DOWNLOAD 2017 – Sunday Review

With the sun tentatively out again Downloaders can rejoice at the first dry festival in god knows how many years, no wellies required!

Rock supergroup The Dead Daisies, heavily promoted on Planet Rock over the last few months, are absolutely living up to the hype with their classic rock and roll vibes. Another band to note the recent terror attacks in the UK, vocalist John Corabi calls out “We heard about what’s going on in Manchester… London… it's only gonna get better with love… peace” to a roar of applause from the crowd before busting out ‘Main Line’.

Over on the main stage, Southern rockers The Cadillac Three are making the most of the sunshine with their unmistakable country twang and slide guitar. They are absolutely as redneck as you imagine, it’s awesome. Next up are Gothenburg gods, In Flames with an enormous circle pit and a lot of complaining out their miniature cooler of beer (okay, it really is ridiculously small.) “We are Swedish people and we love beer… and this is what we got… (tiny cool box) we are gonna be great anyway but this is a disgrace! I’m just gonna put it here to remind us of all the suffering and struggle we have to make this shit happen” Anders Friden jokes it’s their “Spinal tap moment”. ‘Take This Life’ is incredible and the arena atmosphere is wild, there’s even a Teletubby in the circle pit going mental.

Next up, Aussie rockers Airbourne are as topless and naughty as ever, but you can see that security are on edge in case Joel ‘deathwish’ O’Keeffe tries any of his mental rig-climbing shit again. On the Encore stage Ministry are going off, with frontman Al Jourgensen yelling “this is a new song… if you think it fucking sucks, throw shit at us. If you like it, go buy the record and our tshirts and shit. I’m a promosexual”. They’ve got a massive crowd in front of them and are giving it everything they’ve got, it’s one of the most storming sets of the weekend.

Despite the fact that the arena is packed for Steel Panther, I can’t see anything different to last time they played Donington. The same misogynistic garbage is being spouted, and yes I know it’s satire but it’s a bit dated now, don’t you think? It’s a shame because they’re obviously talented musicians, but it’s hard to get past all the shit Spinal Tap stuff to see it. As usual they’re pulling loads of girls from the crowd to join them on stage, but it’s clear the TV crew are steering clear of the boob shots, probably due to the fact that these girls are of indeterminate age.

Clutch however are pure rock and roll heroes. After an initial rocky start with the guitars not being right, Neil Fallon quips “we are Clutch… we are professional musicians” before heading into ‘Your Love Is Incarceration’ and the powerfully epic ‘X-Ray Visions’. Having been on the Download vetran list for a few years now, Fallon jokes “I think this is the most gorgeous day I’ve ever experienced here at Download, thanks for arranging that, Mr lighting director”. ‘Sucker for the Witch’ is amazing, and who doesn’t love a band who aren’t afraid to use a cowbell? On the other hand, they didn’t play ‘Electric Worry’

Onward to Opeth, who honestly look like vampires about to combust in the late sun, they’re musically impressive don’t get me wrong, but much more of a band-of-the-brooding-night, am I right?

Big Four metal gods Slayer are up next, and Kerry King is sporting a blood-splattered axe while frontman Tom Araya let’s us know how tonight is going to go down “We’re all here for the same thing… smiling and getting hit and stuff. Its always nice to see happy people”. KK absolutely shreds like a beast, massive chains swinging from his leather trousers while his braided beard whips back and forth. The crowd is enormous and rafts of extra security have been drafted in to deal with the constant stream of crowd surfers coming over the barrier, including one particularly unfortunate gringo (he was wearing a poncho) who was bleeding profusely from the nose after recklessly going over on his stomach. He looked pretty proud about it to be honest. ‘South of Heaven’ and ‘Reign In Blood’ are obviously incredible, there’s something utterly spellbinding about hearing those metal anthems in real life.

An hour clear of everything else finishing, a cold night has come out of nowhere and underdressed metalheads are huddling together under the darkening sky. O Fortuna ominously blasts out of the huge array of speaker stacks flanked by giant screens offering up the Aerosmith Aero-Vederci logo and images of the bands’ past. As this is their departing tour, the tribute is expected but kind of lacks the oomph of last years’ farewell to Black Sabbath, maybe it’s because Black Sabbath were homegrown heroes, I don’t know. As Steve Tyler takes to the stage dressed in his usual hippy garb of sequins, frills and flouncy scarves, a massive roar goes up from the astonishingly large crowd.

Having seen Instagram posts earlier on from daughter Liv Tyler, of her and Steve riding the stage-side big wheel earlier on, looking out over the site, I wonder what it feels like to be playing these last shows. At nearly seventy years old I can imagine it’s relief and sadness all rolled into one. Throwing around the mic stand (also bedecked in a floaty scarf, obviously) Steve belts out the likes of ‘Young Lust’, ‘Cryin’ and ‘Living on the Edge’ and it’s like you’re right back at the beginning of their career with them. Well… apart from the incredibly shit fire graphics engulfing Tyler on the screens, it looks like they’ve grabbed them from the original Duke Nukem.

The band themselves are so practiced, so pro, that you wouldn’t know they’d aged a day. ‘Love in an Elevator’ powerfully resonates around the arena and Tyler leads on with a frank statement “I remember checking into rehab one time and hearing the abuse in the world people get… especially women… and thats why Janie’s got a gun”.

After a brief Joe Perry solo, alongside what appears to be a video of his holiday snaps… we get the awesome ‘Stop Messin Around’ and ‘Oh Well’ Fleetwood Mac covers as Tyler writhes around on the giant floor logo. We are treated to every bit of Aerosmith history, harmonicas, rattlesnake shakers and of course ‘Sweet Emotion’, though the wind has picked up and Tyler has to requisition a hat from the crowd to keep his hair out of his mouth. It happens to the best of us pal.

‘I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing’ sees everyone in the arena grabbing hold of each other and swaying, while a million phone screens light up the sky. It might not have the prettiness of the 70’s lighters but hey, we’re living in the age of technology. ‘Rag Doll’ includes the use of the most ridiculous and majestic megaphone ever. It is bejewelled with rhinestones inside and out, and Beatles cover ‘Come Together’ is just phenomenal.

‘Dude (looks like a lady’ is hilarious fun with guys prancing around in front of us, but the encore sees a white grand piano brought down onto the gangway for Tyler to play the heartbreakingly beautiful ‘Dream On’ after a mention of the recent UK terror attacks “When you dream good dreams… good things can come true… Aerosmith is dreaming with you… Dream On”. Standing atop the piano, the band show us the true meaning of a ‘show’, something few modern bands really do anymore, it’s a picture I’ll never forget.

Saying goodbye with ‘Walk This Way’, ticker tape explosions and blasts from smoke cannons, it’s hard to comprehend that we’ll never get to see them again. That those bands we grew up listening to, our rock history, is becoming just that, a thing of legend. Aero-vederci to one of the greats.

Download Festival announce the grand return of WWE NXT Live! for 2017!

Download Festival, the undisputed champion of rock and metal, has today announced the grand return of WWE NXT LIVE! to the hallowed grounds of Donington Park. Music fans will once again be electrified with incredible displays of skill and athleticism, as the hugest names in Sports Entertainment deliver the complete WWE NXT experience alongside the world’s biggest rock stars, on June 9 -11. Tickets are available now from

Alongside headliners System Of A Down, Biffy Clyroand Aerosmith, fans can catch NXT Superstars *Bobby Roode, Aleister Black, Tye Dillinger, Kassius Ohno, Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, Killian Dain, Nikki Cross and many more as they bring the hard-hitting, innovative and action packed brand of NXT to the purpose built, full scale ring in the main festival arena.

Last year saw NXT make a huge impact with Download fans, delivering a weekend of action to capacity crowds with shocking debuts, high flying manoeuvres and surprising returns from the biggest names in sports entertainment. It also provided one of the most touching moments in Download history when Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events & Creative and WWE icon Triple H was awarded the Metal Hammer ‘Spirit Of Lemmy’ award on the main stage, in honour of his relationship with the late legendary Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister and to acknowledge the affinity between the rock and wrestling worlds.

Download Festival Promoter, Dave Bradley said: “Having WWE NXT at Download is like seeing what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object – you just know sparks are gonna fly! Wrestling and rock music go hand in hand and if last year is anything to go by, this exclusive festival experience is only going to be bigger & better for round two! This is not to be missed.”

Current NXT Champion Bobby Roode, who made headlines with his NXT debut at last year’s Download Festival said: “Download was my very first show in NXT. The combination of NXT Superstars and massive musical acts, entertaining tens of thousands of passionate fans makes Download a unique experience.

Returning to Download as NXT Champion will make this an extra special moment for me as a performer. WWE has been synonymous with rock culture for decades and has a long history of engaging with the rock community, previously collaborating with the likes of; Motorhead, Killswitch Engage, Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock, Living Colour, Rob Zombie, POD and many more huge bands.

Download Festival is the home of rock music and takes place on the sacred grounds of Donington Park, which have been associated with rock since the eighties. The festival attracts icons of rock and metal to its main stage, plus some of the best and hottest new acts in the world. AC/DC, KISS, Metallica, Def Leppard, Guns N’ Roses, Rage Against The Machine, Slipknot, Linkin Park and many more have all headlined its main stage.

Download Festival announces 2017 Headliners – love or loathe?

With the summer a distant memory and even the Autumn racked with stormy skies this week, you could be forgiven for wanting nothing more than to hunker down, ignore the world and eat your bodyweight in cheese. However, even in your internest you surely haven’t missed summer 2017’s first big band announcement – Download Festival.

Friday headliners System of a Down, having not been seen at Donington since 2011 are definitely due a triumphant return, whilst the somewhat niche Biffy Clyro headline slot for Saturday seems to have created a bit of forum-controversy already. Topping the bill on Sunday is a farewell op for Aerosmith, who last played the festival in 2014 and are sure to go out with a bang.

Though the day splits won’t be confirmed for many months, a whole raft of other bands have been announced for Download including:  Slayer, Prophets of Rage, Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, AFI, Of Mice & Men, Sleeping With Sirens, Motionless in White, Simple Plan, Every Time I Die, The Story So Far and Fozzy.

So is it love or loathe? What do you think of the first Download announcements for 2017?

Calling Festival Review: Aerosmith rock Clapham Common

If you're in London this week-end, there is a lot going on around the Capital. If you love music, your choice is pretty clear: Set sail for Clapham Common's shores and drop the anchor at Calling Festival. Headlining tonight was America's greatest Rock and Roll Band and Rock veterans: Aerosmith. But before this epic show, there is a day packed with great acts.  

On the Main Stage, The 3 Dudes opened the show : With bags of energy and confidence, Sam, Jack and Roger Ploch are the three teenage brothers behind the 3 Dudes. They sang their main title Superheroes, as well as cover such as Blur's Song 2 amongst other titles. 

Running towards the Pepsi Max stageChantal Claret is performing. She is very happy to be part of Calling Festival and surprises the crowd: witty, funny, cursing at times, and a voice to die for. What a performer! In the middle of her performance, she sang in the middle of the delighted audience, a song dedicated to the dads called "The pleasure seeker". She also included more recent songs like "Bite your tongue" and Light it up". Dancing, making faces, jumping, Chantal Claret pleased the crowd throughout her performance and felt very honored to perform at the Calling Festival as Aerosmith was the first act she saw on stage.

Where to get a bite to eat? Calling Festival provides an impressive choice: from Thai food, to Mexican, with Crepes, or Strawberry and cream, It will satisfy all tastes and wallets. We opted for Saul's Hog Roast for lunch but Mrs Gauthier offers a mouth watering menu as well. For a sugar treat, Churros Garcia is a very popular option as festival goers are queuing all day.

Back to Main stage for Heaven's Basement: the lead singer, Aaron Buchannan has a great engagement with the crowd and even shyly attempted a handstand supported by some daring fans. They don't hold back in their performance and are also very humble. Throughout the show, the crowd was smiling, jumping, dancing. I really enjoyed the song  "Nothing else to lose" and will follow this band from now.  

By the time Radkey is ready to start, It is raining quite heavily but the crowd keeps the spirits high and wants to listen the three brothers from Missouri. Dee, Isahia and Solomon Radke a.k.a Radkey are listed amongst the bands to watch by the Guardian. Even though their style is more grunge or 80s hardcore than rock, the vocals are far from metal. Dee Radke has a punk crooner tone. Check out some of their powerful songs like Romance Dawn or Cat & Mouse. 

Heading back to Pepsi Max Stage for Tax the Heat: I have been told and read that this is a band to watch! Four smart-dressed lads producing ballsy rock music. The venue is fully packed by fans but also festival goers looking for a shelter who won't believe their luck finding this gem of a band. Alex Veale wowed the crowd with his amazing vocal range and energy. He also cracked jokes between songs like Fed to the Lions or Caroline. There was a queue waiting outside Pepsi Max Stage; all of us were charmed by these boys from Bristol.

On my way to the Main Stage, There is a group of women celebrating a Hen Do. They chose the Calling Festival as the perfect event because the bride-to-be is an avid fan of Aerosmith. They had matching outfits and tshirts made for this occasion.

On the Main StageRichie Sambora is performing. Wearing very tight red trousers, a leather vest and a red leather jacket, Richie charmed his fans as soon as he arrived. He performed some classic songs of his last album Aftermath of the Lowdown but the highlight was the long guitar solos and instrumental performances especially from guitar queen Orianthi Panagaris.

Another highlight of the day was Thunder. A lot of fans travelled from around the UK to Calling Festival to see them perform. As they were about to start, a ray of sunshine reappeared as well and more people seemed to have joined the event. Danny Bowes really engaged with the crowd. Everybody was singing, clapping in unisson. Some songs generated gasps or screams like She's so nice. The last song "love walked in" was the crowd pleaser and closed the show on a high note. 

Now back to Pepsi Max Stage for Walking Papers. The venue is already full with the crowd clapping and screaming. The American band from Washington was introduced on stage using a Enio Morricone track with castagnetes. Each member of the band was announced but the crowd really went for it when Duff McKagan arrived on stage. Even if Walking Papers were formed in 2012, Benjamin Anderson, Jeff Angell, Barrett Martin and Duff McKagan are experienced and recognized musicians that don't need introductions. The crowd was excited and screaming wanting more songs. 

Heading back to the Main Stage, I only had the time to watch the end of Joe Bonamassa's performance. His blues voice, guitar solos and amazing musicians surrounding him never disappoint. The Jezabels, Lonely the Brave, Toseland, No Hot Ashes and Yellowire completed today's line up! The crowd was getting bigger, tightly gathered opposite the Main Stage and our minds were now focused on Aerosmith. The weather was also playing up but the sun came out three minutes before Aerosmith came on stage. We enjoyed a pink sunset over Clapham Common tonight and everybody was happy and excited. 

Photo courtesy of Calling Festival

The veteran 5-piece rock band arrived on stage to rock Clapham Common. They.Steven Tyler's entrance was epic arriving on stage dragging his microphone stand. Wearing leather pants, leather vest and animal print scarves and shirt he wowed the crowd with his psychedelic dance moves and flaunting his scarf in the air like a bull fighter and his cape. Opening the show with "Mama Kin", the crowd already at their feet. Before starting "Love in an Elevator", Steven Tyler used the camera close up to do a massive burp. The tone is set! After  Joe Perry's "Oh Yeah", we all started singing "Cryin" during which Steven played the harmonica and used his leopard scarf as a headband. When did he have the time to do that? Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, a.k.a the Toxic brothers showed us that music is about friendship and a group of mates making music together. Their voices did not change over the years and are still harmonious and powerful, their songs timeless and ageless. The Demon of Screamin' went down and sang with lucky and hysteric fans "Same old song and dance". During "living on the Edge", Steven invited his friend Richie Sambora to sing along as he was in the crowd. The biggest crowd pleaser was "I don't want to miss a thing": Everyone from front row to back of the park was singing and smiling. They decided to perform a song from the Beatles "Come Together" a la Aerosmith! The cover was amazing, followed by "Dude looks like a Lady" and "Walk this way", which made everyone dance in the park. we thought it was the end but Aerosmith came back for a beautiful piano version of "Dream on", Joe Perry playing the guitar standing on the white piano. the very last song was "Sweet emotion" with a big finale with confettis and Steven Tyler with fluorescent face paint. Aerosmith are always the band who deliver the goods and tonight was no different. I was seduced and overwhelmed by the generosity and energy of this band who are still eager to give an epic show and entertain the fans. They get so much love and respect but it is nothing compared to what we lived tonight. Everybody left smiling, singing, dancing from Clapham Common and it was all because of these Bad boys of Boston. 

Download Festival Review 2014

Download: Europe's biggest spiritual home of metal, rock and post hardcore. This year's line up was a diverse range of classic punk to death core such as Linkin Park, Aerosmith and Avenage Sevenfold. For many years Download has bought fans from across the country and surely caters to a diverse range of age groups for up to 90,000 fans. This year's Download had a lot of celebratory elements such as dedicating the main stage to the legendary Stephen Sutton after his amazing efforts for fundraising in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. His dream was to attend the festival which he acomplished in 2013. Stephen unfortunately passed away last month after his battle with cancer. In rememberance, on Friday, during an interval, the whole of the festival gathered and engaged in a one minute applause as well as his signature 'thumbs up' sign.


Photo by Danny North @ Download 2014

Friday –

Welsh band Skindred debuted at Download in 2006, this year was their fifth appearance and front man Benji Webb claims “We present the UK in Music.” Skindred’s original and iconic genre of mental, dancehall, jungle and punk had an elaborate twist when they mixed the Harlem Shake with their set. As any Skindred fan may know Newport Helicopter is a tradition of taking off their tops and spinning them around in the air. Next on was Black Label Society, and although the crowd didn't seem as involved as Skindred’s performance, the incredible talent of the guitarist made up for it throughout the duration of their set. Rob Zombie took to the main stage for this year's opening headliner, Avenege Sevenfold. Robs Zombie's promise to pull off a spectacular performance did not disappoint. Crazy attire, makeup and hair was awash with leathers, hippy flowing tops, dreads, awfully applied tribal style face makeup which all complimented his stage presence which was truly remarkable, hence the term "so bad, it's good". After this performance, the main arena started to progressively fill ready for Avenged Sevenfold. This being their first time headlining at Download, the band have slowly built up their name over the past 14 years to be one of biggest mental names in music today. The band stated “It feels amazing. It’s a true testament to our fan base for putting us there.” Their opening revealed the amazing Hail to the King tour set visuals, which wooed the crowd topping it off with fire and fireworks. Avenage Sevenfold really did suit being a headliner. Their performance was jaw-dropping and captured even for fans who are more fond of their older albums such as 'City of evil', their self titled album 'Avenged Sevenfold' and 'Waking the Fallen'.

Photo by Danny North @ Download 2014


Saturday –

Bowling For Soup, who are celebrating their 20th anniversary together, drew in the crowds with their popular classical punk, especially with there 90’s hits such as ‘Girls all the Bad Guys Want’ and ‘1985’. Bowling for soups high demand and their array of well loved hits these were the only band allocated two slots, one being on the main stage. Their hilarious banter got the crowd even more excited. The giant inflatable sheep as a stage prop which they also had on their 2011 appearance gave the band an opportunity to do something bizarre to the sheep, which seems to be a running theme for Bowling for Soup. Predictably, Fallout Boy gave an incredible performance on their glorious return, playing a mix of their ageless anthems such as 'Sugar We're Going Down,' 'This Ain't A Scene,' Michael Jacksons cover of 'Beat It,' as well their new stuff 'My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark,' which is currently in Radio 1's top 40 Rock singles. Linkin Park closed the night and performed an amazing array of 25 songs in 2 hours including their full 'Hybird Theory' album, telling the crowd "This is a special night for us, we've never done this before." Expectedly, the turn out of fans for this was epic as this was a rare moment for fans having the chance to experience their most popular album that was released in the year 2000. After their first album the band then played singles from their new album and to finish threw a signed album into the crowd after a scream off competition with opposite sides of the stage.

Photo by Andrew Whitton @ Download 2014


Sunday –

Sunday kicked off with Memphis May Fire on the Pepsi Max stage that included a lot of head banging from the fans and enthusiasm from the band. Many of the band's songs include ultimate breakdowns, which result in the crowd going wild. Similar to their performance in Febuary at KoKo Camden the band never fail to produce a good performance. Later in the evening the beautiful Taylor Momsen hit the Zippo Encore stage to perform with rest of the band members of The Pretty Reckless. During the set, Taylor engaged the audience with her sexy, seductive dance moves and played the fans' favorites 'Miss Everything' and 'Make Me Wanna Die.' The festivals finale headliner and the band everyone was waiting for, Aerosmith. This being their 44th year in the music industry this band know how to pull of a bloody good performance effortlessly delivered the highlight act of the festival. Getting the crowd to sing with him, and singing to women in the crowd as well witty banter in-between song, Aerosmith was the perfect band to finish an amazing weekend of talented musicians, oddly dressed fans, careless attitude and drunken insanity. 

Photo by Andrew Whitton @ Download 2014


Download Festival 2014 stage times

Check out the stage times for Download Festival 2014 right here!

Main Stage

Avenged Sevenfold

Rob Zombie

Within Temptation

Black Label Society


Powerman 5000


Miss May I

Linkin Park
Fall Out Boy

Bring Me The Horizon

Killswitch Engage

Bowling For Soup

While She Sleeps

Bury Tomorrow


Dying Fetus

Alter Bridge

Steel Panther


Joe Bonamassa

Richie Sambora



Jake E. Lee's Red Dragon Cartel

The Zippo Encore Stage

The Offspring

Bad Religion

Flogging Molly

Rival Sons

The Temperance Movement

The Answer



Tax The Heat

Status Quo
Twisted Sister

The Wildhearts

Monster Magnet

Orange Goblin

Skid Row

Twenty One Pilots

The Boss Hoss


The Dirty Youth

Press To Meco


The Pretty Reckless


Philip H Anselmo and The Illegals




We Came As Romans


Kill Devil Hill


The Pepsi Max Stage




Royal Blood


The Amity Affliction


Turbo Wolf


No Hot Ashes


American Head Charge

The Black Dahlia Murder



Arcane Roots

Lonely The Brave


Upon A Burning Body

Lawnmower Deth



Dillinger Escape Plan

The Used

Suicide Silence

Against Me!

Memphis May Fire


The Treatment

Feed The Rhino

Thy Art Is Murder

The Graveltones

The Charm The Fury

The Red Bull Studio Stage

Dan Reed Network



Baby Godzilla




Page 44

Bloody Hammers

Bad Touch



The Howling


Martyr Defiled

New Politics

Nothing More



Colt 45




Heart In Hand


King 810

Magnus Puto

Kid Karate



Dead City Streets

The Jagermeister Acoustic Stage

Jamie Lenman

The Answer

Danny Vaughn

New City Kings

The Mercy House

Mia Klose

Brother & Bones

Ginger Wildheart

Bowling For Soup


Toby Jepson

Dave McPherson

Richards/Crane (featuring Whitfield Crane and Lee Richards)

Ducking Punches


Nick Oliveri

Jon Gomm

Oxygen Thief

Milk Teeth


Fizzy Blood


Aerosmith to headline London’s Calling Festival

Aerosmith, one of America’s greatest rock bands, will return to London for the first time in four years to bring mind-blowing power riffs mixed with glam-rock flair to Calling Festival. Blasting through an incredible catalogue, the US rockers will treat fans to an electrifying set including ‘Cryin’’, ‘Crazy’, ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’, ‘Dream On’, ‘Love In An Elevator’, and ‘Walk This Way’, live in one of London’s great parks on Saturday 28 June 2014.  

Joe Perry commented: "Speaking for myself I’ve been so involved writing my autobiography I did not realize how long it had been since we have played across the big pond. It¹s been far too long since we have performed in the UK. We can¹t wait to bring back some of the classics as well as some of the new songs from Music from Another Dimension. We miss our UK fans. See you soon."

Brit rockers Thunder, Seattle hard rockers Walking Papers and guitar mastermind Joe Bonamassa are also confirmed for Calling Festival, taking to the stage on Saturday 28 June 2014.

Calling Festival has taken the established Hard Rock Calling festival and given it a fresh new twist at a brand new home. The festival, held at London’s Clapham Common, will feature multiple stages with 20 of the hottest acts in rock and pop performing each day, some exciting surprises and amazing on site facilities including an array of food stalls, funfair and much more.

Live Nation’s Vice President of Promotions, Toby Leighton-Pope, commented: “This year is one of the most exciting on record for the Calling Festival. We’re looking forward to bringing the new look event to Clapham Common, one of London’s premiere outdoor locations. And we’re bringing one of America’s most iconic bands to headline Saturday 28 June. There’s still lots of announcements to come, including a big Sunday night headliner, and we’re excited at what’s in store.”

Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park and Aerosmith to headline Download Festival 2014

Avenged Sevenfold, one of the mightiest forces in modern rock, have  been announced as the first headliner for Download 2014.  Friday 13th June 2014 will mark a momentous occasion in the history of Avenged Sevenfold as they continue their tradition of spectacular Download performances, by becoming headliners for the very first time, not just at Download, but at any UK festival.

Saturday night at this year’s festival will be headlined by the Grammy Award winning Linkin Park, who will be playing their multi-platinum debut album ‘HYBRID THEORY’ in its entirety as part of their set.

Linkin Park @ Download Festival 2014

The legendary Aerosmith will be closing the festival in 2014, when they headline on Sunday 15th June.  Joining them on the main stage as main support will be hard rockers, Alter Bridge.

Aerosmith are one rock’s most infamous and revered bands. Fronted by the iconic partnership of frontman Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry, their generation spanning career has seen them sell in excess of 150 million records, making them the best selling American rock band in history. Despite having been a band for over 40 years, their incredible, ever expanding collection of hits continues to appeal to hoards of fans both old and new. Their headline performance at Download 2014 will be their first on UK soil since 2010, speaking on their return to Donington Park, Joe Perry said

“It’s been too long since we've been to England and we're sincerely f**ing charged to be coming back! See you there"

Joining Aerosmith in ending what is already set to be an incredible weekend, will be the heavy riffing, arena conquering Alter Bridge. The band released their 4th studio album, ‘Fortress’ earlier this year to huge critical acclaim. It’s been the band’s highest charting album in the UK, hitting the #1 spot on the rock charts and saw them sell out arenas across the country on their recent UK tour.