” in tribute to the recent death of his mother. If one is a melancholic and haunting ballad, the other is distinguished by a deep but heavy sound.
As for the remixes, Tripmastaz and Silat Beksi deliver two dancefloor bomb. The remix of Silat Beksi will appear only on the vinyl version.
Artist(s): Brizman, Linn Stern, Silat Beksi, Tripmastaz
Title: Mama Shelly
Catalogue Number: CAPRICESMUSIC001
Release Date: 26th February 2023
1) Mama Shelly feat. Linn Stern (Original Mix)
2) Berlin Moment (Original Mix)
3) Berlin Moment (Silat Beksi Remix)
4) Mama Shelly feat. Linn Stern (Tripmastaz Remix ‘The ones who love us will miss us’)
5) Mama Shelly feat. Linn Stern (Tripmastaz Remix ‘but until then we dance’)

Fred Lenix makes his debut on Camelphat’s When Stars Align Imprint with the scintillating single ’Surrender’

The Brazilian born Turkey based producer bubbled to attention with impressive cuts on Ellum Audio led by ‘The Rails & Slave Machine’ before following up with releases on Pig&Dan ’s Elevate and Fur Coat ‘s Oddity imprint. A qualified sound engineer, the 25-year-old possesses a talent and distinct musical signature that belies his years. While mining old school techno and electro for inspiration, he’s resolutely a futurist, melding these textures with melodic elements and sci-fi sensibilities to create an immersive sonic world. Fred has gained the support of artists like Maceo Plex , Adam Beyer , Tale Of Us , Pan-Pot , ARTBAT , Solomun and many more…
He released his “Somewhere EP” out from Adam Beyer ‘s respected label Truesoul and carried on with a second appereance “Motivator” together with Dino Lenny. Fresh off his collaboration with ARTBAT, Fred now releases on Camelphat‘s label ‘When Stars Align’
Artist: Fred Lenix
Title: Surrender
Record Label: When Stars Align
Release Date: 3rd March 2023

1) Surrender (Extended Mix)
2) Surrender (Radio Edit) 

ARTBAT & Fred Lenix Deliver New Single “Dreamcatcher” on UPPERGROUND

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UPPERGROUND unleashes its first ARTBAT release of 2023 which is an emotive and powerful collaboration with Fred Lenix, where they combined to create the haunting and dark single ‘Dreamcatcher’.
ARTBAT stride into 2023 in determined fashion as they deliver their new single ‘Dreamcatcher’ which is a collaboration with the up and coming Brazilian born, Turkey based artist Fred Lenix. Lenix who has not only been garnering support from the industry’s leading artists, has also become a welcomed addition to the UPPERGROUND family. He recently toured India with ARTBAT, which followed on from his very well received performances on previous label events, one of which was the recent showcase at New Year at Zamna in Tulum, where Dreamcatcher was first aired to an audience and created a sizable buzz, and this is now set to be another strong release for Fred Lenix, and the Ukrainian duo and their imprint.
‘Dreamcatcher’ is a dark and brooding powerful track with ominous and stark synths giving this a deep and harrowing musical feeling with the cyborg vocal delivering the finishing touch of a deep and profound journey from which you emerge energised.
Artist(s): ARTBAT, Fred Lenix
Title: Dreamcatcher
Cat.Number: UPND009
Release Date: 10th February 2023

1) Dreamcatcher

The Subs Drop the Killer New Single ‘Freak’ on their I Want To Dance Again Label

“After 12 years of creating 100% original material, we as The Subs felt excited to take our favourite music by fellow artists into our curious hands and add our own twist. FREAK is the first single of the eponymous EP where you will see us using and abusing some beloved classics to turn them into rave anthems.

“Covers?” You ask. Well, we call them remakes, because we go far into new realms. Pulling and pushing haunting beauty out of a night life rollercoaster.

It all started with FREAK. Ever since our earliest beginnings in the Ghent night life scene, we have been devouring this track. But it was 3 years ago during our all-night-long show at Kompass Klub that we dropped “our own” FREAK for the very first time. We felt we were on to something special, seeing the audience go all wild on it.

Since it was a remake we never released it. But we kept on coming back to it, adding, changing and morphing, until finally we found the ultimate expression of our own inner FREAK. The perfect Subs version of that epic FREAK story was born. We went wild too. “I need a FREAK to dance all week, never too weak to be a FREAK 

Artist: The Subs
Title: Freak
Record Label: I Want To Dance Again
Release Date: 10th February 2023

1) Freak (Radio Edit)
2) Freak (Club Edit)
3) Freak (Instrumental) 

Reinier Zonneveld joins BK to deliver a new EP titled «Rampage» on Filth on Acid

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Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth on Acid snaps up BK for a huge new EP which features three new tunes including one with the boss himself. BK has taken his inimitable production style into clubland and immediately translated it into a DJ performance that has made him an overnight success. He runs his own Nukleuz Records and brings all new energy to techno.

Listen Here 

Order Link 

Reinier Zonneveld & BK’s Suis Moi opens up with cantering drums and flashy synth work. The synths light it up in futuristic fashion while the dark vocal demands you to dance. BK’s Rampage then has hefty drums, skewed leads and the sort of raw and brain frying techno energy that cannot fail to blow up the floor. Indecision ups the pace and races along on slick and sleek drums with pent up trance-techno energy and a big vocal up top to really blow the roof off. Control the Music is last up and is another all consuming, peak time techno weapon.

This is a standout EP that will make you want to lose control and rage on the dance floor.

Artist(s): BK, Reinier Zonneveld

Title: Rampage

Record Label: Filth on Acid

Cat.Number: FOA125

Release Date: 10th February 2023 – Beatport (2 weeks)

24th February 2023 – all other download stores


1) Reinier Zonneveld, BK – Suis Moi

2) BK – Rampage

3) BK – Indecision

4) BK – Control the Music

Mayan Warrior Introduces Nacho Isa With Live Recorded Set From Burning Man 2022

Nacho Isa has been producing and touring since the age of 16. He is a music director for NYC venue HNWC and the founder of 343 Labs, a production school that features workshops with acts like Jimi JulesInnelleaFedeleEagles & Butterflies among many others.

As a touring act, he’s shared the booth with Guy GerberDJ TennisMaceo Plex, and Monolink, among others. He’s played in places like Brooklyn MirageMN RoyElements Festival, and now Mayan Warrior.

Listen Here

The aforementioned Mayan Warrior is a design marvel and roving stage that has become the centerpiece of Burning Man because of its sound system and massive intricate laser show. It represents everyone’s dream gig at the Burn. Its 2022 lineup featured the likes of Charlotte de WitteKeinemusicJan Blomqvist, and Oliver KoletskiNacho is part of their ongoing effort to feature rising acts alongside world-renowned talent. The Mayan Warrior YouTube channel rivals Cercle’s as the most exciting live showcase for electronic music The set was captured live as the Mayan Warrior bus was enduring the harsh Playa weather.


“As I am about to start, I see dozens of bikes powering through the storm. I trash my original plan on Track 2 as I try to capture the moment. 

Eventually, a beautiful sunset emerges…”

Nacho Isa, although a “new face” in the world electronic scene, has been producing and touring around Europe and US for more than 10 years. The release of his recorded set for Mayan Warrior comes as an introduction to the world to NYC’s best-kept secret. Nacho has helped countless artists throughout the years through his music ventures. It seemed only a matter of time before the world took notice of his own career.

Nacho Isa SoundCloud:

Mayan Warrior SoundCloud:



Contact: [email protected]

French 79 Drops the Exclusive Video for the First Single ‘Burning Legend’ of his Upcoming “TEENAGERS” LP

The video is directed by the the French duo The Cauboys
Stream and download the exclusive music video here
The Cauboyz duo has always been in charge of French 79’s visual art direction. For Simon
Henner, “They are part of French 79’s project. We spent our childhood and teenage years
together. We understand each other at a glance. It’s crazy to be that much on the same
page.” An incredibly rare work-life relationship.
The central idea (of TEENAGERS’ artwork) began with a young teen holding a flag as if he
wanted to make it come to life. Adults would have wondered what the point was. But the
child doesn’t care. He’s so proud of it, he creates his own world around it… “This image
perfectly fits into my idea of adolescence and its adventurous, experimental side. It’s naive,
spontaneous, simple and beautiful… I yearn for moments like this in my adult life.”
The Cauboyz duo explains their vision: “As the first single of French 79’s new album, ‘Burning
Legend’ evokes the jubilant period of adolescence. With age, we tend to move away from
it. But the memory of the first experiences and the ardour remain in us, as we want to
preserve it. Founding moment in the search for identity, the musical choices then participate in
defining us socially. As an extension of the visual of the album, this music video introduces
the audience to several situations in which French 79’s is embodied by human characters.
Like a emblem, they carry the musician’s identity, they claim it and support it. Music is a part
of us ; it accompanies us in our daily life and evokes in us the memories of an age where
everything was yet to be discovered and where nothing was for sure.”

Reinier Zonneveld Delivers a Scintillating Remix of D-Devils’ Single ‘Dance With The Devil (The 6th Gate) on his Filth On Acid Label

Techno giant Reinier Zonneveld heads into 2023 in monstrous style with the release of his fierce remix of D-Devil’s iconic hard trance classic ‘Dance With The Devil’, out on Zonneveld’s own Filth On Acid imprint. This follows several standout collaborations and is another track that proves no one in techno is in better form than this man.
Dance with the Devil (The 6th Gate) [Reinier Zonneveld Remix] is a high-energy techno banger with a powerful beat that soon consumes your entire body. It has quick, punchy kicks and warm, rumbling bass. Over the top are sleek 90s trance chords and frazzled stabs that will make a huge impact in the club for sure.
Says Reinier: “It’s always an honour to get a chance to work on tracks I love so working on a remix of D-Devil’s classic ‘The 6th Gate (Dance With The Devil)’ has been one of my favourite projects lately. I’ve been road-testing the remix at almost all of my shows the past months already and the response from the crowd has been insane!”
Artist(s): Reinier Zonneveld, D-Devils
Title: Dance with the Devil (The 6th Gate) [Reinier Zonneveld Remix]
Record Label: Filth On Acid 
Cat.Number: FOA124
Release Date: 27th January 2023 [Beatport (2 weeks)], 10th February 2023 (all other download stores)
1) Dance with the Devil (The 6th Gate) [Reinier Zonneveld Remix]