Sophie reveals final names for debut season inc. Luciano, Move D, Damian Lazarus, Guti and more

Sophie has already made a huge impact on the Málagan scene in its first month and now it announces further headliners to come including all new names Damian Lazarus, Move D, Guti, Dani Ramos, Rakim Under and Dorado on August 14th, while Luciano has been added to the closing party on August 28th next to Mathew Jonson (live), Sonja Moonear and Priku.

Artists from all over the world have now already performed at Sophie including Paul Kalkbrenner, Enzo Siragusa, Francesco Del Garda, Sweely, Traumer, Jamie Jones, Chris Stussy, Giorgia Angiuli, Archie Hamilton, Mandar, Janeret, and more. The location is a 3000-capacity open air and sun-kissed venue that’s been specially built for this series. It pairs the natural beauty and culture of the area with a dance floor surrounded by nature, with lush greenery and plenty of organic materials making for a place where people can really feel they belong.
Say the founders, “The truth is we are delighted with this first month of the festival because we have accomplished something that the people from Málaga could only dream of a couple of months ago. There was nothing going on in the city that properly represented electronic music culture in its realest form, but with crazy production and a world class sound system that wouldn’t be out of place in Ibiza, it feels we have achieved this.”

The team is set to build on the early success of the season with four more essential parties. August 14th sees Crosstown Rebels boss Damian Lazarus play with Guti b2b Dani Ramos and Rakim Under b2b Dorado on August 14th, then on August 21st French house trio Apollonia lineup with cult diggers Craig Richards b2b Nicolas Lutz, plus Gene on Earth and Sugar Free. Finally, Swiss Chilean minimal master Luciano has been added to the irresistible closing party on August 28th next to Mathew Jonson (live), Sonja Moonear and Priku, with a secret closing party yet to be announced.

Sophie is easily accessible from all over Europe with Málaga-Costa del Sol airport connected to 133 destinations. Make sure you make a trip out before the end of this historic first season.
[a:rpia:r] (Raresh, Petre Inspirescu, Rhadoo)
Dan Andrei

Damian Lazarus
Guti b2b Dani Ramos
Rakim Under b2b Dorado

Apollonia (Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom, Shonky)
Craig Richards b2b Nicolas Lutz
Gene on Earth
Sugar Free & Fonte

AUGUST 28 [closing party pt.1]
Mathew Jonson (live)
Sonja Moonear





Sophie is a Brand New Open Air Event Series for Southern Spain feat. Craig Richards, Apollonia, Sonja Moonear, Gene on Earth, Sweely, tINI, Paul Kalkbrenner (live), Nicolas Lutz, Enzo Siragusa, Seth Troxler and more

[a:rpia:r], Craig Richards, Paul Kalkbrenner, Sweely, Gene on Earth, Sonja Moonear, Nicolas Lutz, Francesco Del Garda, Jamie Jones, Apollonia, Seth Troxler, Enzo Siragusa and more will perform

Sophie is a brand new outdoor and open air event series that puts a global spotlight on the emerging city of Malaga. It is a lovingly curated experience from a hugely experienced team that fuses underground music and nature with a real sense of community and all of the city’s rich cultural history. It goes down every Sunday afternoon and evening from July 3rd to August 28th in an all-new, luxurious and sun-kissed secret venue located 15 minutes from Málaga’s city centre and 10 minutes from Málaga airport. Tickets start at 40EUR with a range of VIP packages and world class music guaranteed from Paul Kalkbrenner, Jamie Jones, Apollonia, Seth Troxler, [a:rpia:r], Enzo Siragusa, Craig Richards, Nicolas Lutz, Sonja Moonear, Mathew Jonson, tINI, Traumer, Francesco Del Garda, Gene On Earth, Sweely, and many more.

The team behind the newly born concept Sophie has been at the heart of the underground for years running various acclaimed parties around Europe. After a candid conversation between friends about the connections people make on the dance floor, Sophie was born with the aim of bringing something new, fresh and exciting to Málaga. All the people behind the project have lived there for years and now fully exploit the potential of Spain’s third largest city in terms of tourism, foreign investment, social development, global airport connections and economic growth in general.

With its amazing food, great beaches and now the arrival of Sophie, this city has it all. It goes down in a gloriously sun-kissed and naturalistic location, a purpose built escapist haven that blends in seamlessly with nature and makes for magical musical memories with a serious soundtrack and beach time vibes.

Says Giorgio Maulini, one of the founders of the project: “There was a big gap in Malaga that needed to be filled. A place where we could offer an alternative cultural celebration of life. Málaga has a really rich cultural proposal for folkloric music as Flamenco, POP or Latin music but there wasn’t a place where we could feel identified with. We have always been driven by the underground music culture and what it represents. The freedom of being who you are and not being afraid of showing it. We knew we wanted to create a place where we could help people discover this values, listen to quality music and at the same time change the stereotypes of our society to a more open minded, tolerant and give a real opportunity to alternative cultures which are actually the ones that help develop the collective consciousness and artistic scene of a city.”

The opening party features German techno legend Paul Kalkbrenner with a live show from Giorgia Angiuli,underground house grooves from the Mandar trio and Janeret. After that, the parties remain high quality and tasteful. Throughout July the acts include Enzo Siragusa, Traumer, Francesco Del Garda, Sweely, Anthea, Quest, Evan Baggs, Laurine & Cecilio, Seth Troxler, Dyed Soundorom, tINI, Giammarco Orsini, O.BEE, Tomas Station, Rakim Under, Dorado, Jamie Jones, Archie Hamilton, Giorgio Maulini, Chris Stussy, Reiss, Samuel Deep, Huerta, East End Dubs, Rich NxT, Rossko, Lola Haro, and Charlotte. August sees [a:rpia:r] and Praslea, Dan Andrei, Apollonia, Craig Richards b2b Nicolas Lutz, Gene on Earth, Sugar Free, Fonte, Mathew Jonson (live), Sonja Moonear, Priku, plus secret guests.

Málaga-Costa del Sol airport is connected to 133 destinations, with a total of 52 international airlines in operation making Sophie easy to get to from anywhere. It means there is no excuse not to hop on a plane and head off for a grown up and soul soothing party in paradise.


Paul Kalkbrenner
Giorgia Angiuli (live)
Mandar (Lazare Hoche, S.A.M, Malin Genie)


w/ Trommel
Enzo Siragusa
Francesco Del Garda
Laurine & Cecilio
Quest b2b Evan Baggs


Seth Troxler
tINI b2b Dyed Soundorom
Giammarco Orsini
O.BEE b2b Tomas Station
Rakim Under b2b Dorado


Jamie Jones
Archie Hamilton b2b Giorgio Maulini
Chris Stussy
Reiss b2b Samuel Deep


East End Dubs
Rich NxT b2b Rossko
Lola Haro


[a:rpia:r] (Raresh, Petre Inspirescu, Rhadoo)
Dan Andrei


Secret guests


Apollonia (Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom, Shonky)
Craig Richards b2b Nicolas Lutz
Gene on Earth
Sugar Free & Fonte


Mathew Jonson (live)
Sonja Moonear

Chemical Brothers to headline Sonar 2015 shows

Sónar 2015 announces its first names for Sónar Barcelona. The first artist announcement includes classic and revered names of electronic music and benchmarks for a new generation, together with new producers and bands outlining the future direction of electronica.
The Chemical Brothers (UK)
Autechre (UK)
Kindness (UK)
Evian Christ (UK)
Fat Freddy's Drop (NZ)
Daniel Avery (UK)
Ten Walls (LT)
Lee Gamble (UK)
Sophie (UK)
Holly Herndon (US)
Kiasmos (IS)
Kate Tempest (UK)
Tourist (UK)
Vessel (UK)
Niño (ES)
Mans O (ES)
Helena Hauff (DE)
and many more to be confirmed…
Tom Rowlands of The Chemical Brothers, speaks for the first time exclusively for Sónar
Tom Rowlands of The Chemical Brothers, speaks for the first time exclusively for Sónar to provide the first details about the new show and new studio album in 2015:
We're very excited to return to Sónar, one of the best crowds, in one of the greatest cities. We are still imagining the gig, both music and visual. We are working on the staging of the live gig at the moment. Adam (Smith) has some amazing ideas. The show will be an intense ride, hold tight. (About the new album) I guess the most important feature of the album is that it connects with us emotionally in some way. We hope for finding a new way to make you feel. We dream of new sounds and different frames. We have worked with some guest singers but mostly the album is pure Chemical Brothers.”
Keystones of electronica
For the past twenty years, The Chemical Brothers have redefined the idea of live electronic music. In that time, their live show has evolved from humble beginnings in dank London nightclubs into one of the most in demand festival headline sets in the world. All the while, it has adhered to the same basic idea: that the gig should create its own transcendent audio/visual space where the audience can lose themselves for the duration of the set. The Chemical Brothers on going relationship with director and visual artist Adam Smith continues to produce hallucinogenic results across the globe (as seen in 2012’s collaborative concert film Don’t Think). The band are due to release their eighth studio album in 2015. 
Autechre are one of the most admired and respected duos in abstract and experimental electronica. The importance of the music and sound imagined by Rob Brown and Sean Booth cannot be underestimated. They have played an integral role in the development of abstract techno and IDM (intelligent dance music) over the past 25 years. One of their tracks "Flutter", is considered by critics as a historical zenith of IDM, and albums like "Incunabula", "Amber", "TriRepetae" or the more recent "Oversteps" and "EXAI" are all masterpieces of sonic deconstruction. Their live performances are rare and very exclusive, and in 2015 they will perform at Sónar by Day, nearly two decades after their first and only appearance at the festival in 1996.
New benchmarks
As always, the Sónar line-up is dominated by the huge presence of new producers and bands noted for their powerful artistic profile and sound that in many cases outline the future direction of electronica and cutting edge music.
This is certainly the case for Vessel and Evian Christ, two very young British producers with a distinct and identifiable sound based on techno, who are exploring more complex sonic territories in immersive shows with a potent sensorial impact; Lee Gamble, the respected and experienced aural adventurer will present his new live audiovisual concept in collaboration with the London designer Dave Gaskarth.
Sónar also recognises new dynamic female talent such as American songwriter Holly Herndon, creator of dystopian sound worlds with futuristic auditory aesthetics; and KateTempest, poet, performer and British playwright -winner of the Ted Hughes Award in 2013- who will present her first album "Everybody Down" on hip-hop label Big Dada; or German dj Helena Hauff, faithful disciple to the continuation of the most resonant techno and electro from her home base in Hamburg.
The festival will also host exciting dance music projects from:Kiasmos, whose emotive and dance friendly techno is produced by prodigious Icelandic pianist Ólafur Arnalds, together with Janus Rasmussen; electropop quartet Bloodgroup; and the luminescent and penetrating melodies of Lithuanians Ten Walls, whose career has just taken off. You will also be able to enjoy prestigious young DJs likeDaniel Avery, mentored by Erol Alkan and hailed by critics as the British Isles new master of tech-house; and producers like Sophie, creator of colourful melodies and contemporary rhythms, in keeping with the new PC Music trend, who recently collaborated with Madonna, Nicki Minaj and Diplo.
There will of course be room reserved for pop and other styles including celebrated New Zealand band Fat Freddy's Drop, who return to Sónar with their fantastic live show where they will intelligently mix dub, reggae and soul, with techno and house. Also appearing from the UK will be Tourist and Kindness, two key names in today’s synth pop sound, both of whom have newly released material. Tourist will present a tantalizing live audiovisual show where the piano takes centre stage, while Kindness will present a liberating and highly emotive concert experience.

Red Bull Music Academy lineup announced for Field Day 2014

The Summer Festival Guide has the latest announcement from Field Day HQ, the lineup for this years Red Bull Music Academy has now been announced.

We are excited to welcome back our long-standing partner Red Bull Music Academy to Field Day 2014, who will bring a taster of its global carousel of alumni and affiliates to Victoria Park. 

“Consistently presenting a roster of white-hot up-and-comers, Field Day remains one of the capital’s best showcases for new music.  Red Bull Music Academy, with its own worldwide agenda nurturing the next generation of musicians, makes for the perfect partner.”, Red Bull Music Academy

On Field Day Saturday, LuckyMe livewire and 2010 Academy alumnus Lunice tops the bill, bringing his signature dynamism and fancy footwork to the stage. Fellow Canadian Ryan Hemsworth joins the bill, offering up some sonic sunshine with his emotive blend of R&B, trap and pop, alongside G.O.O.D. beatsmith/Kanye collaborator Evian Christ, and Dutch deep-house heroine SOPHIE.  Rinse/NTS regular Slackk goes b2b with Pelican Fly’s Samename for some body-twitching raw grime/UKF, while elsewhere bass turbo DJ Barely Legal, Tri Angle affiliate Vessel, BBC Radio 1 ‘In New DJs We Trust’ cohort Moxie and Jamie Isaac, south-London’s nocturnal, electronic balladeer, weigh in.  

Field Day Sunday sees master of melodic, glitchy electronics and WhoMadeWho former glory Tomas Barfod headline, while voodoo bass outfit Nguzunguzu and genre-bending future-rap artiste Mickey Lightfoot step in. Panes, the band that sees singer Tyson McVey turn up the heat with Flesh & Bone’s Shaun Savage, join the roster alongside mysterious London-based producer and warp artist patten, who’s kept his identity masked in the shadows as his music seeks out the light, leaving soulful singer-songwriter and RBMA alumnus Louis Baker to complete the roll-call.

RBMA stage confirmed:

Lunice, Ryan Hemsworth, Evian Christ (DJ), Jamie Isaac, SOPHIE, Vessel (Live), Slackk b2b Samename, Barely Legal, Moxie


RBMA stage announced:

Tomas Barfod, Nguzunguzu, Louis Baker, patten (DJ), Mickey Lightfoot, Panes

"I am very pleased to have RBMA with us again this year. With a similar mentality and love for discovering great new music and talent, Red Bull Music Academy are the perfect partner for Field Day and it has been great to work with them over the years!",

Field Day co-founder Tom Baker