Sonisphere 2014 – Festival Food

Festival food, the absolute god send to cure a hangover… However the change in festival food and drink especially at Sonisphere has got the crowds talking. A middle aged man Iron Maiden enthusiast compares Glastonbury to how strict Sonisphere are with allowing drink into the main arena. The price of one beer being at £4.90 has not put a smile on people's face. Typically like most festivals a meal could cost from £4 for a burger from the BBQ Shack to a £13 whole chicken meal to serve 2-4 people. A Pepsi will cost around £2 at most of the food vans. Similar to Downloads food range Sonisphere has uped it's game when it comes to food aswell as upping the price on alcohol. The food stalls now are a lot more boutique, gourmet style food such as, the flaming cactus selling Burritos and nachos, the Hippy Chippy the homemade chunky chips, I <3 Ostrich, selling ostrich burgers, The desert bar baking and selling birthday cakes packs, and other lovely slices of cake and deserts, Yorkie Bangers and mash which pretty much says it in the name also milkshake vans, and not forgetting Thai, Chinese and Japanese curry stalls. The list goes on of the amazing range of food here, but does it make up for the price of the beer? 

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