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16 Sep, 2015

Bestival 2015: Full Review!

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As the early bird catches the proverbial worm, so to do the first campers snag the best spots. A stream of gear laden guys and gals is making its way into the campsites from all directions and the sun is luckily, shining. Nighttime on Thursday sees the early opening of a few areas, The Wishing Tree is available for tiny raves, the Grassy Hill’s Caravanserai is jumping, and Underworld take an absolutely rammed headline slot in The Big Top.

15 Sep, 2015

Missy Elliott: Bestival 2015 Review

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There has been a distinctly hip hop vibe to this year’s Bestival, despite the ‘Summer of Love’ theme chosen and it seems sort of disconnected. However, there’s no denying that after a six-year hiatus from UK touring and as a complete UK 2015 exclusive, booking the queen of extravagance - Missy Elliott, is a big win for Rob Da Bank, having twice turned down his request to play before.

15 Sep, 2015

The Chemical Brothers: Bestival 2015 Review

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Saturday night headliners The Chemical Brothers, have been long on the wish list for Best-goers having waiting for their main stage return since 2007. With Bestival being the last hurrah of the UK festival season, early dark skies provide a perfect backdrop for the onslaught of blinding green lasers of opening number and iconic late 90’s track ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’.

23 Jul, 2015

A brand new area for Bestival 2015 – CARNIVALE!

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Bestival’s Summer of Love is all about going back to our roots. It’s about remembering all the things that got us super-excited about our amazing festival life in the first place, and one of our true loves that’s floated our boat since day dot is off-the-wall carnival action. So we’re massively thrilled to be able to announce a brilliant, brand new attraction for 2015 - Carnivale!

25 Jun, 2015

Bestival announces Sunday headliner: MISSY ELLIOT!

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She’s the best around with the crazy style and her music makes us lose control, so we’re unutterably excited to announce that the incredible Missy Elliott will be headlining Sunday night at our Summer of Love in a European festival exclusive. One of the greatest artists of all time, and a true musical innovator, we couldn’t be more ecstatic that she’s coming to Robin Hill for her first UK show in nine years, and what is destined to be one of the most epic Bestival finales of all time. Ever.

4 Jun, 2015

Bestival announces Invaders of the Future stage lineup

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The very lifeblood of Bestival is new music. A passion that runs deep within the entire Bestival team, our head honcho Rob da Bank’s knack for spotting the most exciting new bands known to humanity is legendary, and has seen Bestival history littered with debut, or very early, festival appearances by some of what are now the world’s biggest acts. These days cunningly entitled the Invaders of the Future Stage, our new music mecca is where you need to be this September 10-13 at Robin Hill, if you

30 May, 2015

Bestival’s newest wave of acts announced – Skepta, Wiley, Drenge and The Chuckle Brothers‏

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With over 25 stages, revolutionary soundsystems, zombie love-ins, psychedelic woodland adventures, 24-hour free haircuts, and a host of dazzling new attractions, Bestival’s Summer of Love is already looking pretty damn fit. But as ever, we want to get everyone we love involved, including this rather sultry bunch of musical marvels that will have you rockin’ Robin Hill all weekend long this September 10-13.

30 May, 2015

New stage announced for Bestival – The Kaleidoscope

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Bestival's brand new arena, Slow Motion, is all about taking the festival experience to a whole new plane, creating a festival within a festival dedicated to connecting mind and body. As part of that trip we’re super-excited about our brand new psychotropic stage attraction, The Kaleidoscope. Featuring energising morning pursuits, pastoral musical vibes by day, wonky disco joys into the night and rapturous bespoke animations to amuse the mind’s eye, the Kaleidoscope stage will add a whole new di

3 May, 2015

Bestival’s Temple Island Lineup Announced and DJ Competition!

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A beacon of bacchanalia in a wonderland of ludicrously good times, our very own church of dance, Temple Island, is set to return with a litany of big guns to add even more passion to Bestival’s Summer of Love. Curated by The Physical Network and now a firm Bestival fixture among over 25 stages, revolutionary soundsystems and psychedelic woodland-based adventures, Temple Island will be taking all-out partying to epic proportions this September 10-13 at Robin Hill on the Isle of Wight.