Comedians, Wrestlers and more announced for Sonisphere 2014

Its not just music that is coming to Sonisphere UK, we have the latest details about comedians, wrestlers and more that will be on hand for your entertainment.

Hosting the Saturday is MAT REED. Born and Bred in Sunderland, the cheekily salacious Mackem charmer hosts a comedic cast that will ensure that most contagious of human functions fills the big blue tent during the comedy hours.

Tickling ribs on the Saturday are enemy of the righteous and champion of profanity FIN TAYLORALFIE BROWN, purveyor of socio-political alternative comedy (or SPAC as he likes to call it), the lighting-quick wit of UK improve troupe NOISE NEXT DOORJOHN HASTINGS, whose jokes revolve around his world travels, love of metal and what it’s like to look racist but not actually be racist, ANDREW O NEIL – the world’s favourite vegan-transvestite-occultist-metalhead (but-not-goth) comedian and JOHN ROBERTSON – showman, writer, singer, dancer, YouTube manipulator and grinning anarchist extraordinaire.

Splitting sides on the Sunday and hosted by SONISPHERE veteran ANDREW O NEIL are Chortle Best Newcomer nominee MATT REES, the surreal and absurd comedy of PAT CAHILL, “Well produced bullshit” specialist (his words, not ours) MAT EWINS, the one man rock/pop extravaganza that is ROB DEERING and “heavily tattooed idiot” (again, his words, not ours) JIM SMALLMAN

Check out the full cast and a taste of what to expect here:
MC – Mat Reed –
Fin Taylor –
Alfie Brown –
Noise Next Door –
John Hastings –
Andrew O’Neill –
John Robertson –
MC – Andrew O’Neill –
Matt Rees –
Pat Cahill –
Alfie Brown –
Mat Ewins –
Rob Deering –
Jim Smallman –


Wrestlers To Choke Hold Knebworth
In honour of our Wrestling Fancy Dress Theme, we've invited some of the cream of British wrestling to perform at Sonisphere with the guys from professional wrestling outfit, Progress Wrestling, set to take to the ring at Knebworth. Prepare for a choke-slam as champions like Jimmy HavocRhia O’Reilly, Rampage Brown and Tommy End, who is the current WXW champion, descend on Knebworth.
Think Powerslams, think Facebusters, think Piledrivers, think Flying Clotheslines, think about trying to catch Boston Crabs. So dust off your lycra, don a mask (or at least pay extra attention to your hair), create some witty signs, learn some wrestling chants and get ready to watch some men in tighter pants than some of those appearing on the Main Stage.
See you in the ring!!


Sshh…Silent Disco Returns To Sonisphere
We are extremely pleased to announce the return of Silent Arena’s hugely popular Silent Disco to Sonisphere this summer as part of the late-night entertainment. The Silent Disco will run on every night of the festival, including the Thursday, and will feature the Silent Arena resident DJs.
It'll also be a Jäger-fuelled affair, with Jägermeister hosting the Silent Disco in the Jägermeister tent, which includes its own bar. So grab a pair of cans, knock back a pint or (or some ice-cold Jäger) and sing to your heart's content with the added luxury of not being able to hear anyone else singing – or yourself for that matter.

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