Bestival 2015: Full Review!


As the early bird catches the proverbial worm, so to do the first campers snag the best spots. A stream of gear laden guys and gals is making its way into the campsites from all directions and the sun is luckily, shining. Nighttime on Thursday sees the early opening of a few areas, The Wishing Tree is available for tiny raves, the Grassy Hill’s Caravanserai is jumping, and Underworld take an absolutely rammed headline slot in The Big Top. It’s a bit of a shame there’s no longer a big screen on the outside of the tent, as it’s frankly impossible to fit everyone in, but those outside are still dancing their legs off to the likes of ‘Born Slippy’ regardless.

Underworld @ Bestival 2015


Friday’s Gabrielle Aplin brings beautiful summer vibes to the main stage dressed in a spangly gold sequined jumpsuit, whilst The Cuban Brothers’ Miguel rocks his “Elvis in Marrakech” kaftan and afro combo as Archerio, Kengo and One Erection wow the crowds with headspins, backflips and flares galore. Having had the entire crowd sing Happy 70th Birthday to Bestival veteran, and former drug baron Howard “Mr. Nice” Marks who dons a golden kaftan on stage, Miguel implores everyone to “Increase the peace with a collective unconscious”.

Up on the big hill, the Slow Motion area is a serene place to take a break, with the bandstand gone, a new stage – Kaleidoscope – peeks out from the bottom corner, covered in silver sunrays. Grab yourself a fresh corn-on-the-cob, a pint of Bestivale and maybe take part in some Yoga. Massages, tea and cake from the Women’s Institute or making friends with fluffy llamas is also on the menu here, and if you venture inside Oberon’s Observatory you’ll find a tiny cinema and a pretty awesome lookout across the festival. Though there are notably less children year upon year, the kids area is still going strong with games and activities, across the way from lectures and comedy in the Bestiversity tent. There truly is something for everyone here.

A sun drenched crowd is relaxing at the main stage listening to the powerful voice of the incredibly talented Lianne La Havas, who is dressed in a show-stopping green ball gown and is tantalizing everyone with news of her upcoming UK tour in December for new album ‘Blood’. Followed up by the complete juxtaposition of Charlie XCX who spends her entire set swearing and making crude gestures. Luckily her songs are catchy enough to make up for it, and everyone seems to be enjoying ‘I don’t Care (I Love It)’ and ‘Boom Clap’ whilst she jumps around with a giant inflatable guitar, in her platform sneakers.

90’s Hip Hop super-group Jurassic 5 bring the entertainment with a massive turntable, portable turntable/mixer guitar contraptions and their distinctive brand of swagger, but it’s Duran Duran who are the stand out surprise of the night. The younger age set at this festival might not think they know more than ‘Rio’ but the hits keep rolling, and they put on an absolutely epic show which has everyone joining in with both classic hits and brand new album tracks.

See our full Duran Duran headline review here: http:///Reviews/2015/09/12/Duran-Duran-Bestival-2015-Review.aspx

Duran Duran @ Bestival 2015


If you’re not feeling so fresh this morning, a quick trip to the lavish Elle Beauty Cupboard in partnership with Rimmel will have you all dolled up with a makeover or a manicure, as well as a goodybag full of makeup and you can get your brain back on track with a stop at the Science tent, where you can pick up a pair of psychedelic solar glasses for watching the fireworks too. New this year is the giant Lovebot, and a new-look Inflatable Church for all your wedding-disco wishes.

Over on the main stage, Dodgy rock “Good Enough” and IOW locals Level 42 (with a cameo from Cubano’s One Erection breakdancing) play to a relaxed crowd. Little Dragon wears some sort of golden bin-bag with red evening gloves for a set of weird and wonderful sounds, and over in the Magic Meadow the parade is a swarm of bright silks and mysterious creatures. Colourful birds, adorable little strawberries and lotus flowers dance past, as a squid rides a giant turtle followed by a Battala band. Only at Bestival…

Secret act cheesy hip hop legends House of Pain are actually great and anthem 'Jump Around' is spectacularly taken to heart by Bestivalites who are doing their best to jump up, jump up and get down. Kate Tempest gathers a big crowd for her main stage foray, in previous years she’s usually a walk through the woods to the amphitheatre for her spoken word sets. With obvious excitement she quips “Jeremy Corbyn has been elected… this is the summer of change, the summer of love!” and a keen eye can spot Rob da Bank clapping in appreciation from the side of the stage.

In the deep dark of the night forest, the amphitheatre comes alive and tonight The Story Beast (comedian John Henry Falle) is MCing Films in the Forest. Award winning short ‘Jonah’ is beautifully made and captivates the audience but ‘Festevil’ is the one that’s really going to stick with you – what could be better than a slasher short about a couple getting murdered in a tent at a festival by pig-masked psychopaths? “Are you all suitably shitted up? That could happen to you tonight!” says Falle. Cheers Story Beast… no really thanks so much. Just as well he follows it up with a rousing rendition of the theme from Dune (join in, all the words are… THE THEME FROM DUNE) and Tom Hyatt brings beautiful acoustic flavours to the stage with his songs about love. We hot-foot it when the next movie ‘Behind the Candelabra’ comes on, but not quite quick enough to escape seeing Matt Damon fellate Michael Douglas.

Annie Mac is ripping it up on the main stage with glowing palm trees to match the glowing umbrellas and fairy lights of the neon night parade, and The Chemical Brothers’ headline slot is a laser loaded, big beat heavy, electrifying show with a slew of hits from opener ‘Hey Boy Hey girl’ to ‘Block Rockin Beats’ and ‘Galvanize’.

Check out our full Chemicals review here: http:///Reviews/2015/09/15/The-Chemical-Brothers-Bestival-2015-Review.aspx

The night is young and the weather is sort of holding, so it’s off to Future Islands in the Big Top to see enigmatic frontman Samuel T. Herring dance like he’s been tasered and growl like he’s in a metal band. Completely bonkers but light, fun synthpop. The Port is packed with ravers and fire-dancers spit flames from atop the giant boat. Arial hoop dancers swing hypnotically from a crane above, everything is just on the edge of surreal and it’s brilliant. For a little less bass, Caravanseri’s little love-in is dancing along to violin folk-rockers Keltrix, cosying up in retro caravans or drinking mojitos in the carousel.


Despite an overnight soaking, the campsite awakens to a clear and sometimes sunny morning (hurrah!) and there’s a dawning realisation that there’s only one day left of hedonistic adventures. DJ Yoda’s unmistakable beats reverberate across the arena to a massive crowd, and there are major queues outside the packed Amphitheatre for the genius Shitfaced Shakespeare. The drunken cast member simply can’t be arsed with what’s going on and keeps having existential epiphanies like “News is new… news!”. Throughout the forest people are hiding out, watching red squirrels or exploring round the lake, or searching out the secretive Blind Tiger stage.

Jungle Brothers get everyone chanting “We at Bestival baby” as indeed we are and Boy Better know keep up with the distinctly hip hop flavor to this year’s main stage lineup. It’s not as though those who aren’t into it have nothing else to do though, Pig’s Big Ballroom is a house of energetic folk and feelgoodery and the close-by Invaders of the Future stage is showcasing a plethora of great rock bands.

Over on the Kaleidoscope stage, Coco and the Butterfields are absolutely smashing it, gathering a bigger and rowdier crowd as they play, one of the very best things about Bestival is happening upon something or someone amazing that you’ve never heard of, and finding this banjo-led upbeat band is just one of those moments. Elsewhere the Oxfam tent is selling sparkly wares and as the weather is looking decidedly unsafe, wellies. The Llamas at Llama Karma are happily munching their way through Robin Hill’s luscious grass and wearing some very fetching rainbow neckerchiefs, the Solace tent is providing tea and cake to burnt out hippies and there are bare bottoms basking in the wood-fired hot tubs overlooking the enormous site.

A rare musical treat in the form of The Jacksons has the entire arena boogying, but it’s worth mentioning that it’s not just a classic hit parade – these guys are every bit as good as they always were. Polished entertainers with cracking vocals, for the likes of ‘Blame it on the Boogie’, ‘Rock With You’ and ‘ABC’. Jermaine has a noticeable tear in his eye when the crowd joins in for ‘I’ll Be There’ as a montage of their younger selves play on split video screens. Over in the Big Top, Todd Terje is providing summery soft electro-house to a busy tent, which makes a change from the heavier Port acts.

Final headliner Missy Elliott is every bit as showy as you could imagine. Plenty of bling, an army of backing dancers and MC’s hyping up the crowd the whole way through. Hits ‘Get Ur Freak On’ and ‘Work It’ are absolutely huge.

Read our full Missy Elliott headline review here: http:///Reviews/2015/09/15/Missy-Elliott-Bestival-2015-Review.aspx

As Missy makes her way off stage, ticker tape explosions coincide with the start of the fireworks display, which is magically timed so that red heart-shaped fireworks burst to the chorus of “Love Is In The Air” to the oohs and aaahs of the crowd. The floral fire arrangement of the Commune is glittering away and everyone is hugging each other, it truly is the Summer of Love. Though the night isn’t over, the rain starts coming in hard and a lot of people are heading back to the campsites with the threat of early ferries and late hangovers in the morning. Skrillex is bouncing around at The Port with a few thousand pals, the Carnivale ship is still rocking tunes and the drag queens of Sink the Pink at The Grand Palace of Entertainment are still werking it hard.

This year’s Bestival has been home to some eighty thousand neo-hippies for the Summer of Love ’15 and it’s pretty hard to say goodbye to this beautiful, weird and wonderful land knowing full well that responsibility and the adult world is waiting beyond these borders. You can be sure we’ll be first on the early bird ticket bandwagon at the end of the month, and the countdown clock will be immediately set for Bestival 2016. Massive thanks to Rob da Bank and the Bestival crew for another incredible weekend, we can’t wait to see what’s next…

All photos by Rob Ball for Summer Festival Guide. See the full set here:


Missy Elliott: Bestival 2015 Review

There has been a distinctly hip hop vibe to this year’s Bestival, despite the ‘Summer of Love’ theme chosen and it seems sort of disconnected. However, there’s no denying that after a six-year hiatus from UK touring and as a complete UK 2015 exclusive, booking the queen of extravagance – Missy Elliott, is a big win for Rob Da Bank, having twice turned down his request to play before.

Despite the first drizzle of the weather-app doom forecast, the arena is absolutely rammed with people and as an obelisk-like frame is put in place on stage, the excitement is palpable. Dancers in disturbing white comedy and tragedy theatre masks add shimmering lycra panels to the frame and writhing hands extrude from within the box before the sides fall to reveal Missy, clad in a slick black tracksuit and trucker cap with her name emblazoned on it. Famed for her indulgence in all things bling, tonight is no exception as she wields a crystal encrusted microphone with a knuckleduster-esque ‘Ms E’ embellishment whilst providing the thrills for ‘I’m Really Hot’ and ‘Hot Boyz’.

It’s a little bit of a shame the music is so often halted by her fluffers yelling “She can’t hear you….” , us Brits aren’t really down with self-promotion like our American cousins, but Missy makes up for it in pure individual electricity and her b-boy dancers are absolutely incredible.

Rolling through hit after hit, the crowd is going mental, everywhere is a sea of hipsters attempting to krump and hunter-princesses trying some swagger but when Missy throws down ‘Get Ur Freak On’ and ‘Work It’ there’s not a single still body to be seen. A costume change later and it’s down to celebrating her dance crew for ‘Pass That Dutch’, and no, we couldn’t do the routine, we tried, it was deceptively difficult.

Yelling out “Hey UK I love you, I haven’t been here in a while but I love you, y’all like my cousins, y’all like family, is that ok?” Missy introduces artist Sharaya J for a song whilst she changes costume yet again. ‘Shake Your Pom Pom’ is particularly celebrated by the man in front of us dressed like a cheerleader, and some lucky fans at the front have their night/year made when Missy signs some Adidas sneakers to hand out.

A little bit of Ciara’s ‘1, 2 step’, and ‘Lose Control’ have everyone good and rowdy ready for the firework show, but it’s a bit of an abrupt ending as Missy yells “Thank you UK” and exits as the first rockets go off. The main stage headliner is never the very last thing happening at Bestival, as the other stages continue well into the small hours of Monday morning, but for a closer Missy Elliott is well and truly one of the most memorable acts Bestival has seen. Even if we aren’t remotely street enough to pull off a supafly silk tracksuit, we are so going online to look for one when we get home…

Photos by Rob Ball, see the full set here:

The Chemical Brothers: Bestival 2015 Review

Saturday night headliners The Chemical Brothers, have been long on the wish list for Best-goers having waited for their main stage return since 2007. With Bestival being the last hurrah of the UK festival season, early dark skies provide a perfect backdrop for the onslaught of blinding green lasers of opening number and iconic late 90’s track ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’. Despite the lack of the famed saucy skeletons on the big screens, it’s a strong start for the dance duo and the arena is jumping.

The show is heavy with trippy images of clowns and dancers, strobe lighting and colour to make up for the fact that you are essentially watching two guys push some buttons and bob along to a future beat in their headphones, but it honestly looks like they are having a damn good time as they drop ‘GO’ alongside a visual of a glittery roller-dancer gliding about on screen. Standard as it might now be for a festival or arena tour, there is something exciting about smashing giant inflatable balls around the place when you’re swimming in the depths of the front barrier crowd, long live the gimmick!

Two huge red and blue animatronic robots walk on stage shooting happy ravers with their laser eyes, and a giant inside-out disco ball refracts spotlights into a million starry specks as the Chemicals close out with hits ‘Block Rockin’ Beats', ‘Push The Button’ and ‘Galvanize’. With a final flourish and an on-screen tribute to their sadly missed music producer Stuart Jammer James, who had also worked with a plethora of Bestival favourites such as New Order, Hot Chip and Grace Jones, the set is over. The Chemical Brothers were well worth the wait, and as the sweaty masses leave the arena for other areas with wide grins plastered on their faces, it’s clear they were a great headline pick.

Photos by Rob Ball, see the full set here:

Bestival Announces Shy FX Sound System Line-up‏

We’re very excited indeed to reveal the line-up for legendary beat supremo Shy FX’s Party on the Moon Bollywood takeover.

Bringing the action to a close on Sunday 13th September, the latest in our Bestival’s Summer of Love Bollywood takeover series, the Party on the Moon will see dancefloor lunacy provided by the Digital Soundboy don and Original Nuttah himself, Shy FX going back to back with some very special guests, who we can guarantee will send you into orbit, with microphone control courtesy of MC Stamina. 

There will also be sublime moves on the ones and twos from chart-conquering musical polymath Mark Ronson, multi-platinum recording artist Craig David presenting his much admired TS5, the Leonine be-locked Lion Babe and Chloe Martini taking on Sinead Harnett. 

From old skool tear-ups to thoroughly modern floor-spankers, Shy FX’s Party on the Moon is a sure-fire celestial end to our Summer of Love that’s not to be missed.


A brand new area for Bestival 2015 – CARNIVALE!

Bestival’s Summer of Love is all about going back to our roots. It’s about remembering all the things that got us super-excited about our amazing festival life in the first place, and one of our true loves that’s floated our boat since day dot is off-the-wall carnival action. So we’re massively thrilled to be able to announce a brilliant, brand new attraction for 2015 – Carnivale!

Our king of the carnival, Rob da Bank says: “We all know Besti-goers love a good party and any excuse to dress up, so gradually over the years we’ve been building our carnival activity up, till this year things have just gone off the scale with a fantastic Arts Council grant enabling us to put on our biggest carnival ever, and to have a mega pirate ship base for everything carnival to operate from. Combine that with our annual Saturday afternoon parade, and brand new illuminated night parades, soundtracked by yours truly, then things are going to go well and truly crazy for carnival this year!”

Produced by Kirsty Henderson in collaboration with Bestival and one of Europe’s leading and most original carnival groups, Shademakers, Carnivale is situated smack bang in the wonderland that is the Wishing Tree Field. Featuring a huge pirate ship stage with a cast of oddball performers and dancers providing mind-bending entertainment all weekend long, prepare to be bowled over by all manner of amusements, from morning shakedowns and eye-catching exploits, to our Carnival Day Parade and our incredible Night Parades. Plus, there’s an inviting workshop tent where you can get involved in the madness, learning mysterious carnival arts and making your own costumes. An enchanted hive of the unanticipated, Shademakers menagerie of wild and wonderful creations will scamper through the crowds, as Commedia Dell’Arte inspired pirates romp from the rigging, and acrobatic monkeys scale the heights, all as carnival music from around the world, sea shanties and drums fill the air.

Visit the Carnivale’s rhubarb and custard big top, and experience the Galleon Gallery, join in with the creative workshops, make a mask, flag, lantern or withy sculpture, or have your face painted as a cherub or glittery devil! Watch or take part in the many dance and musical workshops… Have you danced to tikitak, played the spoons or a kazoo? There will also be a History of Carnival exhibition where you can kick back and watch some stunning film footage of carnivals from around the world and discover the history of the truly fantastic costumes on display – come and be inspired to join the Carnival!

Whatever you do, don’t miss this year’s Day Parade with more sparkle, more music and more energetically colourful performances than ever before thanks to some of the UK’s top carnival companies. A collaboration across several art forms, the gates to the Carnivale will burst open and the fields of Bestival will be filled with one big summer of love explosion and the joy of the carnival featuring Spandy Andy, Sink the Pink, Mr Wilson's Second Liners, Mariachi El Pinche Grin Go, Shademakers, Area 51, Cirque Bijou, Emergency Exit Arts, Batala Portsmouth, Kinetika Bloco, Mandinga Arts, Preston Carnival, Brouhaha, New Carnival Company, VIP Puppets, Artemis, Quture, CTD Dance Company, Rainbow Connections, Utopia Mas, The Love Float (a collaboration between Shademakers and the IOW Police Volunteer Cadet Force) and The Parlour Make Up, all rocking along to an amazing soundtrack designed especially for the occasion by the man himself, Rob da Bank.

Each night as the sun sets over Bestival, our carnival revellers will come out to play in nocturnal disguise for our glorious Night Parades commissioned by Bestival in association with Roundhouse, Gideon Reeling and Shademakers. Cast your eyes to the horizon and watch as illuminated dancers appear, spreading their glorious wings, marvel as ethereal beings float past your eyes, radiating joy into the Bestival twilight. Heading for the hills of Slow Motion, they’ll gather together there to perform their Rituals of Love, in a spellbindingly wondrous display replete with a jaw-dropping fire finale that will enrapture anyone lucky enough to witness it.

Witness the Spirits of the Summer of Love, here to spread their message of freedom and joy, and to capture you in their playful web, as they dance their way through the festival. And keep an eye out in the Ambient Forest for the spirits as the wonderful Gideon Reeling and The Roundhouse team up to sprinkle magic and a bucket-load of love throughout the thickets, clad in the glorious flamboyant creations of Shademakers Carnival Costumiers.


Bestival announces Sunday headliner: MISSY ELLIOT!




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#Bestival15 / #SummerofLove 

She’s the best around with the crazy style and her music makes us lose control, so we’re unutterably excited to announce that the incredible Missy Elliott will be headlining Sunday night at our Summer of Love in a European festival exclusive. One of the greatest artists of all time, and a true musical innovator, we couldn’t be more ecstatic that she’s coming to Robin Hill for her first UK show in nine years, and what is destined to be one of the most epic Bestival finales of all time. Ever.

Commenting on her headline appearance, Missy Elliott said: “I'm very excited to be performing at Bestival this year! I can't wait to see all my fans I haven't seen in some time… new ones and my day one fans! We are gonna have a blast together! Bring your dancing outfits and kicks!

Bestival b-boy Rob da Bank says: “So, putting the final pieces together for the world’s most intricate jigsaw puzzle that is Bestival, I’m mighty proud to announce our Sunday headliner Missy Elliott. Needing no introduction Missy is the epitome of hip-hop royalty, the first lady of party-starting club bangers and a downright legend. I cannot wait to watch the most successful female rap artist ever to Work It at Bestival 2015!

Hailing from Portsmouth (calm down Pompey crew, not that one) in Virginia, Missy Elliott is one of music’s most successful MCs, songwriters, and producers. She’s racked up five Grammy awards, one double platinum and four platinum albums, and over 166 awards from VMAs to MOBOs and beyond, but more importantly she drops bombs. With tight beats and sick flows, Missy is a one-woman hit machine, who has had pop music’s greats including Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Beyoncé queueing up to work with her.

Her production innovation has had a huge impact on music globally, firing out guilt edged monsters by the truckload from The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly), Hot Boyz and Get Ur Freak On to Work It, Pass The Dutch and Lose Control the stamp of her influence can be heard loud and clear to this day. Her surprise guest appearance at this year’s Super Bowl was mind-shatteringly amazing and blew us all completely away, proving that she’s just as vital right now as she ever has been, and you know she really is gonna work it for the final Bestival main stage set of the year. Joining Underworld, Duran Duran and the Chemical Brothers to complete 2015s set of headliners, Missy’s not just big in the game she’s unparalleled, and we really couldn’t be more ridiculously overjoyed that she’s coming to Bestival. So don’t you dare go home early, this is gonna be legendary.

Bestival announces Invaders of the Future stage lineup

The very lifeblood of Bestival is new music. A passion that runs deep within the entire Bestival team, our head honcho Rob da Bank’s knack for spotting the most exciting new bands known to humanity is legendary, and has seen Bestival history littered with debut, or very early, festival appearances by some of what are now the world’s biggest acts. These days cunningly entitled the Invaders of the Future Stage, our new music mecca is where you need to be this September 10-13 at Robin Hill, if you want to see the next big thing before they become stadium-filling mega-stars.

A very modern Rob da Bank says: “OK, so this has to be my favourite stage at Bestival. It’s the beating heart of what Bestival is about – breaking new talent and exposing the undercard. It takes me about six months to book, on and off, wondering who the next wave of breaking bands are going to be, and trying to get the right mix of electronic, folk, soul and indie, dub and grime… and already I can see loads of these acts being on much bigger stages next year. Everyone from Ed Sheeran and Alt-J to Kate Tempest have played early gigs on this stage. So, from the wildly different sounds of Ratboy and Lion Babe, to The Skints, Clarence Clarity and the Island’s very own Plastic Mermaids, I promise you, this is the sound of the future”.



Currently causing a stir for those in the know there will be music from West London’s forward thinking alt. rockers All This Noise, our BBC Introducing twin Bearcubs, quirky funkers Boxed In, Ventnor duo Champs, singer-songwriter Clarence Clarity, Leeds five-piece Eagulls, folky grunger Eaves, gothabillys Eighteen Nightmares at the Lux, funk-inspired twosome Ekkah and sibling double act Formation.

We’ll also have punk rockers Girlpool, Norwich’s own Graceland, Glasgow pair Honeyblood, future-soulsters Honne, North London sisterly trio Jagaara, Manchester folky JJ Hodari, synth classicists Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra, rude boy Kiko Bun, BRIT school alumni Kimberly Anne and erstwhile Late of the Pier dude LA Priest.

Don’t miss out on fiery electro-ravers LIA:Life Imitates Art, singing cellist Laura Moody, Pharrell Williams collaborators Lion Babe, beat slayer Mura Musa, the woozy, bluesy Palace, Isle of Wight sons Plastic Mermaids, and Polar Maps, NYCs Ratboy, soulful popsters Real Lies, the super-seductive Secaina Hudson and intricately melodic people Shelter Point.

And be sure to catch those down-to-Mars girls Skinny Girl Diet, Bridie Monds-Watson AKA SOAK, Grime MC Stormzy, ambitious rockers The Bohicas, reggae-ska-dub-punk-hip-hoppers The Skints, indie troubadours The Slow Show, alt. popster Thomston, stratospheric-folk five-piece To Kill A King, Irish pop-rockers Walking on Cars and south coast psyche-surfers Wild Smiles. Giving a leg-up to the stars of tomorrow, the Invaders of the Future stage is where you might just discover your new favourite band.

Bestival’s newest wave of acts announced – Skepta, Wiley, Drenge and The Chuckle Brothers



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#Bestival15 / #SummerofLove

With over 25 stages, revolutionary soundsystems, zombie love-ins, psychedelic woodland adventures, 24-hour free haircuts, and a host of dazzling new attractions, Bestival’s Summer of Love is already looking pretty damn fit. But as ever, we want to get everyone we love involved, including this rather sultry bunch of musical marvels that will have you rockin’ Robin Hill all weekend long this September 10-13.

Love commando Rob da Bank says: “I’m well excited with this new batch of acts we’re announcing tonight. With so many identikit festivals about with similar acts and bills I’m proud that 12 years on we don’t go with the flow. If the indie amazingness of Drenge isn’t your bag then grimy faceslaps from Skepta and Wiley might be, and if you’re insane and don’t like the legendary junglist brilliance of Roni Size and his live Reprazent show then perhaps, just perhaps, you’ll be singing ‘to me, to you, to me, to you’ whilst dancing in a pair of ill-fitting tropical shorts to the Chuckle Brothers. No matter what, there’s plenty more fish in the sea to come, as our Summer of Love really starts to heat up. See you down the front.


Bringing on the love with big fat beats, we’ll have main stage appearances from grime pioneer Wiley, who completely smashed it as our secret guest in 2012, plus the unstoppable skank machine, Dub Pistols.

Dub Pistols legend Barry Ashworth commented: “The Highlight of the year for us will always be playing Bestival, this year we are back on the main stage, it doesn’t get bigger than that, and if that’s not enough you can always catch me spinning tracks and drinking in the Sunday Best Cardboard Record Shop! There’s only one Bestival!

Not quite true, Barry, there are two Bestivals, but we know what you mean! Big love to all our Canadian brethren! More Isle of Wight-based Bestival main stage action will come from cool chanteuse Gabrielle Aplin, sing-along faves Dodgy, and the Isle of Wight’s own Xockha and Yrslf.

Old blue, Bestival’s beloved Big Top will be playing host to some mighty sounds this summer, too, including the much requested return of Joseph Junior Adenuga AKA Skepta and an absolute must-see live set from drum n bass hero Roni Size & Reprazent. We’ll also have recently expanded noiseniks Drenge, our favourite scratch master DJ Yoda Presents: Breakfast of Champions, with his brand new hip-hop band busting up the Big Top live, and then the man himself will be taking on Bollywood for a typically special DJ set, and we’ll have one of the coolest bands ever to grace a festival, Sunday Best favourites, the utterly incomparable Kitty Daisy & Lewis.

Commenting on their latest Bestival appearance, Kitty Daisy & Lewis uttered as one: “We’re so excited to be coming to Bestival again this year, we always have a great time. Sunday Best know how to throw a festival!

The Big Top will also welcome a high-voltage rock assault from Dinosaur Pile-Up, plus sets from Kero Kero Bonito, Lloyd Yates, Seafret and – we’re not sure it’s possible to express quite how excited we are about this – The Chuckle Brothers! Yes, it’ll be history in the making with be-mulleted slapstick to me, to you. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

As if all that wasn’t enough to get you all giddy with joy, he was one of the smash hits acts that started our summer in finest style at Common People, so we’re extremely pleased that turntable ninja, Jaguar Skills, will be joining us to destroy the dancefloor at The Port.

New stage announced for Bestival – The Kaleidoscope












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#Bestival15 / #SummerOfLove

Our brand new arena, Slow Motion, is all about taking the festival experience to a whole new plane, creating a festival within a festival dedicated to connecting mind and body. As part of that trip we’re super-excited about our brand new psychotropic stage attraction, The Kaleidoscope. Featuring energising morning pursuits, pastoral musical vibes by day, wonky disco joys into the night and rapturous bespoke animations to amuse the mind’s eye, the Kaleidoscope stage will add a whole new dimension to Bestival’s bag this 10-13 September at Robin Hill Country Park.

Summer lover Rob da Bank says: “I’m more excited about our new Slow Motion festival within a festival than I have been about a new area at Bestival for years. Add to that the fact that Mrs da Bank has invented a new, insanely cool audio-visual stage called The Kaleidoscope, and I’m ready to pop… The Kaleidoscope will be populated by a mix of the best ambient, electronica and chill-out DJs known to man, offset by folk, soul, psychedelia and new wave electronic rhythms. Prepare to get horizontal and vertical all at the same time…


Brimful of prismatic pleasures, by day the Kaleidoscope will be the place to catch synesthesic sounds from right across the musical spectrum, including sets from 47Soul, Alice Jemima, Andy Votel presents Twisted Nerve, Badow, CoCo and the Butterfields, Esther Joy Lane, Fickle Friends, Flight Brigade, Gallows Ghost, Gecko, Goldray, L.A Salami, Lazlo, Laucan, Lucky Elephant, Mispers, Port Isla, Samuel Walwyn, Shanty, Solko, Solar Bears, The Ephemerals, The Fontanas, Will Varley and Xylaroo.

When night falls, it’s woozy does it, by way of the Ambient Forest, as our consciousness-expanding circle of selectors take charge of the ones and twos at Wonky Disco time. Geared up to induce epic mind excursions, bathed in psyche-twisting light projections, our vibrantly vivid visions will be soundtracked with polychromatic inspiration from Apiento, Balearic Gabba Soundsystem, Chris Coco, Danny Whitehead, Dave Seaman, Flying White Dots, Mojo Filter, Nick Warren, Olaf Stuut, Paul Godfrey (Morcheeba), Pete Gooding, Phil Dockerty, Phil Mison, Phil South, Steve Cobby, Still:Life, Thythe and Tom Misch.

And for the truly enlightened Bestivalites, the Kaleidoscope stage will host morning gatherings to warm up your senses and get that all-important chakra shake down with sessions by Frame, including Boxfit, 80s Aerobics, Dancefit, a Jane Fonda Tribute, Dynamic Stretch, Ass & Abs, Get Leggy, Yoga-Lates and Hip-Hop Aerobics, plus the wonderful AcroYogaDance.

A varicoloured world of joy at the heart of Slow Motion, the Kaleidoscope is a mesmerising delight not to be missed.  

Bestival’s Temple Island Lineup Announced and DJ Competition!

A beacon of bacchanalia in a wonderland of ludicrously good times, our very own church of dance, Temple Island, is set to return with a litany of big guns to add even more passion to Bestival’s Summer of Love. Curated by The Physical Network and now a firm Bestival fixture among over 25 stages, revolutionary soundsystems and psychedelic woodland-based adventures, Temple Island will be taking all-out partying to epic proportions this September 10-13 at Robin Hill on the Isle of Wight.















A beacon of bacchanalia in a wonderland of ludicrously good times, our very own church of dance, Temple Island, is set to return with a litany of big guns to add even more passion to Bestival’s Summer of Love. Curated by The Physical Network and now a firm Bestival fixture among over 25 stages, revolutionary soundsystems and psychedelic woodland-based adventures, Temple Island will be taking all-out partying to epic proportions this September 10-13 at Robin Hill on the Isle of Wight.

Bestival’s principal dancer Rob da Bank says: “Bestival people! Man, I am so excited about the centre of our rave universe, Temple Island, and its line-up for 2015. Last year Temple Island, with its tiered stadium party vibe, was non-stop from Thursday till Sunday night, and one of my favourite places to hang out and get lost in my little pockets of downtime!

This year I’m confident we’ve pulled some mega guests out the bag, from the mighty Hudson Mohawke to the incredible Madlib kicking it off on Thursday, chart botherers Disciples, Philip George and Alex Adair, plus our hardcore Friday night extravaganza, some vintage sounds from Sherwood & Pinch, and new blood Kurupt FM and B Traits, to name but a few. In fact, I can’t see a duff act within 100 decibels of that stage. Tops off, whistles out and get ready to rave… Temple Island-style…”

Temple Island curator and director of The Physical Network, Liam Negus-Fancey says: “This is Temple Island’s third year at Bestival, and this year we’ll be back where we were in 2014, continuing to build on the massive success of the stage. As always our line-up is focused on what the ambassadors want. And this year, Robby and I, and all of Bestival’s ambassadors will be selecting an up-and-coming DJ to join our amazing line-up. So please sign up for this once in a lifetime chance”

Getting it on from the get-go, Thursday will see hip-hop hero Madlib dropping the knowledge, and, transplanted from their Notting Hill Arts Club home, Juicebox presents underground house genius Jonas Rathsman, Ejeca, SG Lewis, Joe Hertz & Juicebox DJs, plus we’ll have a set from firing house duo 99 Souls to boot!

Friday‘s dancefloor spanking action comes from Philip George, producer of chart-smashing hit Wish You Were Mine, with sets from bass explorers Disciples, plus TCTS, Shadow Child and Alex Adair. There might just be a whiff of the old vaporub in the air, too, as World of Rave & Music Mondays Presents: Altern-8, Liquid, Rat Pack, Baby D, Kaotic Chemistry, Slipmatt, Billy Bunter and Uncle Dugs. And we’ll have escapism through live melody, courtesy of Idiot Savant.

Genre-swerving production powerhouse and seasoned floor destroyer Hudson Mohawke heads up Saturday’s DJ business, with sets from drum n bassers DC Breaks and legendary beats purveyor Zinc, who will be performing a very special ‘Trust Me I Was There’ set. Plus there will be appearances from Novelist, Sherwood & Pinch, Klose One, Kurupt FM, Fono Barely Legal and Josey Rebelle.

Rinsing every last drop of love the weekend has to give, Sunday will see Digital Soundboy’s leading lady B.Traits taking things higher with help from Paranoid London, and Moxie. While Hypercolour presents: Dense & Pika, Luke Vibert, Tom Demac, DMX Krew, 2 Bad Mice, A Sagittariun, & Cedric Maison, plus we’ll have house & garage action from David Dabieh.

We’re also giving one up-and-coming DJ the chance to play on one of Bestival’s busiest stages with our momentous Temple Island DJ Competition! All you need to do to win a coveted slot on the stage is upload your finest floor-filling DJ mix (no more than 30 mins) to your Soundcloud/Mixcloud/YouTube channel and submit the link along with your name, age and location at Bestival curator Rob da Bank and The Physical Network’s Liam Negus-Fancey will select their favourite 10 mixes, and then our Bestival Ambassadors will vote for the winning mix! An unmissable epicentre of saturnalia, Temple Island will transport you to new and euphoric dimensions of love for the party. Don’t miss it.

And, speaking of parties, we’re delighted to be able to announce that we have three new names to add to The Port’s insane line-up. All part of Annie Mac Presents’ historic Masters & Makers back to back sessions, we’re super-excited that techno genius Daniel Avery will be going up against his Phantasy label boss Erol Alkan, and Radio 1 resident Heidi will take on dancefloor destroyer Tom Trago, guaranteeing next level hands in the air action at our land-locked labour of love.