Iron Maiden Review at Sonisphere 2014

Stamping his mark early today Bruce Dickinson flew his WW1 plane around the festival which hypnotized the crowd, this surly got Sonisphere ready for Iron Maiden's two hour set. Different to the spitfire flying across at last years Download although this year Bruce flew himself. Iron Maiden tops worn by every other person today proved the people of Sonisphere were very excited about this set. The bands opening started with the screens showing ice burgs which had a link to there wintery stage set visuals. "Start Moon Child" kicked off the set and kicked off the crowd as well. Backdrops were different to each song and signature Eddie appeared in his few different forms. One being with his head blow off and fire coming out to top off Iron Maiden's, Iron Maiden. A few other of their hits kept the crowd engaged from the start to finish of the set; 'Can I Play With Madness', 'Aces High', 'Seven Sun of the Seven Suns' and lastly but certainly not least, 'Sanctuary'. Fire, bright lights, sparks and fireworks fled the stage all the way though the set making it even more spectacular than it was. The bands image was interesting as they wore there own merchandise tops so they pretty much matched the crowd. Nearly everyone was singing along, even children which proves Iron Maiden's legacy to carry on this timeless, classic band to even noughties / teenies kids. This by far was he best performance seen at Sonisphere so far, can anyone else pull this off on Sunday?

Photo courtesy of Sonisphere

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