Truck Festival 2023

Truck Festival is a one of our firm favourites on the festival calander and this years did not disappoint at all. Located on Hill Farm in Oxfordshire the festival offered a huge line up with some of the hottest bands around. Headlining the weekend was The Wombats, Two Door Cinema Club, Alt-J and Royal Blood. Every band who performed put on a cracking performance and put all their energy into their sets. The festival had plenty to offer including food and drink stalls, kids activities, gameshows, yoga, karaoke and more. Unfortunately the weather was a typical British type for a festival. Saturday was a downpour which made the site into a slippery mud bath but that did not dampen any ones spirits.

Our photographer Kane Howie was at the festival to document the weekend. You can see a selection of his images below.

2024 tickets are on sale now and are selling fast! We will definitely be returning for next year!

Truck Festival 2022

After three years the amazing Truck Festival came back too Hill Farm in Steventon, Oxfordshire. The past 3 years had been affected by COVID which meant the event could not take place. This year also celebrated its 25th Anniversary so the organisers had to make sure it was the best!! The three and a half day event had a huge lineup with Blossoms headlining the Thursday night. Bombay Bicycle Club on Friday, Sam Fender and The Kooks co-headlining on the Saturday and the weekend ended with Kasabian and a firework display on the Sunday night. Bands, Artists, Comedians etc all performed on several stages across the site. There was the Main Stage, Market Stage hosted by So Young Magazine, Thie Feeling, The Nest, Virgins and Veterans, The Rockin Chair and The Tap Room.

Across the site had a wide variety of all cuisines for everyone. The local community also have a big food tent with their homecooked food which they have served there for several years and all profits got to charity.

There was plenty for everyone to do. Familys with young children could go to the childrens area which had activities and shows on for them all to enjoy. There were stalls with makeup, clothes, accessories and more for everyone to dress up in their proper festival gear.

Our photographer Kane Howie was at the festival to document the weekend. You can check out his photos below.

Tickets for next years event are available at the festival will take place at the same location on July 21st-23rd.

Truck Festival 2021 Preview

After the past year with being in lockdowns and a worldwide pandemic we all look forward to getting back to some normality. One of the best things of 2021 is the return of festivals. A firm favourite of Summer Festival Guides is Truck Festival, located on Hill Farm in Steventon, Oxfordshire. There has been 2 announcements on who will be performing. This year has a fantastic line up with Bombay Bicycle Club, The Kooks and Royal Blood headlining the weekend as well as Blossoms headlining the Thursday night before the weekend kicks off. Truck has got bigger and bigger every year with such a great variety of bands and artists. The weekend will see the likes of Idles, Fontaines DC, Arlo Parks, Circa Waves, DMAs, Shame and many more. Also there will be morning exercise with Mr Motivator and even and Oxford Symphony Orchestra. Tickets for the weekend have SOLD OUT. Before the event they shall release the band app in which you can check out times for the weekend and plan what you want to see PLUS more bands.

Every year we like to give you a few bands or artists that we think you should check out over the weekend. Below are a few of them.

For more information about the festival you can visit their site

Truck Festival 2020 Lineup Announcement

Truck Festival have announced their 2020 lineup. The festival takes place at Hill Farm in Didcot, Oxfordshire on 31st July-2nd August.

Bombay Bicycle Club, The Kooks and Catfish & The Bottlemen are headlining the event with Blossoms as the Thursday night headliners.

You can buy tickets for the festival at

Truck Festival 2019 In Photos

Truck Festival was back last weekend with being a sell out. The lineup is incredible with some of the hottest bands and artists around. The festival had great weather apart from a shower of rain throughout Friday night and into the Saturday morning.  It seemed to be the only festival that weekend that kept dry and sunny.  The weekend was headlined by Wolf Alice, Foals and closed with Two Door Cinema Club.

The site had a huge selection of food vendors which included burgers, pizza, steak sarnies, sausage rolls, tacos and many more. The thing we love about Truck is that the local rotary club have a food tent in which all proceeds go to charity. There were so many amazing acts throughout the weekend and our photographer Kane Howie was there to document it for us.

  • Anteros1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Anteros2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Anteros3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Crowd1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Crowd2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Crowd3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Crowd4_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • DollyAndTheDinosaur1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • DollyAndTheDinosaur2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Feet1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Feet2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Feet3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Feet4_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • HeavyLungs1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • HeavyLungs2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Idles1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Idles2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Idles3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Idles4_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Idles5_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Idles6_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Idles7_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Idles8_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Idles9_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Idles10_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Idles11_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Idles12_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • LewisCapaldi1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • LewisCapaldi2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • LewisCapaldi3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • LewisCapaldi4_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Lucia1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Lucia2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Marsicans1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Marsicans2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • NothingButThieves1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • NothingButThieves2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • TheLordOfLobsters1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • WolfAlice1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • WolfAlice2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • WolfAlice3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • WolfAlice4_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • WolfAlice5_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • WolfAlice6_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Yonaka1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Yonaka2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Yonaka3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Yonaka4_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Yonaka5_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • BetsieGold1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Crowd1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Crowd2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Crowd3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Crowd4_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • DonBroco1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • DonBroco2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • DonBroco3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • DonBroco4_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • DonBroco5_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • DonBroco6_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Foals1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Foals2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Foals3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Foals4_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • HotMilk1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • HotMilk2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • HotMilk3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • HotMilk4_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • HotMilk5_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • HotMilk6_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • HotMilk7_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • HotMilk8_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • JohnnyMarr1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • JohnnyMarr2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • JohnnyMarr3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • MilkTeeth1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • MysteryJets1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • MysteryJets2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • MysteryJets3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • MysteryJets4_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Palace1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Palace2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Palace3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • PressToMeco1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • PressToMeco2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • PressToMeco3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • SeanMcgowan1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • SeanMcgowan2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • SeanMcgowan3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • SportsTeam1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • SportsTeam2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • SportsTeam3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • SportsTeam4_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • TenTonnes1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • TenTonnes2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • TheMurderCapital1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • TheMurderCapital2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • TheMurderCapital3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • TheMurderCapital4_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • AnnabelleAllum11_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Barryoke1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Barryoke2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Barryoke3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Barryoke4_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Deco1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Dodie1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Dodie2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Dodie3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Dodie4_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • GaffaTapeSandy1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Hot8BrassBand1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • Hot8BrassBand2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • KateNash1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • KateNash2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • KateNash3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • KateNash4_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • KateNash5_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • KateNash6_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • MrMotivator2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • PaulLyme1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • SeaGirls1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • SeaGirls2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • StrangeBones1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • StrangeBones2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • StrangeBones3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • StrangeBones4_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • StrangeBones5_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • TheJapaneseHouse1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • TheLoungeKittens1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • TheLoungeKittens2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • TheLoungeKittens3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • TwoDoorCinemaClub1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • TwoDoorCinemaClub2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • TwoDoorCinemaClub3_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • TwoDoorCinemaClub4_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • WhenYoung1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • YouMeAtSix1_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • YouMeAtSix2_Truck19_KaneHowie
  • YouMeAtSix3_Truck19_KaneHowie

You can now buy tickets for next years event at

If anything was to go by this year then next years lineup is going to be out of this world.




Truck Festival Preview

In just a few weeks time, Truck Festival is due to take place in Oxfordshire with being a sell out its sure to be the best festival of the year! The lineup for this year is by far one of the best we have seen. Summer Festival Guide has been covering the festival for the past few years and we think its great to let you know on who we think you should check out.  See below for the top bands to check out at this years Truck Festival!!

HOT MILK – Saturday-The Nest-13.15


YONAKA-Friday-The Nest-19.30


DODIE-Sunday-The Market Stage-19.00


DECO-Saturday-Truck Stage-14.15


STRANGE BONES-Sunday-This Feeling-20.45

MARSICANS-Friday-Truck Stage- 15.00

ALFIE TEMPLEMAN-Sunday-The Market Stage-14.45

We hope you liked some of the bands we chose. You can see the full line up and more information at the Truck Festival website 

Have a Truckin time!!

Truck Festival 2018 Preview

The self acclaimed 'Godfather of the small festival scene' is back!  This annual music festival takes place in Steventon, Oxfordshire and with 2018 being the festival's 21st year it plans to dominate with yet another cracking line up.  For the first time, organisers have introduced an early entry ticket for Thursday the19th July before the main festival weekend begins. Upon purchasing early entry admission, ticketholders will be able to see performances from bands and artists including Peace, Jaws, Kandia and Little Brother Eli to kickstart the weekeend.

As always there will also be a wide variety of food to cater for all and also family friendly activities for those with children.  

This years lineup includes headliners: Friendly Fires on Friday, George Ezra on Saturday and The Courteeners on closing night which will be Sunday 22nd July.  

Also featured, will be performances from Everything Everything, Circa Waves, Jake Bugg and many more. There are several stages on site with a huge selection of all genres of bands and artists. Here are just a handful of acts that are worth checking out

Hellions – A hard core punk band from Sydney,Australia.  Their music can be likened to that of American pop-punk band Good Charlotte. They will be on stage at The Nest on Friday.  

Goldrush – An English 5 piece rock band. Band members Robin and Joe aka The Bennett brothers are also the founders Truck Festival and will be performing in their band for an exclusive one off set.  What better way to pay homage to the people that made this awesome festival a reality.  This special set can be seen at the Veterans and Virgins stage on Friday.  

Anteros – This dream-pop band quartet from London have previously played alongside Two Door Cinema Club, White Lies and Blaenavon (who are also playing at Truck this year) Anteros also played sets at Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds.  Their single "Breakfast" is quite a catchy, happy go lucky kind of pop song.  These will be seen on the Main Stage on Saturday.  ]

Lady Bird – The trio can easily be likened to last year's performers Slaves.  Their music style is heavy rock with agressive riffs, their songs also have a literary vibe to them while narrating stories with their straight to the point lyrics. We will be seeing them at The Nest on Saturday.  

Hey Charlie – a three piece all girl pop punk band. Their vibe overflows with girl power while playing their sugary pop songs. They have previously been on tour with All Time Low.  These punktastic ladies will be performing on the Market Stage on Sunday.  

So whether you fancy riding "Shotgun" with George Ezra or want to enjoy "Junk Food Forever" with The Amazons, Truck Festival will no doubt keep you entertained all weekend long! 

Truck Festival 2016 Review

This weekend saw Truck Festival joined by more music-lovers than ever before and over 200 performers and DJs who basked in glorious sun rays amid the Oxfordshire countryside.

Recent years have seen a boom in the number of big festivals as well as an increase in the commercialisation of smaller festivals. Truck has always been proud to be an independent festival with a niche list of performers and a very intimate vibe.

While Truck stayed true to it’s roots as a smaller and less commercial festival, it has still been growing ever since it was established in 1997. This year saw a major expansion of Truck with increased tickets, an additional arena, a new entrance, and an extra day.

Truck prides itself on providing a platform for local and underground artists to showcase their talents alongside big, well-known artists such as 2016 Brit Award winners, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Manic Street Preachers, and Kodaline. Truck’s local connections run deeper than just the line-up however, with the local Rotary Club handling a large proportion of the food catering (although their importance is shrinking as more food stalls are being sourced to feed the growing audiences).

The music at Truck Festival is so diverse that there really is something for everyone. Each of the stages has it’s own style – The Truck Stage is most diverse with the headliners playing alongside a mixture of bands including Band App winners; The Market Stage is second in command and hosts some of the most popular bands of the weekend including Mystery Jets, SOAK, and Switch DJs into the early hours; the new Nest stage hosts the bands previously seen in the Barn (which continues to be a favourite for many) – with a more hard rock and punk vibe, such as NeckDeep and Mooseblood; the Saloon is famous for its ‘great western’ style; the Veteran and Virgins has a mixture of styles playing hosts to bands who have stuck by Truck for its 19 years and others using it for their first Truck experience; and finally, the Palm City and Horizon stage was a favourite by many teens for the DJ’s Roughion and club vibes.

Each of the headliners was distinct from the others and all graced the stage for a different reason. Catfish and the Bottlemen are very popular following their Brit Award win for Best Newcomers, and have been played by the likes of Channel 4’s Hollyoaks recently. This made them a hit with the younger audience as they played all of the most popular songs from their May 2016 release, ‘The Ride’.

The Welsh 80’s rock band, Manic Street Preachers, pulled in a strong Welsh fanbase for their set on Saturday evening and their ‘glam rock’ vibe was enjoyed by all, even though some of those attending with their parents clearly were not familiar with the songs.


The final headliner for Kodaline had a slightly quieter response as a small number of festival goers began to leave thoughout Sunday ready for Monday morning. Despite this, the whole of Arena 1 was rocking to the band, who were known as ’21 Demands’ until 2012. The Irish born band are known for their unique mix of ‘folk rock’ and they gave Sunday evening a very relaxed and content vibe – ending the weekend with confetti cannons and streamers being blasted into the crowd.

While the three-day event was a bargain (working out less than £30 per day), returning festival-goers may have been shocked at the increased charges once they were there. Truck Festival has always boasted a large “children’s tent” for the under 12’s, full of creative arts and crafts and some poets etc to entertain them. This year the children area had expanded but with everything charged at a minimum of £3, it was difficult to last out the morning without going bankrupt. There was plenty on offer – climbing frames, dream catcher workshops, jewellery workshops, rubber archery, etc. but everything was charged which was not mentioned prior to arrival and was unexpected for anyone who had attended previously. Prices for food had also increased dramatically at the Rotary Club stalls, with a bacon sandwich costing £4, and only a choice of 3 stalls for breakfast.

But this didn’t effect the overall vibe of the weekend which was completely laid back and inclusive, once again. It was in no way about wearing the right clothes or being seen, but rather about kicking back and enjoying the unique atmosphere while soaking up the festival sun. There was no fancy VIP area like you’ll find at other big festivals; backstage was purely functional. Instead, everyone mingles in the main arena – the artists roam the site, picking up beers at the bar just like everyone else. Truck is clearly about the music and people enjoying themselves, something that feels lacking at the bigger festivals which seem to be just money-spinning corporate beasts.

Organisation had also failed slightly this year when it came to the much-loved paint fight. I have been to the paint fight every year I’ve attended Truck – it is one of my personal highlights of the weekend. But this year I was one of many who missed out because it was advertised in the wrong arena. There were crowds of teens clad in all white waiting at 4 o’clock on Saturday in Arena 2, but when 4 o’clock came and went, cheers were heard coming from Arena 3, and paint covered bodies began walking passed. And that was that – we had missed what, for many of us, was something we’d been very much looking forward to.

With the fabulous line-up, a new site layout and even a new bridge across the stream, alongside the perfect festival weather, this was the festival you’ll be gutted to have missed.

Kodaline, Jurassic 5, Mystery Jets added to Truck Festival

Oxford’s Truck Festival today reveals Irish chart-toppers Kodaline as the third headliner, completing the trio of names set to top the main stage over the weekend of 15-17th July. A plethora of further additions come in the form of alternative hip-hop group Jurassic 5, Brit indie rock outfit Mystery Jets and many more exciting names both legendary and up & coming. Amazingly for such a huge offering Truck Festival tickets are only £86.50, available now via
Over the last three years Kodaline’s star has ascended rapidly, the Dublin natives have enjoyed huge success with their second album reaching number 4 in the UK charts. This summer the band reach headliner status when, at Truck, they will appear as one of three names to crown the main stage at the newly expanded three-day edition of the festival. Part of the 90s underground rap revolution, Jurassic 5 bring with them a significant legacy to Truck. The hip-hop group have for a long time courted and won fans across a broad spectrum, both before and after their 2013 reunion, Truck Festival is set to be a similar sure-fire crowd pleaser. Former Eel Pie Island residents Mystery Jets make a return to the festival having last performed at the event in 2012. Their latest release ‘Curve of the Earth’ has certainly wowed critics including NME who have already dubbed it ‘one of the most well-rounded records of 2016’. Next up for Truck is the young singer songwriter SOAK. A.K.A. Birdie Monds-Watson, SOAK collected the Irish Choice Music Prize for album of the year only a little less than a month ago.

Also destined for Truck are a whole host of the most promising new, young talent including Blossoms, currently riding the airwaves with their insanely catchy single ‘Charlemagne’. Elsewhere pop-punkers Neck Deep and the dreamy tones of Swim Deep are destined for the festival, as are Bristolian electro-indie trio, Coasts, and melodic hardcore band, Basement.
Across Truck’s 7 stages the other additions are plentiful and varied as warehouse party pioneer Norman Jay MBE, Frances, IAN (a set with a secret), Clean Cut Kid, Spring King, Fickle Friends and Eliza And The Bear join proceedings.
Completing the total of 49 new names for the line-up are DMAs, Vant, Black Honey, Lauren Aquilina, The Big Moon, The Amazons, Ady Sulieman, Black Peaks, Public Access TV, Jodie Abacus, Emily Barker, Danny And The Champions Of The World, Pumarosa, Samm Henshaw, Estrons, Jonny Foreigner, Get Inuit, Bloody Knees, Yndi Halda, Traams, Tired Lion, The Dreaming Spires, Shame, Virgin Kids, Monarks, Yonaka, Zuzu, Tax The Heat, Hudson Scott, Shark Dentist, Cassels, OhBoy! and Happy Accidents. 
Oxford’s original independent festival returns to Hill Farm once again this July however for 2016 the event expands from two to three days. Truck Festival’s 18-year history has seen sets from the likes of Foals, The XX, Two Door Cinema Club, Biffy Clyro and Peace. Oxford’s original is the discerning go-to for credible and quality acts and 2016 is shaping up to be no less than another prime year. With standard weekend tickets priced at only £86.50 this is one of, if not the best value for money festival this summer. 

Truck Festival 2016 headliners revealed

Manic Street Preachers and Catfish And The Bottlemen confirmed to headline Truck Festival 2016.  Oxford’s original independent music festival also welcomes Everything Everything, Circa Waves and Young Fathers.

Iconic rock trio Manic Street Preachers and fellow Welshmen Catfish and the Bottlemen are to headline Truck Festival, 15th – 17th July at Hill Farm, Oxford. The impressive line up also includes Everything Everything and Circa Waves who are set to rub shoulders with the awesome We Are The Ocean, Gnarwolves and Pretty Vicious, just some of the names unveiled today for the 2016 line-up. Truck Festival pulled out all the stops for the event’s 19th year promising devoted festival-goers another mind-blowing year of music. Standard weekend tickets are priced at only £86.50 and are available via

Manic Street Preachers – James Dean Bradfield, Nicky Wire and Sean Moore – are to  perform on Saturday 16th of July at Truck Festival as main stage headliners. Undisputed classics ‘Motorcycle Emptiness’, ‘Your Love Alone’ and ‘Design for Life’ alongside more recent hits from ‘Rewind The Film’ and ‘Futurology’ will no doubt see festival-goers celebrating one of the biggest and best UK groups of the last 30 years.

Avid festival performers Catfish and the Bottlemen join Truck as headliners for Friday 15th of July. The four-piece scooped the BBC Introducing award at the first BBC Music Awards in 2014 and have been a firm fixture on the live music scene ever since. 

With their most recent album being named ‘Hottest record in the world’ by BBC Radio 1, Mercury prize nominees Everything Everything are not to be missed this year at Truck Festival. Circa Waves, Young Fathers, Jack  Savoretti and the hotly tipped Rat Boy are also joining proceedings in an indie-lovers dream lineup.

Truck is also catering to the hardcore fans out there with bands such as We Are The Ocean, Gnarwolves and Creeper providing everyone with a metal and punk injection. Truck 2016 will also bring to the table music from The Magic Gang, Formation and Hooton Tennis Club.

Completing the additions for Truck’s first announcement of 2016 are Creeper, Pixel Fix, Louis Berry alongside local favourites Willie J Healey and Esther Joy Lane. 
Truck also recently confirmed that for 2016 the event will expand to three days across the weekend of Friday 15th until Sunday 17th July at the Hill Farm site. A whole extra 24 hours will be on offer packed, once again, with the best indie, rock, pop and electronic acts. 

Truck Festival’s 18-year history has seen sets from the likes of Foals, The XX, Two Door Cinema Club, Biffy Clyro and Peace. Oxford’s original is the discerning go-to for credible and quality acts and 2016 is shaping up to be no less than another prime year.