Sonisphere Review 2014

Sonisphere made a triumphant return after being cancelled for the past two years, due to a mix of financial problems, getting the right line up and bad luck. So this year it was time for Sonisphere to pick back up and the people of Sonisphere to finally reunite. A weekend of The Prodigy, Iron Maiden, Metallica from fist pumping to moshing, circle pits to expensive beer, dam good burritos, disgusting toilets and pretty good weather these past few days have been incredible. 

The layout of this years main arena was a fantastic and cleaver set up with the two main stages (Apollo stage and Saturn stage) opposite each other, being such a small festival fans could easily move from one to another within a few minutes. If stood in between the two stages there were some spots which you could see both stages from a reasonable distance. I believed this helped promote the bands on the second stage (Saturn stage) more as it wasn't any effort to switch between the two stages. To walk around the whole festival aswell has having a cheeky look into some of the market stalls it would take around ten minutes. 

The market and food stalls have an excellent selection to choose from. The market stalls include festival clothes, festival gear, temporary tattoos, face paint, shoe stalls, as well as tones more. Food wise, Sonisphere went a little on the gourmet/ bohemian style food, with the desert bar, the Hippy chippy, I <3 Ostrich and Milkshake bars. However there has been an uproar on the expense of the beer. Being at £4.90 a pint and allowing no alcohol of your own into the main area this proved to be a disappointment to the people of Sonisphere

Tents up and the sun shining Defiled kicking off this years main stage, this wasn't there only slot, they also performed Nivarna covers on the Bohemia stage later on in the weekend. Next up Anti Flag, who enticed the audience by making them sing back, clap their hands, and of course start circle pits. Without a doubt Anti Flags audience participation was defiantly there. As well as getting the crowd involved witty banter from lead singer Chris Baker shouts "the mother fucking pink power ranger wasn't singing, don't you dare fuck this up for the rest of us." Their last song 'Power to the Peaceful' was performed with Chris surrounded by the crowd. HIM singing behind their signature brand image, I believe there could of been more enthusiasm from the band it's self as there was very little audience participation which let there performance down. Limp Bizkit started out by saying "Now you know what time it really fucking is? Limp Bizkit in the house, you ready for this" 'Rollin' starting their set everyone stood up and began moshing and head banging. A lot of toilet roll was thrown around the crowd, was this a sign of a bad performance or just typical festival discourse? Awkwardly saying it was Saturday when in fact it was Friday, there were a few other blips throughout the set. "You guys ready to get you're Saturday night on?" Left the crowd a little silent and confused. But this was styled out with a cover of George Michael's Faith. To finish was the first headliner of the weekend, The Prodigy. Lights and smoke filled the stage, building the suspense for the fans. The atmosphere was electrifying, hands were in the air, everyone was dancing, and when it begin to rain during the second song this was a massive relief (especially to the sunburnt people) after the insanely hot weather that whole day. Thunder was slowed down and changed to fit the crowd which was good as it was a metal festival but made Prodigy loose abit of its originality.  

Alestorm took the Saturn stage early this morning and with pirate metal being such a niche market the turn out was pretty big. Fans embraced the music and danced to fit the genre. Alestorms advice to the crowd was "Let's drink a lot of shit." Baby Metal blew everyone away at this years festival, if they were to receive a on award from the crowds feedback, it would defiantly be most upcoming band of the year. The three sweet Japanese young looking trio contrasted with the hard metal instrumental but it worked and was a fantastic performance that everyone couldn't stop talking about and was singing the whole weekend. The bands visuals spoke of no bullying and not hurting one another this may have been contradictory after the trio then told the crowd to do the wall of death. Ghost gave out a passionate performance and excelled on there on stage presence which the band is recognised for. Lead singer Papa Emeritus mimics the Roman Catholic Pope although the greatest difference is the anti Christ symbol on his head piece, the image representing the worship of Satan. The guitarist were also dressed mimicking Priest. Anthrax turn out was pretty much the same as an a headliner maybe this is a hint for Sonisphere in the future, but this wasn't there only set, on Friday they played their 'Playing Among the Living' on the Bohemia Stage but the tent was packed full the security had to monitor people going in and out of the tent. Their main stage performance, the crowd was really going for it. Sonisphere sure did love Anthrax. Deftones and Slayer both had similar audience engagement, everyone was moshing, circle pits were forming and head banging was taken place which concluded these two bands really pulled it off. If you weren't in an Iron Maiden top for today then you would stick out like a saw thumb because literally everyone had them on. Overhearing a lot of people talking about Bruce Dickinson and were jokes going round that every plane that flew past, it was Bruce flying it, (even if it was an easy jet plane.) To end the day of this crazy line up, Iron Maiden took the stage and completely ripped it apart. The visuals were continuously changed throughout the set, with Eddie in his few forms. "It's you that's makes it real" Bruce proposes to the crowd. Lights, fire, sparks, everything and more in a performance you could wish for, this was by far the performance that completely owned this years Sonisphere.
Sadly the last day of Sonisphere, but the wait for Metallica tonight was sure to hold the crowd up from their hangovers. After Gojira noticed the crowds half hearted dancing (as this was an early set,) they soon got the crowd back up, by shouting, "Still a little sleepy, let's makes some noise," which woke the crowd up and circle pits started appearing and more fist pumping was taking place. Devin Townsend Project was all about the love at this years Sonisphere as he told the crowd, "Group hug everybody, it's all about the love." Devin pulled off a fantastic performance and even hinted he may be back next year. "Maybe see you next year, love you all, see you and have a good night." Airbourne hitting the stage next and we all know this is going to be an exciting performance after the expectations of Joel O'Keefee goings on, on stage. Airbourne completely took the stage and had everyone gripped. "Even though the toilets are leaking, you lot still having a good time…You lot look great, you are rock and roll." As of tradition Joel did start climbing the scaffolding of the main stage and began to swing his guitar about whilst up in the air. At the end of the set Joel kindly threw a few beers into the crowd. Reel Big Fish on next, the crowd did experience about a minute worth of sound missing from the main speakers but the bands humour and charm pulled this off. The song 'Fuck You', resulted in "47 fucks in a row." Everyone was soon up singing and dancing when they played a cover of Ah Ha's Take On Me. Alice in Chains on before the final headliner of Soniphere was another kickass performance. "How you doing Knebworth?" got the crowd buzzing and was a consistent performance from start to finish. Wrapping up this years Sonisphere Metallica held the fans waiting a eager 15 minutes after their scheduled time. This really built up the climax to the final big performance. Typically some great facial expressions from James Hetfield as they played fans request for the set list. The bands classics were played along with their new songs Lords of Summer which seems a little strange that this was requested, but the bands performance was truly astonishing. The visuals and props were a little disappointing at the beginning but this got better as balloons and lasers appeared later on in the set. 

This years Sonisphere was a thrilling return and a complete success. Lets hope Sonisphere lives up to its amazing weekends like this one for the future. 

Metallica Review Sonisphere 2014

After the incredible performance from Iron Maiden last night, can Metallica generate the same results?  With the crowds pouring towards the Apollo Stage and people packed tightly together, this long weekend was tiring but everyone was so ready for this grande finale of Metallica By Request. Part of their 'By Request' tour allowed fans to vote the set.

Starting the set with "Battery" this got the crowd going wild. "Are you alive, tell me what it's like to be alive?" Screamed lead singer James Hetfield making the crowd roar with excitement. The visuals included three different screens showing the band live as they play. This was a little disappointing, however this was only the start and it sure kicked off in the end with giant inflatable beach balls filling the main stage, lasers hitting the night sky, fireworks and the whole shabang. "You've saved all your best fun for tonight right?" James shouts, getting the crowd revved up again.

James called someone up on stage which was pretty exciting and asked them to present the next song. Up came a bohemian looking chic Kate from London who introduced the next song but the crowd had a different idea and she did get a few boos. This happened a second time with a gentleman called Craig also from London, but again this didn't go down too well with the crowd.

Photo courtesy of Sonisphere

But of course Metallica being Metallica easily pulled this off and got the crowd back on track. Most of the favourites songs were played such as "Enter Sandman", "Master of Puppets", "Nothing Else Matters", and strangely "Lords of Summer", one of the bands new songs, which was pretty surprising that it got requested.  

After a short encore and the crowd crying out for more they returned on stage and ended with "Seek and Destroy". Hanging about the stage for quite a while with Union Jack flags the band was messing about abit but then disappeared. Metallica and Iron Maiden are clearly equally as talented but in terms of performance, the visuals and effort but in of the presentation of the performance it has to be Iron Maiden trumps as headliner of the weekend at Sonisphere.

Iron Maiden Review at Sonisphere 2014

Stamping his mark early today Bruce Dickinson flew his WW1 plane around the festival which hypnotized the crowd, this surly got Sonisphere ready for Iron Maiden's two hour set. Different to the spitfire flying across at last years Download although this year Bruce flew himself. Iron Maiden tops worn by every other person today proved the people of Sonisphere were very excited about this set. The bands opening started with the screens showing ice burgs which had a link to there wintery stage set visuals. "Start Moon Child" kicked off the set and kicked off the crowd as well. Backdrops were different to each song and signature Eddie appeared in his few different forms. One being with his head blow off and fire coming out to top off Iron Maiden's, Iron Maiden. A few other of their hits kept the crowd engaged from the start to finish of the set; 'Can I Play With Madness', 'Aces High', 'Seven Sun of the Seven Suns' and lastly but certainly not least, 'Sanctuary'. Fire, bright lights, sparks and fireworks fled the stage all the way though the set making it even more spectacular than it was. The bands image was interesting as they wore there own merchandise tops so they pretty much matched the crowd. Nearly everyone was singing along, even children which proves Iron Maiden's legacy to carry on this timeless, classic band to even noughties / teenies kids. This by far was he best performance seen at Sonisphere so far, can anyone else pull this off on Sunday?

Photo courtesy of Sonisphere

Sonisphere 2014 Saturday brings a mix of acts to Knebworth

Sonisphere wasn't shy to mix up the line up they had in store today. Starting with Ale Storm from 11.35am, an early start for an incredible turn out. Many pirate dance moves later "Lets drink a lot of drink." Shouts LEAD. Followed by sound checks in Japanese ready for Baby Metal to hit the stage for their first UK tour, the performance surly had a complete different feel compared to what is usually played. Baby Metal kicked off there set with a star war themed visuals with a narrator telling a fictional story about the band. Next up was Chas and Dave, then Ghost with Antherax and Frank Turner following behind. Although Frank Turner claimed "This music is what I fucking come from" after him mentioning he grew up listening to Iron Maiden. None of these bands even touch on a similar genre type but I guess the one thing they all have in common was there invitation to perform here. So, was this the weirdest binary of sets Sonisphere has ever had?

Photo courtesy of Sonisphere

Sonisphere 2014 Friday Review – Prodigy

Limp Bizkits' fail of the night.

"Now you know what time it really fucking is. Limp Bizkit in the house, you ready for this." Screams lead singer Fred Durst after three lovely ladies harmoniously sang Rolling, introducing the band to the stage. Enticing the audience with Faith, the crowd enthusiasm rose. The excitement from fans came to a slight stop after a little hiccup from Durst, completely messing up what day it is. "You guys to get your Saturday night on?" Confusion, and a short moment of silence from the crowd the singer quickly styled out a response of "Well it's Saturday night in my book." This wasn't the only blip the Durst randomly shouted 'Oh, Shit' in the middle of his set. Whether these mistakes were a result of one too many, or just a lack of communication from the bands media side we will never know. I have to admit these were soon forgotten after the bands incredible stage presence and claiming thing such as "What a pretty fucking crazy crowd tonight." Anthrax over lapping their time slot with Limp Bizbit and performing on the Bohemia tent which was proving to be pretty dam popular after the tent was so full security was stopping people from entering, surely Anthrax needed a bigger stage.

Friday's Headliner: Prodigy.
The band everyone has been anxiously waiting for all day, 21.20 finally arrived and the fans loudly welcomed tonight's first headliner Prodigy. Entering the stage with a epic entrance, creating suspense after emerging from the smoke covering the stage the crowd were ecstatic to see and hear the first glimpse of the band. 'I can't fucking hear you!'  Sending the crowd into euphoria with "Breathe", the rain starts to lightly fall as Prodigy head into "Jetfighter".  This did not put a downer on the crowd epically after seeing all of the burnt faces in the crowd. Forcing the crowd to go crazier than they already were, it was fair to say the people of Soniphere did not stop moshing, dancing, jumping, fist pumping, air guitaring, which could of been to do the metal cover the band slightly adjusted a few of their own songs to fit with the genre of Sonisphere. The band defiantly pulled this off after slowing down "Thunder" giving it a deeper bass, Prodigy defiantly get points for these adjustments. Finishing their set with the massive anthem "Smack My Bitch Up", Prodigy return with the crowd still buzzing with an encore of 'Take me to the Hospital', "Hyperspeed", "New Beats", "Their Law".  Keith Flint is forever engaging the crowd with phases like "I know you know what to fucking do and All you people at Sonisphere where the fuck are my prodigy people, A little more music, turn the fucker up". The stage presence of the band as a whole were truly incredible; the visual topped it off. With little stage art but the way the band was shown on the screen was edited in a surreal kind of way. Showing the band live in different effect such as negative, black and white and mirroring, which made it look as if this was pre recorded as a short art film. The array of coloured lights reaching the night sky gave the band greater performance. This band lived up to its name, and was for sure the best performance  of the night.

Newly reformed Hundred Reasons set for Sonisphere UK

Originally booked to perform for the 2012 event, HUNDRED REASONSreformed in November that year to celebrate the decade anniversary of their 2002 “Ideas Above Our Station” album. Such was the demand that a second show had to be added in London, Manchester was upgraded, and every ticket was snapped up.
Roll on two years, to a chance meeting between Team Sonisphere’s Alan Day and HR guitarist Larry Hibbitt in a bar, who politely enquired why they weren’t on the 2014 Sonisphere line up after the cancellation two years previously. With no valid answer to provide, Alan offered them the final slot on the Saturn stage, where they will finally perform “Ideas Above Our Station” in full on the Saturday. Larry explains:
"We said we'd never do it again, but the cancelled Sonisphere of 2012 left a big hole in that summer for us. So when our shorts-wearing, crowd-surfing, festival-promoting comrade Alan Day came up with a slot for us this year we just couldn't say no. And we didn't. Don't get used to this. We say no A LOT so this is not going to happen often, if ever. But when it makes sense it makes sense and we're there. Like we will be on 5th July. See you at the front".
Featuring chart topping singles including “If I Could”, Silver” and “Falter”,HUNDRED REASONS date with destiny at SONISPHERE will be truly unmissable.
Ex-The Wildhearts bassist Danny McCormack brings his rock’n’roll band THE YOYOS to SONISPHERE for a very special one-off appearance. “Cant wait to catch up with some old friends and see some new faces.” Says the four-stringer. “It’s a great line up this year and I’m counting the days. It’s an honour to be a part of it all. See you down the front”
Taking over BOHEMIA late on the Friday night will be Rocktronica trioMIXHELL. Boasting live percussion from ex Sepultura sticksman Iggor Cavalera, MIXHELL will do whatever it takes to make you dance, combining elements of dance, electronica, electroclash, hip hop and rock’n’roll, and mixing a live drum and bass section with samples and loops to unique effect.
Recently seen out on the road with Katatonia, London’s own MESSENGER join the SONISPHERE 2014 line up to mesmerize and captivate the uninitiated. Dwelling equally in the earthy realm of folk music and the celestial void of progressive psychedelia, the five piece never fail to drop jaws – expect many wide open mouths at the Satellite stage on Friday.
"We're extremely excited to have the opportunity to perform at this amazing festival.” States drummer Jaime Gomez. “We look forward to playing to some new people and hopefully seeing some familiar faces there as well."
London loud-louts DRIPBACK make their SONISPHERE debut, with their only UK festival appearance this summer. Recently seen touring with Crowbar,DRIPBACK specialise in loud, aggressive noise and highly energetic live shows.
“This is gonna be immense, we can’t wait.” says bassist Adam Da Rat.“Metallica and Maiden together for the first time, dozens of the most awesome bands ever, Chas & Dave, a World War 1 Dog Fight… I was wondering how this could get any better, and now we get to play too. Safe!”
Melbourne rock trio CALLING ALL CARS join the festivities hot off the back of some recent UK shows including Camden Rocks. Enjoying regular rotation on huge Aussie radio station Triple J, the band have recently relocated to the UK, and are gearing up for the release of their new album “Raise The People” via Cooking Vinyl on July 28th.
"Holy fuck we are playing Sonisphere” they exclaim. “Before we were booked to play we were so stoked on the line up. It's a real honour to be included in that company."
Industrial punks PROTAFIELD come to work up the crowd on the Jagermeister stage. With an album out next week via Caroline/Universal that boasts guest appearances from Queen’s Roger Taylor and fellow Sonisphere artist Gary Numan, this new band are clearly already moving in high circles. Singer Jayce Lewis states:
“Sonisphere being back with a line up like this is testament to its quality, We are so excited to be a part of it this year. Gonna be LOUD!”
Heavy Metal marching band BLAAS OF GLORY will also be doing the rounds at Knebworth this July. A regular fixture on the international festival scene, this hilarious mobile act surprise unsuspecting metalheads with classic hits such as Running With The Devil, The Final Countdown and Highway To Hell, armed with sousaphone, saxophone, flute, glockenspiel, banjo, accordion, acoustic guitars, snare and bass drums.

Finnish metallers HIM to play exclusive show at Sonisphere UK

Flying in from Helsinki, Finland for an exclusive one-off performance, love-metallers HIM make their debut at Knebworth this summer. Last year’s “Tears On Tape” saw the triumphant return of HIS INFERNAL MAJESTY after a three year gap, with many citing it as their greatest work since 2003’s breakthrough “Love Metal” album. Anyone fortunate enough to catch them on their subsequent tour would have witnessed a band genuinely savouring their every moment on stage, as they showcased their unique fusion of forlorn balladry and heavy, synth laden sounds.

Possibly the last opportunity to see them in the UK before they start work on their next album, don’t miss the chance to see hits such as “Buried Alive By Love”, “Funeral Of Hearts”, “Wicked Game” and “Wings Of A Butterfly”.
Not content with already performing on the APOLLO stage on the Saturday, thrash legends ANTHRAXare taking advantage of a day off on the Friday to give those in BOHEMIA a special treat they will never forget. Scott Ian and co will be stomping their way through their classic “Among The Living” album in full, in a sweaty, heaving tent. “Among The Living”, “Caught In A Mosh”, “I Am The Law”, “NFL”, “Indians” – the list goes on, the hits don’t stop – this will be simply unmissable. Says Ian:
“We love to play these songs and people love to hear them so we're really fucking excited to be doing this special show the day before our main-stage performance at Sonisphere Knebworth playing (for the first time ever) just the Among The Living record for you, our UK faithful!
It's gonna be sick. See you soon my friends. Cheers, Scott”
With four albums under their belts and a fifth on the way, COMEBACK KID are undeniably a staple of the modern hardcore scene. Having performed on all four corners of the globe, including some of Europe’s premier festivals, this is a well oiled machine to say the least, with a reputation for incredible live shows.
“Can't wait to get back to the UK and be able to play Sonisphere! Last time I had the opportunity to see the Prodigy was at a festival in Serbia but I missed them because I had to spend the night in jail” confesses Andrew Neufeld. “Let’s hope I can make it to see them this time!”
Expect chaos in BOHEMIA as COMEBACK KID belt out anthems such as “Wake The Dead “, “Defeated” and “Should Know Better” at their only UK festival this summer.
One of the pioneers of the NWOBHM, Belfast’s SWEET SAVAGE join the line up at the request of one Mr Lars Ulrich. Formed in 1979, the band had called it a day by 1985, but reformed 90s after a new surge of interest in the band off the back of Metallica’s cover of their song “Killing Time”.
Having played at last year’s SONISPHERE festival in Spain, OCTOBER FILE make their way to Knebworth this year. Blending punk, hardcore and industrial metal and lacing it with a political edge, expect a ferocious set from the Wallingford four-piece. “October File are stoked to playing an awesome festival with some great bands already announced, put on by great people and a great organization” says Bassplayer Steve Beatty. “See you in the pit.“
Brilliantly catchy, EUREKA MACHINES come armed with huge, lavish power-pop perfection. Formed by Chris Catalyst (occasional guitar/bass wrangler for The Sisters Of Mercy, Mariachi El Bronx and Ginger), the four piece feel their most apt description is the promising: ‘Imagine if the Beatles and the Beach Boys met Motorhead, jammed with the Cardiacs and created the best band you’ve never heard. Until now.’ 
Many teenagers dream of being rockstars when they grow up, but for brothers Mikaiah and Anaiah Lei the dream became a reality before they could even apply for a driving license. Recording their first album aged just 15 and 12 respectively, the duo who make up THE BOTS have taken their garage punk across the world, supporting the likes of Refused, Bad Brains and Tenacious D, as well as at numerous high profile festivals.
After rocking the Strongbow stage at the 2010 SONISPHERE, Pontypridd’s STRAIGHT LINES return this year to rock Knebworth once more. Armed with a new EP, this Welsh Quartet come armed with big riffs, bigger melodies and an exhilarating live show. Says the band: “Straight Lines are very happy to be returning to their favourite UK festival. We've all attended the last 3 Sonispheres and are very much looking forward to playing this year, instead of being the super drunk people on the other side of the barrier.. well, for at least the duration of our set. See you in the pit!”
London rockers ZICO CHAIN join the line up this year. Having held their own supporting giants such as Velvet Revolver, Halestorm and supporting SONISPHERE headliners IRON MAIDEN at the O2 last year, the trio should have no problem dazzling the crowds at Knebworth.

BLACK DOGS are about to take the UK metal scene by force and SONISPHERE is not going to know what hit it. This unstoppable pack of northern bastards deliver a raw and intense live show that’s got the industry taking notice in a big way. With backing from Radio One’s Rock Show and support slots with the likes of Hatebreed, Stray From The Path and Bring Me The Horizon to boast, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world sits up and takes notice.
Recently seen supporting Alkaline Trio, and performing at last year’s VANS WARPED TOUR, Transatlantic quartet LOVE ZOMBIES bring their infectious power pop to the SATELLITE stage on the Friday to spread some California sunshine.
Flying the flag for traditional metal, STORMZONE (who you may have seen recently supporting Saxon) come armed with wailing guitars, galloping bass and huge choruses. “We have toured with many great bands over the years and performed at a lot of European festivals, but being given the opportunity to rock the stages at Sonisphere is definitely the highlight of the Stormzone career so far.” They proclaim. “This is what being in a band is all about!!”
Math rockers SHRINE look set to devastate the crowds with their technical, dynamic assault on both mind and ear. Blending the aggression of hardcore, the grandeur of post rock and the synchopated characteristics of math rock, the Brighton four piece are impossible to pigeonhole and are definitely ones to watch. Says SHRINE:“We are so stoked that we will be playing this years Sonisphere Festival along with some of our favourite bands!”
Coming all the way from New Plymouth, New Zealand, RIVAL STATE make their first UK festival appearance at SONISPHERE. Variously labeled rock, punk, grunge and everything in between, these Kiwis specialize in loud, catchy music with a hard edge.
Formed in the home counties, THE WILD LIES peddle in hard rock, fused with intricate, grinding riffage, colliding with stadium rock chorus melodies. If you like stomping riffs, ear melting solos and choruses to make the walls sweat, don’t miss their Saturday set at SONISPHERE.
Also joining the line up are London melodic metalheads THE RAVEN AGE and EMPIRE KILL.
The current lineup for Sonisphere 2014 is:

THERAPY? (Performing Infernal Love)
Comedy Line Up:

Comedians, Wrestlers and more announced for Sonisphere 2014

Its not just music that is coming to Sonisphere UK, we have the latest details about comedians, wrestlers and more that will be on hand for your entertainment.

Hosting the Saturday is MAT REED. Born and Bred in Sunderland, the cheekily salacious Mackem charmer hosts a comedic cast that will ensure that most contagious of human functions fills the big blue tent during the comedy hours.

Tickling ribs on the Saturday are enemy of the righteous and champion of profanity FIN TAYLORALFIE BROWN, purveyor of socio-political alternative comedy (or SPAC as he likes to call it), the lighting-quick wit of UK improve troupe NOISE NEXT DOORJOHN HASTINGS, whose jokes revolve around his world travels, love of metal and what it’s like to look racist but not actually be racist, ANDREW O NEIL – the world’s favourite vegan-transvestite-occultist-metalhead (but-not-goth) comedian and JOHN ROBERTSON – showman, writer, singer, dancer, YouTube manipulator and grinning anarchist extraordinaire.

Splitting sides on the Sunday and hosted by SONISPHERE veteran ANDREW O NEIL are Chortle Best Newcomer nominee MATT REES, the surreal and absurd comedy of PAT CAHILL, “Well produced bullshit” specialist (his words, not ours) MAT EWINS, the one man rock/pop extravaganza that is ROB DEERING and “heavily tattooed idiot” (again, his words, not ours) JIM SMALLMAN

Check out the full cast and a taste of what to expect here:
MC – Mat Reed –
Fin Taylor –
Alfie Brown –
Noise Next Door –
John Hastings –
Andrew O’Neill –
John Robertson –
MC – Andrew O’Neill –
Matt Rees –
Pat Cahill –
Alfie Brown –
Mat Ewins –
Rob Deering –
Jim Smallman –


Wrestlers To Choke Hold Knebworth
In honour of our Wrestling Fancy Dress Theme, we've invited some of the cream of British wrestling to perform at Sonisphere with the guys from professional wrestling outfit, Progress Wrestling, set to take to the ring at Knebworth. Prepare for a choke-slam as champions like Jimmy HavocRhia O’Reilly, Rampage Brown and Tommy End, who is the current WXW champion, descend on Knebworth.
Think Powerslams, think Facebusters, think Piledrivers, think Flying Clotheslines, think about trying to catch Boston Crabs. So dust off your lycra, don a mask (or at least pay extra attention to your hair), create some witty signs, learn some wrestling chants and get ready to watch some men in tighter pants than some of those appearing on the Main Stage.
See you in the ring!!


Sshh…Silent Disco Returns To Sonisphere
We are extremely pleased to announce the return of Silent Arena’s hugely popular Silent Disco to Sonisphere this summer as part of the late-night entertainment. The Silent Disco will run on every night of the festival, including the Thursday, and will feature the Silent Arena resident DJs.
It'll also be a Jäger-fuelled affair, with Jägermeister hosting the Silent Disco in the Jägermeister tent, which includes its own bar. So grab a pair of cans, knock back a pint or (or some ice-cold Jäger) and sing to your heart's content with the added luxury of not being able to hear anyone else singing – or yourself for that matter.