Metallica Review Sonisphere 2014

After the incredible performance from Iron Maiden last night, can Metallica generate the same results?  With the crowds pouring towards the Apollo Stage and people packed tightly together, this long weekend was tiring but everyone was so ready for this grande finale of Metallica By Request. Part of their 'By Request' tour allowed fans to vote the set.

Starting the set with "Battery" this got the crowd going wild. "Are you alive, tell me what it's like to be alive?" Screamed lead singer James Hetfield making the crowd roar with excitement. The visuals included three different screens showing the band live as they play. This was a little disappointing, however this was only the start and it sure kicked off in the end with giant inflatable beach balls filling the main stage, lasers hitting the night sky, fireworks and the whole shabang. "You've saved all your best fun for tonight right?" James shouts, getting the crowd revved up again.

James called someone up on stage which was pretty exciting and asked them to present the next song. Up came a bohemian looking chic Kate from London who introduced the next song but the crowd had a different idea and she did get a few boos. This happened a second time with a gentleman called Craig also from London, but again this didn't go down too well with the crowd.

Photo courtesy of Sonisphere

But of course Metallica being Metallica easily pulled this off and got the crowd back on track. Most of the favourites songs were played such as "Enter Sandman", "Master of Puppets", "Nothing Else Matters", and strangely "Lords of Summer", one of the bands new songs, which was pretty surprising that it got requested.  

After a short encore and the crowd crying out for more they returned on stage and ended with "Seek and Destroy". Hanging about the stage for quite a while with Union Jack flags the band was messing about abit but then disappeared. Metallica and Iron Maiden are clearly equally as talented but in terms of performance, the visuals and effort but in of the presentation of the performance it has to be Iron Maiden trumps as headliner of the weekend at Sonisphere.

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