The Killers and The Cure to headline Glastonbury 2019

The Killers will return on Saturday night to headline the Pyramid Stage since their last outing in 2007.  On Sunday night, The Cure return to headline the Pyramid for the first time since 1995, in what marks a record-equalling fourth Glastonbury headline set (Coldplay being the only other act to have occupied the closing slot four times). The Cure previously also headlined in 1986 and 1990.

Bestival 2016 ‘The Future’: Reviewed!


It’s that time of year again, where the rest of the UK has basically resigned itself to Autumn but Bestival-goers know that there is one last high summer fling to be had. Cars crammed with people and gear are flooding the ferry docks, horns are blaring, people are already on the drinks at 9am… off we go to the Isle.

Upon arriving at Robin Hill, it’s clear something has gone awry. For some unknown reason they’ve decided to trickle-open the carparks, meaning those wanting to camp in yellow can’t actually park in yellow because it’s currently closed. For those not au fait with Bestival’s layout – the giant hill/massive walk through three campsites to get from Red parking (which is the only one open right now) to yellow camping, is utterly soul destroying when you’re carrying 4 days’ worth of binge-drinking materials. The second fail of the day (related) is that by not opening multiple car-parks and therefore access gates, EVERYONE IN THE WORLD is queuing for red entry. Two hours to get in is beyond mental, hopefully this will be rectified for next year because it was truly the worst entry system we’ve encountered at a festival this year, and Bestival have done it so right the last five years or so before.

After finally trudging over and setting up camp (in a field where toilets haven’t been delivered yet… what is going on?!), it’s time to head over to the arena to see what’s what. Next big shock of the day… where on earth is the main stage? The stage that sits in its’ place is about a quarter of the size of last years’ behemoth and is low-down, downhill. There are a lot of short people who are going to be seeing absolutely nothing this weekend that’s for sure.

Luckily, The Magic Meadow is up and running with the true Bestival vibe to make us feel better about everything. Happily The Feast Collective has only been moved here, not banished because everyone is starving and the food is just incredible. Where else can you side by side order a grilled-shrimp-and-samphire burger, raclette draped chips and a spicy beef rendang? With a pint of Bestivale in hand it’s off to scout out some early bands.

Asylums on the Invaders of the Future stage are punky and lively, you can’t really argue with a band who love to perform. ‘Joy in a Small Wage’ is perfect rock band fayre, easy to sing along, great to dance to, and the band themselves are leaping around the stage as they play in front of the Day of the Dead bar.

The highlight of Thursday is Besti-faves, Hot Chip in the Big Top. Weird and wonderful as always they play to a busy tent despite starting at nearly one am, and their electronic melodies can be heard far and wide across the still-filling campsites.


Friday sees ferries delayed by the discovery of a World War II torpedo in Portsmouth harbour which is later disposed of by controlled explosion, but with everything soon back on schedule it’s becoming apparent that not enough camping has been opened by the festival this year. Having sold only 40,000 tickets compared to years’ 50,000+ it seems that a decision was made to condense campsites. However, they clearly went a field too far and people are scrabbling for space today.

Anyway, on to the first proper arena day and we find ourselves drawn in by the presence of The World’s Biggest Bouncy Castle over on top of The Grassy Hill. At a price of £5 for ten minutes of bouncing, it’s pretty damn steep, but hey we’re drunk and ready to throw some shapes. After knackering ourselves out, getting told off by the flip police, and avoiding serious damage it’s time to explore Caravanserai over in the Stardust Field.

What can I say about Caravanserai except, it’s magical. Surrounded by half-caravan seating booths, a carousel stage and Wurlitzer carts, it almost feels as if you’ve stepped into an American Horror Story set, without the inherent creepiness I guess. An area is being roped off by toothless yokels who are swigging something foul from an xxxx bottle and people are being called up to ‘dance off’ against each other, choosing ‘beats’ or ‘junk’ as backing tracks. As people crowd in we see a wookiee face off against a cheerleader who is throwing flips on a perilously downhill slant, a pole-dancer takes on a guy with a bizarre rope-tied tiny tears doll, and an extraordinarily drunk flying squirrel twerks at an Adidas clad musician. It’s bizarre and brilliant.

Heading out to the main stage for something a little less frenzied we catch Kitty Daisy & Lewis on the main stage as they whip out the harmonica for some bluesy riffs.

Next up are Bestival legends and all-round disgracefully wonderful pervs, The Cuban Brothers. No Bestival could be complete without them and their crazy array of stunts, tricks, the tightest jumpsuits ever seen outside of Olympic gymnastics and old school hip-hop vibes. Starting off in traditional carpet-print suits, Archerio and Kengo hit the stage with their dance duo which we as always attempt to emulate badly. Miguelito rocks ‘Mike For President’ in his gold wrasslin’ belt, and guest BAM from hip hop crew The Jungle Brothers comes out just in time to be accused of #sexyfavours. As they sing “I’m a Jungle Brother, and he’s a Cuban Brother” we see Juan Erection and Kengo bust out the big moves with huge flares, head spins and tucks. Mike pops into the crowd for a bit of fondling and then busts out the swan pants with absolutely zero shame. The Cuban Brothers are party central and the huge crowd is laughing and dancing along with them. The only sad bit? Kengo brings out his skates but the stage appears to be a bit wet to see him do any tricks. Damn!

Next up, Norwegian waif Aurora is elfin and adorable. Wearing a ton of knitwear in the high summer heat, she has a touch of Tilda Swinton about her, but oh that voice. She soars with ‘Winter Bird’ and instantly endears herself to us when by breaking her ethereal spell to say “I really had to pee before I came on stage, but when I started to  sing… it went away. I didn’t pee myself on stage though!!”.

Years & Years hit the stage with a light-show based on the lines of their album cover and some pretty fabulous futuristic outfits. Frontman Olly Alexander is dressed in metallic geometric 8-bit armour which kind of looks like a Minecraft/Moschino collaboration and with huge ticker tape explosions they race through hit after hit. ‘Take Shelter’ and ‘Ties’ have everyone mesmerised and as snappy modern dancers flood the stage it’s clear the band have upped their production value in the last two years. Finishing up with everyone singing along to ‘King’, Olly yelling “I love this festival” and a massive rainbow streamer explosion from the top of the stage, they have been a perfect Bestival band.

Over in Bollywood there’s a sweaty crowd dancing their hearts out whilst cocktails are flowing at the cocktail bus next door. A tiny rave is happening in Sunday Best and there are people spread out all over sampling the culinary delights on offer here. Anna Mae’s Mac & Cheese deserves a mention for being the stodge that saved our souls after two bags of wine. Yes, bags. Praise cheesus!

Heading into the Ambient Forest for a bit of a calm-down, we take a stroll into the revamped Amphitheatre (amazing new design) but we are a little sad that the late-night movies have been axed this year, along with Scroobius Pip’s much loved Satin Lizard Lounge. The forest itself is full of new seating nooks and artistic installations like the Tron-esque musical pipes, and the tinkling of ivories can be heard through the secret entrance to the Gatsby-esque Blind Tiger.

Back to the main stage and Skepta has drawn a massive crowd for ‘It Ain’t Safe’ but it’s Major Lazer who really take it up a notch with thousands pouring into the arena for the likes of ‘Lean On’ and ‘Light It Up’.

Read our Major Lazer full headline review HERE

Over at the Spaceport, set in a giant fuse box underneath a massive rocket, Carl Cox is lighting up the night with some solid beats, followed by Diplo straight off the back of his main stage performance. The ribbon-wrapped area, flanked by two huge astronaut installations is awesome, but the layout does make access quite difficult with thousands of bodies piled in.


Alas, predictions were true and the rain has put a stop to many of the wild and wonderful costumes we’re used to on a Bestival Saturday, not to mention the main parade has been cancelled due to ground conditions. Such a shame! However, spirits are never dampened at Besti when Mr Motivator is on hand for an early shakedown. There’s something weirdly comforting about a man espousing health in the midst of our foul hungover scurvy-wracked state. No I haven’t had any fruit for three days except in a cocktail, but I’m pretty sure I can keep up with these aerobics… probably…

The Chuckle Brothers are obviously both terrible and nostalgically hilarious but it’s Wolf Alice who deserve a much bigger, less soggy crowd for their soft, rock style. ‘Bros’ and ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’ are brilliant and should have been sun-drenched. Hopefully we can catch them again at a less damp future Bestival. Lady Leshurr is a powerhouse performer with hit 'Brush Your Teeth' and clearly everyone is loving the return of Craig David, no matter how many times he says his own name.

Over at Invaders, Pretty Vicious‘Cave Song’ has a huge crowd up and jumping including a rowdy bunch of people dressed as their older selves with inflatable zimmer frames – The Future, I geddit, very clever. Followed up by rowdy bijou band Hinds who rock so much pocket-power they practically eclipse the main stage sound, we are loving their energy. Yelling “What’s up Bestival! Bestival is the first festival we did as a band… we were so excited because it was the first time we ever had like an artists wristband!” they echo the sentiments of quite a lot of new bands who were given their first chances at this festival. Rob Da Bank and co. have always been right on the cutting edge of booking up-and-comers, allowing new acts to flow into the festival mainstream.

Onto tonight’s main stage headliner – The Cure. With probably half the crowd never having heard of them, it’s a pretty great turnout. Hits ‘Friday I’m In Love’ and ‘Just Like Heaven’ are absolutely amazing, but the three encores and an almost three hour set they perhaps go a step too far.

Read our full headline review of The Cure HERE

Next door on the Invaders stage, PC Music Allstars followed by Danny L Harle bring a small slice of electronic rave, then euphoria to the side of the Magic Meadow and the glowsticks are out in force (ermegherrrd right?) and as we head back to the campsites later on, the STA Travel garden is inexplicably packed with people winding to… Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl. Yep, that’s the last song in my head before sleep. Thanks guys.


Waking up to thankfully clearer skies it’s a chance to break out all the sparkly shit we couldn’t wear yesterday and walking through the tent graveyard, uh, campsite – it’s clear some people have gone full feral now. Broken poles poke holes in the sky as wellies (with feet still in them) protrude from tents, their owners flat out in oblivion.

The arena mud has dried enough to provide safe passage and it’s soon time for a bit of Electro-Swing with French movers and shakers Caravan Palace. At first a fairly small crowd has gathered but as they begin to blast out their strange mix of high tempo beats and jazz-swing riffs the arena suddenly becomes a bouncing, writhing mass of bodies throwing down together. It’s a big statement but I think CP are ‘the’ band of the entire weekend, the sun is out and the set is just incredible. Bow-ties and braces are the look, and cute and firey vocalist Zoé Colotis Charleston’s across the stage like she was born in the wrong decade. Hopping into the crowd to pull on a fans’ Union Jack tshirt, Zoé yells “We don’t care about Brexit, we love the UK!”. It’s a stellar performance and a great book for Bestival.

Over in the Big Top, a very different type of electro-swing-come-dubstep is going on with an incredible array of circus type acts to boot. Slamboree are fiercely Burning-Man in style, there’s a hint of cabaret mixed with Mad Max and freakshow vibes. Their sound is new, fresh and the fire-performers, skeletal dancers, fabric-winged fairies and kabuki masked creeps are amazing.

Taking a little time out up at Slow Motion, we laze in Solace with tea and cake, marvel at the Owl and Falconry display and laugh at Llama’s butts before attempting drunken hoop twirling and some hefty/danger fraught poi. The yoga tent looks great, but we are way beyond balance at this point.

In the Ambient Forest we stumble into becoming performers ourselves with the Uke band by The Gypsy caravans. With a song book filled with unlikely and brilliant options, we stay for renditions of Don’t Stop Believing, Friday I’m In Love, and go all out at the top of our voiced for The Final Countdown. This is the kind of unexpected happening that sets Bestival apart from other festivals, unplanned weirdness is always memorable.

The Out of Africa Bar & Disco Shed provide a little downtime as we listen to Michael Jackson jams and drink enormous cocktails whilst ducking to avoid the frenzied games of swirly tennis (swingball?) going on behind us. Grabbing some free fabric wristbands from the merch tent (if these were made up, why did we all get crap plastic wristbands for entry this year?) we stomp our way back to the main stage for Bastille.

Returning triumphantly to Bestival, Bastille are this time dressed in white jumpsuits with on the back, depicting their brand new album ‘Wild World’. Kicking off with old favourite ‘Bad Blood’ we know it’s going to be a good one, and the crowd is absolutely sardine-rammed into the arena. ‘Things We Lost In The Fire’ and ‘These Streets’ are brilliant, and new track ‘Good Grief’ gets a great reception. Despite it not really being a surprise any more, we all get down with their cover/re-working of No Scrubs ‘No Angels’ and ‘Of The Night’ a mashup of ‘Rhythm of the Night’ and ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’.

Dual headliners Sean Paul and Wiz Khalifa make their mark on Bestival, with everyone getting their groove on, reliving their noughties youth. Though ticket sales say that this years’ headline choices perhaps weren’t up to Bestival’s usual standard, it’s clear those who are here are having a rowdy good time.

Check out our full headline review of Sean Paul and Wiz Khalifa HERE

Now, hugging your mates and telling them you intensely love them is pretty standard practice at Bestival, it’s just that kind of place that makes you love the world, but the closing fireworks is where you can hold each other tight and reminisce on the great/hazy memories you’ve made this weekend. Soon you’ll be trawling through blurry pictures of yourself looking an absolute state and missing every single moment of this magical festival, but for now – we’re oohing and aahing at this amazing Prince Tribute. Complete with screened video, purple smoke and confetti, we are truly sad that Prince never made it to Bestival, the kind of place that would truly have revered him and his music. The solar system rings of fire glow below as massive rockets flower in the sky and it is beautiful.

The night is still young for those squeezing every last ounce of Bestival into their souls, and The Human League are playing to a huge crowd in The Big Top. ‘Together In Electric Dreams’ and ‘Don’t You Want Me’ go way beyond karaoke and into the you-can’t-hear-the-band-because-everyone-is-singing territory.

Caravanserai is also full of life, with fire performers, aerialists and tightrope walkers walking high above cosy groups of people laughing in waltzer cars, whilst bursts of fire flame into the night from The Spaceport in the distance. Grabbing some gourmet grilled cheese we make the last trek back to the tents, watched by the shining eyes  of the Lovebot.

There have been many harsh reviews floating about for Bestival this year which I think are largely unfounded. Yes things were very different which definitely came as a shock after the sheer grandiosity of the last few years, but the atmosphere was as ever, oh so Bestival. The creativity, beauty and balance was still there – all the things Bestival is renowned for. For every mad moment where something truly serendipitous has caught you off guard, where something held you in the kind of wonderment you thought you’d lost after childhood, and for every second you forgot your problems and just let loose, Bestival is the engineer. The thought that drives this festival is apparent in every corner, no matter the budget. I will be there next year with bells on. Or whatever stuff the new theme requires really.

All photographs © Andy McHardy – please do not use without permission.

Bestival 2016 – The Cure: Reviewed!

Day two at Bestival is a bit of a wash-out, with rain coming in until 4pm the arena is a sludgy mess and the wellies are out in force. Nevertheless it hasn’t dampened the Bestival spirit, the crowds are rolling in for tonight’s headliner, The Cure.

Having played Bestival back in 2011 (a performance which was actually recorded for CD) they know it’s a vibrant and colourful festival… so naturally turn up in their standard undertaker-esque garb. Robert Smith’s unmistakable panda-eyed stare and backcombed mop grace the stage as the band kick off with the aptly positioned Open.

Calling out “I’m not going to start explaining what all the songs are about…” Smith warbles through The Baby Screams, and the entire crowd hoots along in unison for The Caterpillar. With a big screen showing MS Paint style heart designs, it’s on to hit Friday I’m In Love, with a quip “Wrong day for this really…” I mean, do The Cure purposefully not book Friday slots so they can make that joke all the time?

Just Like Heaven and Boys Don’t Cry are just, perfect. Every single voice in the crowd is yelling skyward. There’s nothing like the pure new wave gloom to make you feel like you are the most deeply emotional person that ever lived, and no-one could possibly understand your tortured genius.

However, this is where things get messy. After a longer than expected absence from the stage, The Cure pop back on for an encore. Then another. Then another. Now, the final encore does include The Lovecats which is fun to say and to sing, but come on. Two and a half hours of any band is excessive, let alone one which really less than half of the Bestival population has even heard of.

Much is made of Bestival’s age-range and how inclusive it is, but honestly – it’s an overwhelmingly young crowd, particularly with the other chosen headliners this year. Unfortunately this means a severe thinning of the arena every encore break, and by the third you can stride from the sound-desk to the front in thirty seconds. This says nothing of the performance though, The Cure are unfailingly brilliant, but perhaps a touch overdone tonight.

All photographs © Andy McHardy – please do not use without permission.

Future themed Bestival announce headliners for 2016

The omens are good, The Future is happening. WithBestival 2016’s Future theme unveiled, we can hurtle headlong into the good times, revealing three massive headliners and an incredible cast of musical pioneers, forward thinking funksters and precognitive pop stars, who will be journeying with us into Bestival’s glamourous machine age, where everlasting gobstoppers signal eternal bliss, this September 8-11, disembarking fromRobin Hill on the Isle of Wight.

Future swashbuckler Rob da Bank says: “So, here we go again, but this time we’re going far… far away… into the future. Prepare yourselves for a Bestival unlike any other with futuristic new stages, and as ever it’s a broad church of music from every decade and every genre. Saturday night headliners and one of my favourite bands ever, The Cure, played Bestival five years ago and almost had to be dragged off stage after a three-hour mammoth greatest hits set. Robert Smith popped down last year and we shook hands on it all happening again… bring it on!

“Friday honours go to Major Lazer who have killed it every time they’ve played, on a bigger stage each time – I remember going to see an exhausted, sweating Diplo after his last main stage show for us and he said ‘headline next time?’, so here we are!

“It’s not all about the headliners, as we know, so I’m super-pleased to have acts as diverse as Hot Chip, Years and Years, Animal Collective and Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley, through to the hottest DJs Kurupt FM and the Black Madonna. This is just the start of the trip – see you in The Future!”

The Cure’s Robert Smith said: “We are very very happy to be back at our favourite festival; we can’t wait to play a special set to show the future IS what it used to be…”

Major Lazer commented: "We started at Bestival five years ago, and it was one of our favourite shows to date. Feels like home for us… Rugged and real music fans… Since then we finally impacted in England, and we can’t wait to do our new show and play all the records for the fans at one of the best festivals in the world!!”




One of Bestival HQs favourites and, frankly, one of the greatest bands of all time, The Cure will headline Saturday night when Bestival heads to The Future. From Three Imaginary Boys in 1979 to their most recent album 4:13 Dream, they’ve forged their own path, dragging everyone else in their wake. Covering the gamut of emotions that take in the heady pop of Boys Don’t Cry and Inbetween Days, the heartbreak of Pictures of You and Bloodflowers, the ferociousness of Give Me It and Fascination Street and the dreaminess of Underneath the Stars and Lovesong, their live shows are legendary, taking the crowd on a beautiful rollercoaster ride. So, we really can’t wait to welcome them back to the main stage at Robin Hill this September.

Ensuring that Friday night’s main stage behaviour goes off with the requisite bang that will fire us forward into the unknown, we’re ecstatic that Major Lazer are making their return in 2016. Their last appearance driving willing Bestivalites to the edge of abandon has passed into Bestival lore, making them one of the most incredible live spectacles we’ve ever witnessed. Powered by the inimitable ingenuity of Diplo and Jillionaire, Major Lazer’s Peace Is The Mission album ruled sound systems throughout 2015, producing one of the year’s anthems in Lean On, and launching the band into truly big leagues. Guaranteed to be a mindblower, you don’t want to miss our Friday night headliners.

They’re practically Bestival’s house band, having appeared with us at Robin Hill more times than almost anyone else, so we really couldn’t be happier that the incredible Hot Chip are very much a part of Bestival’s Future headlining Thursday night in the Big Top. From some truly impressive fancy dress action to trailblazing virtual reality band members they always pull out all the stops. Last year’s stripped back Why Make Sense? album was their sixth piece de resistance earning them universal acclaim, add to that their arsenal of kinetic electro-pop bangers and you have a nailed-on guarantee of good times, to help kick of our future adventures in stupendous style.

 With one more headliner still to announce, we have a litany of musical treats, all presented in alphabetical order for your delectation, that will keep you reaching for the stars all weekend long, including Animal Collective, Aurora, Bastille, Beaty Heart, Benjamin Damage, Bicep, The Black Madonna, Bodhi presents ROOTS, Caravan Palace, Craig David’s TS5, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley,and David Rodigan MBE presents Ram Jam.

 Plus, we’ll have Eats Everything, Eskimo Dancefeaturing Wiley, Section Boyz, Chip, Big Narstie, Newham Generals, Frisco, P Money, Elf Kid, AJ Tracey, Jammz, Fekky, Logan Sama & MaximumGhostpoet, and Hospitality Presents: Camo & Krooked, London Elektricity, S.P.Y B2B Nu:Tone, Danny Byrd B2B Brookes BrothersMaduk, Dynamite MC and Wrec. 

There will also be performances from The Human League, Jagwar Ma, Katy B, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, Krept & Konan, Kurupt FM’s Champagne Steam Rooms, Loyle Carner, MØ, Petite Meller and techno genius, Richie Hawtin.

 Shoegaze pioneers Ride will be travelling with us into the unknown, and there will be high octane action fromShy FX’s Party On The Moon, Skepta, Skream, Slamboree, Tourist, Wolf Alice and Years & Years.

SUM 41, Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed and more added to Bilbao BBK Live


Having already confirmed headliners The Cure, Radiohead, Garbage and Keane plus performances from the likes of Mumford & Sons, Bloc Party, Snow Patrol, The Kooks, Glasvegas and James Murphy amongst others, Bilbao BBK Live festival once again attracts the biggest names in music. Previous editions of the event have included headliners such as Coldplay, Pearl Jam, Depeche Mode, Jane’s Addiction, RHCP and Suede.

Three Day tickets to the festival, including camping, are available for just £88+ booking fee. Tickets for Thursday and Friday are available for £46+ booking fee. Tickets for Saturday will be on sale from Thursday the 26th April for £42 + booking fee. All tickets are on sale through See Tickets, Ticketweb and Lastminute.

With an extra stage for the 2012 edition and 20 extra bands, we will be making further line-up announcements soon, so stay tuned to our website:

Bilbao BBK Live festival is held on top of a hill surrounded by mountains offering spectacular views over the city of Bilbao. The privileged location of the site, its proximity to the city and beach; and a late start of bands, allow festival goers to make the most of the experience. Bilbao, a modern city famous for its architecture, museums and gastronomy is just a stone’s throw away from the beach and some of the best waves in Europe.

100 days till Reading and Leeds Festival

With exclusive appearances from THE CURE, KASABIAN and FOO FIGHTERS on the Main Stage and hundreds of other artists set to appear, this is the only place for music fans to spend the August Bank Holiday weekend.

KasabianOther acts confirmed to appear include PARAMORE, FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE, THE BLACK KEYS, THE MACCABEES, JUSTICE, AT THE DRIVE IN, METRONOMY, LESS THAN JAKE and SOCIAL DISTORTION with many more names yet to be announced over seven stages.

The festival takes place at Little John’s Farm in Reading and Bramham Park in Leeds where 160,000 music fans spend the best weekend of the year listening to the greatest line-up of rock, indie, metal, punk and dance music.

Did You Know:

  • There is a competition running online at and where you can win the chance to become the Lord or Lady Mayor of the festival. Your ticket will be upgraded to VIP; you can watch your favourite band from the side of the stage, have a backstage slap up lunch and much, much more.
  • Reading & Leeds actively operate and promote deposit schemes for cups and water bottles, facilitating the collection of recyclable waste and ensuring we achieve the highest rate of recycling. A 10p deposit is taken for each cup which is refundable if the cup is taken back to the refund points.
  • When the bands stop the fun doesn’t – at Reading & Leeds films are show in the cinema tent till late and there is dancing in the Silent Arena at both sites where you can disco dance till dawn, plus late night entertainment to be announced at the Alternative Stage in Leeds including DJ’s, interactive films and much more.
  • Vodafone customers can ensure their mobile phone is charged throughout the festival weekend by leaving it at the Vodafone VIP Recharge Truck. Vodafone only customers can also enjoy an unrivalled view of all the performances on the Main Stage by visiting the Vodafone VIP viewing platform.
  • Relentless will bring the new look Energy Sessions Arena, sponsored by Relentless Energy Drink, to the campsite at Leeds each night from 10pm to 3am – a massive outdoor stage playing host to an array of not-to-be-missed DJ talent and delivering a unique experience for festival-goers.
  • 2012 is the tenth year the Festival has been at Bramham Park in Leeds, but Bramham Park has been open to the public for sixty years this year.
  • Jägermeister will be turning up to Leeds with their massive three story specially converted ex-military 25 tonne Ice Truck. The Ice Truck will be situated in the main arena and comes complete with a serving bar, dispensing Ice Cold Jäger shots from tap machines that chill the Jägermeister to zero degrees.
  • River Island will be getting involved at Reading this year with a festival ‘Swap Shop’ – exchange your dirty festival clothes for some brand spanking new River Island kit, safe in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for charity.  River Island will clean your dirty kit and donate it to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  Check the festival website for details.
  • Everybody who buys a weekend ticket gets a free burger and beer on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival, with vegetarian and soft drink options if preferred.  Don’t just stick to that though, this year there will be all the usual foody options available but also the likes of tapas, a full carvery and even ostrich!
  • Reading & Leeds Festival is partnering with goCarShare. It's built around Facebook and connects festival-goers, so you can see if you have any friends or friends of friends, heading the same way. There is priority parking right by one of the site entrances for the first 200 cars to sign up, which means no time wasted looking for a space and a short walk to the campsite. All occupants of the car, passengers and driver, will be in with a chance to win a pair of tickets for either Reading or Leeds 2013. The goCarShare team will even wash your car for you! Full details and T&C’s on the Reading & Leeds websites.

Band News:

  • Azealia Banks released an eagerly awaited new track ‘Jumanji’ last week, taken from her debut album 'Broke With Expensive Taste’ due later this summer and Reading & Leeds are one of the only festivals to catch her at.
  • Iceland’s Of Monsters And Men have never been to Reading & Leeds. They’ve said “We're really excited.  We've never played a UK festival, BUT we have played in London.  We expect sun but also a lot of rain. We're not afraid to get muddy!”
  • The Joy Formidable make their only UK appearance of the summer at the festival. They have just completed work on their second album with legendary producer Andy Wallace (Nirvana, Jeff Buckley Rage Against The Machine), the follow up to their debut ‘The Big Roar’.  No doubt fans will get their first preview of the new tracks at Reading & Leeds.
  • The Black Keys release a new single ‘Dead and Gone’ this month, taken from their hugely successful album ‘El Camino’.   Released to widespread critical acclaim in December, ‘El Camino’ debuted at # 2 on the Billboard Top 200 and has already been certified Platinum in Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and Gold in France, Ireland, the UK and US.
  • Will Rees from the Mystery Jets was asked recently what he was looking forward to this summer – “Leeds (Festival).  They’ve got dodgems.” Whereas Ryan Jarman from The Cribs said “Reading is always my favourite ‘cos that’s the one I always used to go to when I was growing up, even when Leeds started.  I’ve been there every year since 1997.”
  • Next weekend Foo Fighters will appear on the series finale of ‘Saturday Night Live’ in the US, hosted by none other than Mick Jagger.


  • Weekend tickets £197.50 plus applicable booking fees
  • Day tickets Fri, Sat, Sun £85.00 plus applicable booking fees
  • Early entry permits £15.00
  • Campervan permits £60.00
  • Lockers £15.00
  • Reading car parking £5.00
  • Weekend ticket prices include camping

Sunday Day Tickets at Reading Festival are now sold out.


The Cure, Lana del Rey and more for Eurockéennes 2012

After re-inventing the word Rocknroll with The White Stripes at the beginning of the 2000s’, Mr JACK WHITE is now playing a solo project. The Lana del Reyphenomenon of the year and pop-princess LANA DEL REY is preparing an amazing show for her first festival, an event that she used to enjoy as a spectator when she was a teenage girl; watching rock bands such as Nirvana or the heavy hip hop rappers CYPRESS HILL, back in the line-up of Eurockéennes this year.

Great American artists will play at Eurockéennes this summer, the intelligent metal of MASTODON, smoke-filled rap of WIZ KHALIFA and the Celtic punk of DROPKICK MURPHYS.

There are also two frenchies who bring the house down all over the world, they are called JUSTICE, and they are the most popular electronic music duo “French Touch 2.0”!

We also have various young rap artists from France, ORELSAN and the young collective 1995, all fed by the best French rappers. Native artist, the rocker HUBERT-FELIX THIEFAINE, is coming back to Eurockéennes where he feels like home. Everybody is crazy about their electro-rock and hip-hop show and you won’t miss that this summer: meet SHAKAPONK at Eurockéennes.

From CHARLIE WINSTON’s bohemian folk to the purely pop music of THE KOOKS, without forgetting the legend of THE CURE, the United Kingdom will be well represented during the festival. We will also welcome the come back of the hardcore punks from Sweden: REFUSED (after more than a decade off the stage!)

New band announcements will be made every Tuesday, stay tunned to our website: Three Day tickets including camping are currently available on the Eurockéennes website and See Tickets for just 99 euros + booking fee


Eurockéennes is an open-air festival that takes place in Belfort, north east France, attracting over 95.000 festival goers across 3 days each year. You can enjoy over 60 acts including international stars across 4 different stages. Previous editions have seen bands of the calibre of Depeche Mode, Arcade Fire, Jay-Z, Daft Punk or David Bowie performing at the event. The festival takes place at beautiful peninsula of Malsaucy, surrounded by lakes and hills. Visitors from other countries and regions can pitch their tent or sleep in the tepee village at the free campsite.

Dates: 29th June – 1st July 
Where: Malsaucy peninsula – Belfort (France) 

Line-up so far: The Cure, Jack White, Lana Del Rey, Cypress Hill, Mastodon, Wiz Khalifa, Dropkick Murphys, Justice, Orelsan, 1995, Hubert-Felix Thiefaine, Shakaponk, Charlie Winston, The Kooks, Refused. 
Tickets: From 44 euro currently available on the Eurockéennes website and See Tickets 
How to get there: Belfort is located in the North East of France, close to Swiss border. The Basel / Mulhouse Euroairport (Easyjet) is 70 km away from the festival and very easily reachable by highway (40 minutes). 
Belfort is also easily reachable by train (voyage sncf). From Belfort station, you may take the free shuttles especially provided to reach the festival site and the camping area.

Reading and Leeds Festival 2012 headliners Foo Fighters, The Cure & Kasabian announced

Over the years, READING & LEEDS FESTIVAL has seen some of the most memorable musical moments in history.  2012 will be no exception and we are very proud to announce three exclusive Main Stage headliners coming to entertain the 160,000 fanatical music enthusiasts who make this the most thrilling festival on earth.  If you want to see every band that matters then Reading & Leeds Festival at Little John’s Farm in Reading and Bramham Park in Leeds is the only place to be this August Bank Holiday Weekend.

The greatest rock band in the world right now, and masters of whipping crowds into a frenzy, FOO FIGHTERS will kick off proceedings in Leeds on Friday and close the show in Reading on Sunday, playing their only UK shows this year. THE CURE have an unrivalled catalogue of both commercially and critically acclaimed hits and this is a long awaited return for this hugely influential and important band.  They play Leeds on Saturday and Reading on Friday, their only UK shows this year.  The biggest and most exciting UK band to have emerged in the last decade, KASABIAN make their first headline appearance at the festival on Sunday at Leeds and Saturday at Reading.    Their epic and anthemic tunes will fill the fields at these, their only festival shows in England and Wales in 2012.

The NME/Radio 1 Stage always proves hugely popular and with THE MACCABEES, AT THE DRIVE-IN and JUSTICE lined up for 2012 it’s sure to be busier than ever.  METRONOMY will top the bill on the Dance Stage bringing their blistering live show to the festival.

Many more names are still to be announced on these stages as well as the full line-up for the NME/Radio 1 Stage, Lock-Up Stage, Dance Stage, Festival Republic Stage, BBC Introducing Stage and the Alternative Stage.  This is definitely the finest line-up you’ll find at any festival this summer with over 200 acts appearing at the most incredible event.  Get your tent packed!




Friday 24th August at Reading Festival

Saturday 25th August at Leeds Festival

THE CURE are arguably the biggest alternative rock band of the last thirty years with a stellar catalogue of critically and commercially successful albums and a worldwide fan base.   Hugely influential, the group have earned their iconic status with countless hit singles, legendary live performances and their unique sound blending moody atmospheric songs with sparkling pop sensibilities.   Incredibly the band have only appeared at the Reading Festival once before, in 1979 around the release of their debut album ‘Three Imaginary Boys’, so this is a long overdue return and both sites are sure to embrace this classic act.




Saturday 25th August at Reading Festival

Sunday 26th August at Leeds Festival

KasabianIn their own words, KASABIAN were “built to headline festivals”.  Since the release of their debut self-titled album in 2004, the Leicester group have swept all before them.  With a string of festival anthems including ‘Fire’, ‘Club Foot’ and ‘Empire’, KASABIAN can rightly claim to be one of the UK’s biggest bands.  Their latest album ‘Velociraptor’ continued this huge success, debuting at Number One in the UK, and confirmed their place at the top table of modern rock ‘n’ roll legends.  A group which encapsulates the heady spirit of festival season, these shows will be a summer highlight for rock fans everywhere.  KASABIAN are guitarist Sergio Pizzorno, singer Tom Meighan, bassist Chris Edwards and drummer Ian Matthews.




Sunday 26th August at Reading Festival

Friday 24th August at Leeds Festival

Foo FightersHaving recently picked up five Grammy Awards, a Brit Award for ‘Best International Group’ and NME Award for ‘Best International Band’, and having seen last year’s ‘Wasting Light’ debut at Number One in 12 countries, FOO FIGHTERS return to headline Reading & Leeds Festival as the undisputed biggest rock band in the world today.  Since first appearing at Reading in 1995 and ascending to headlining the Reading & Leeds Main Stages in 2002 and 2005, FOO FIGHTERS have never received anything short of a spectacular welcome from the crowds at Reading & Leeds. 

In the tradition of their historic 2008 Wembley Stadium doubleheader and last year’s Milton Keynes weekender FOO FIGHTERS are poised to make this year’s Reading & Leeds a legendary event and a true must see for every music fan in the UK.



Friday 24th August at Reading Festival / Saturday 25th August at Leeds Festival

Grammy-nominated and multi-million selling three-piece PARAMORE are confirmed to perform their ONLY UK FESTIVAL APPEARANCE at Reading & Leeds Festival 2012.  This will be the band’s first UK show since their sold out tour at the end of 2010 which culminated in two nights at London’s O2.  In the two years since their last visit, the band have toured across the globe, from South East Asia, Europe, and South America, to the US, Australia and Japan and we welcome them back to the festival with open arms. Taylor, Jeremy and Hayley are currently in the US working on the follow-up to their chart topping platinum third album ‘Brand New Eyes’.

Saturday 25th August at Reading Festival / Sunday 26th August at Leeds Festival

Florence and the MachineWith over 1.5 million sales of her second album ‘Ceremonials’, a Number One in the UK and Top Ten in the US, two NME Awards for ‘Best Solo Singer’ and ‘Best Track’ FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE have been riding the crest of the wave since picking up the ‘Critics’ Choice Award’ in 2009 at the Brits.  The band have toured all over the world and are currently on a UK arena tour which will see them play to over 100,000 devotees.  Florence first appeared at Reading & Leeds on the Festival Republic Stage and now this second from top of the bill placing continues the meteoric rise of this fantastic new British superstar.

Sunday 26th August at Reading Festival / Friday 24th August at Leeds Festival

Having recently headlined three shows at Alexandra Palace in London and sold over 1 million copies of their latest album ‘El Camino’, THE BLACK KEYS can safely take the title of band of the year. The group released their breakthrough album ‘Brothers’ in 2010 to widespread praise, debuting at Number Two in the US en route to winning three Grammy Awards and an MTV Video Music Award. As drummer Patrick Charney has said of the band’s recent success, “We’ve taken the long road to get where we are. We’ve experienced everything from driving a thousand miles to play for no-one to winning Grammys” and of the new album, “I think where this record is going to shine for me is playing the songs live.”  Six albums and counting leaves The Black Keys with a remarkable cache of songs from which to select and this set will be a feast to delight in at their ONLY UK FESTIVAL APPEARANCE.


Friday 24th August at Reading Festival / Saturday 25th August at Leeds Festival

North London’s BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB have sold in excess of 350,000 albums and have performed to more thaBombay Bicycle Clubn 150,000 people to date and have a headline appearance at their ‘local’ Alexandra Palace coming up soon. This year also saw them nominated for no less than three NME Awards which when added to an Ivor Novello nomination, two Top 10 albums and the NME’s ‘Best New Band’ Award in 2010, has seen this low-key quartet soar.  Last year’s ‘A Different Kind Of Fix’ has just been certified Gold in the UK and we expect new and old favourites to be aired at both sites ensuring an ever burgeoning and loyal following.

There aren’t many bands who reach their third album ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ while still only aged between 21 and 22.    Fewer still have sold out two nights at Brixton Academy, two nights at Hammersmith Apollo, or have played to a total of 65,000 people on their many UK tours. That YOU ME AT SIX are also playing the Main Stage at Reading & Leeds Festival is yet another huge accomplishment.   Since the release of their debut album ‘Take Off Your Clothes’ they have been at the forefront of British rock music and have made many fans along the way.   Expect a lively crowd!

Fiercely uncompromising duo Ethan Kath and Alice Glass aka CRYSTAL CASTLES have created a stir from their inception with shows that enthrall and excite an impassioned cult  following.  Two eponymously titled albums, and an inspired collaboration with Robert Smith from headliners The Cure in 2010 have cast them to an audience across the world which has seen a staggering 50 million plays and counting on Myspace and LastFM.  This year heralds the arrival of their third as yet untitled album, and this is a chance to catch a band that will inevitably put on one of the most talked about shows of the weekend.

Tom DeLonge from Blink-182 references ANGELS AND AIRWAVES as his "art project" and with the release of the double album ‘LOVE Part One & Two’ accompanied with a full length science fiction film scored by the band this is certainly no ordinary hiatus from the day job.  The band comprises of Matt Wachter on bass (formerly of Thirty Seconds to Mars), guitarist David Kennedy (ex. Box Car Racer) and Ilan Rubin (formerly Lostprophets and NIN) on drums – truly a supergroup for a super weekend.

With an eagerly awaited sixth album coming this year, COHEED AND CAMBRIA have been described as “mix(ing) up the standard pop-punk scheme with creative and original riffs”.  The band have picked up fans world-wide with their unique blend of progressive rock and hardcore, having toured extensively since forming in 1995 and have earned a formidable live reputation – check them out.

Not many bands can really live up to the title ‘hardcore punks’, but Toronto’s CANCER BATS are the real deal.   With a new album ‘Dead Set On Living’ coming later this Spring, which vocalist Liam Cormier has hinted at being a slight departure from previous releases, the four-piece can only pick up more fans along the way and will definitely win over the Reading & Leeds audience this year.

DEAF HAVANA formed in Kings Lynn in Norfolk but have taken influences from all over the world to create their own new British rock sound. Their debut album ‘Meet Me Halfway, At Least’ earned great reviews in the rock press, described in one mag as “(they) blend the best elements of screamo with ballsy southern licks all placed lovingly on a bed of chugging riffs” and the follow up ‘Fools and Worthless Liars’ elevated them higher with a number one record on the BBC Rock Chart.  Sure to wake up the festival in style.


Saturday 25th August at Reading Festival / Sunday 26th August at Leeds Festival

Armed with a debut single and immediate acclaim at the tail end of 2010, THE VACCINES certainly hit the ground running and tore into 2011 with gusto. On its release the band’s debut album ‘What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?’ pocketed further plaudits both critically and commercially achieving sales in excess of 250,000 in the UK. The band have an enviable reputation for their live shows and having hailed that  “The Vaccines do it better than any British band have done in years” – they picked up the ‘Best New Band’ accolade at this year’s NME Awards.  This summer you can see why when they make their debut on the Main Stage.

2012 has already proven to be a fantastic year for ENTER SHIKARI with their fourth album ‘A Flash Flood of Colour’ crashing into the Top Five in January with stunning reviews. Known for their fiercely independent stance, the band have stuck to their own ideals since they formed in St. Albans in 2003 taking their unique mesh of hardcore punk and breakbeat techno round the country with relentless gigging. This has given them a fearsome reputation as one of the most exciting live bands around and if previous appearances here are anything to go with, the crowd will go absolutely crazy.  Get ready to mosh!

With James Mercer at the helm, Grammy-nominated THE SHINS set sail for Reading & Leeds Festival in support of their new album ‘Port Of Morrow’. The first new material in four years sees the band establish themselves as one of the most inspiring acts of our times.  Mojo declared “the intermesh of emotion and technique is a rare trick to pull in pop, yet The Shins have just made it look easy”.  With over one million records sold worldwide, The Shins’ melody, charm and infectiousness can’t be denied.

You’d have to have spent 2011 in hibernation to be unaware of the hysteria and hype currently surrounding ODD FUTURE. The Los Angeles rap collective are one of the most talked about acts in recent times. With their crude sense of humour and confrontational subject matter, the buzz surrounding them continues to grow ahead of the release of forthcoming album ‘OF Tapes Vol 2’. One of the most unique and intriguing acts to emerge in a long time; this spectacle is not to be missed.

Hailing from West London and three albums down the line, MYSTERY JETS have accrued success in abundance with their own quirky pop sound. Their imminent fourth album  ‘Radlands’ saw the band relocate to Austin, Texas for the recording, the first time the band have recorded outside of the capital. A fervent fanbase will be down the front for classic songs from the new and previous albums.

Since the release of their debut almost four years ago, Brighton-based duo BLOOD RED SHOES have embarked on a gruelling, unrelenting tour schedule to all four corners of the world.  The release of their recent third album ‘In Time To Voices” comes of age musically  from their punk rock roots  moving  into an altogether more ambitious three dimensional sound that includes some of their most bold and defiant tracks to date.  An electrifying live prospect making their debut on the Main Stage, make it a date.


Sunday 26th August at Reading Festival / Friday 24th August at Leeds Festival

Kaiser ChiefsNo strangers to Reading & Leeds Festival, KAISER CHIEFS returned from a two-year hiatus last year with the release of their fifth album ‘The Future is Medieval’.  The band have a career spanning selection of hits which they can call upon, be it the effervescence of debut ‘Oh My God’, the generation jumping ‘Ruby’ or the anthemic enormity of live classics ‘The Angry Mob’ and ‘Modern Way’.  Kaiser Chiefs have wowed crowds worldwide, gained a phenomenal reputation for their live shows led by singer Ricky Wilson’s ebullient persona and along the way evolved into one of the UK’s most successful and favourite bands of the past decade.

Hailing from Bridgend in Wales, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE have become one of Britain’s biggest metal bands over the last few years.  With three amazing albums behind them (the latest being 2010’s ‘Fever’ with a new one promised soon) and massive success both here and in the US they have picked up awards and plaudits for their modern take on traditional rock.   Always popular at the festival expect a packed crowd for the new kings of heavy.

ALL TIME LOW never fail to get the crowd bouncing, and their vibrant pop punk will liven up any audience and this festival will be no exception.  The four-piece from Baltimore formed in 2003 and have released four albums to increasing acclaim.  Their hilarious video for last year’s cracking hit ‘I Feel Like Dancin’ has notched over 3.5 million hits on YouTube and their fans will pack out both sites this summer.

All the way from New Jersey, THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM come to the Reading & Leeds Festival Main Stage with expectations for their new album ‘Handwritten’ riding high.   They have won over fans worldwide with their anthemic tunes and energetic live shows where they take the spirit of The Clash/The Replacements and their most famous fan Bruce Springsteen and make a modern sound unmistakingly their own.  Look out for arms in the air …

EAGLES OF DEATH METAL have attracted a cult following over the years with three dark and heavy albums and very sexy live shows!  With a cast list that reads like a who’s who of rock with members culled from QOTSA, Foo Fighters and the likes of Mark Lanegan contributing, the band are mysterious, menacing and magnificent.

Incessant touring has seen this quartet from Southampton hone their live performance to great acclaim. Having released their debut album in 2009 BAND OF SKULLS surfed a wave of feverish approval following their inclusion on the ‘Twilight: New Moon Soundtrack’ and with the attention afforded to them in far-away places, the UK eventually caught up. This year’s ‘Sweet Sour’ album has again caught the critics’ imagination and with recent support slots with The Black Keys already taken care of they’re set to unleash their fresh arsenal of songs.

Fuelled by a love of classic rock, punk and post-hardcore bands, Leeds quartet PULLED APART BY HORSES quickly gained a reputation for their live shows which more often than not resulted in blood-letting and generally chaotic scenes, their shows are no less entertaining now. With a second album ‘Tough Love’ out now, PABH have been no less enthusiastically embraced and see a repertoire including dueling Thin Lizzy-style guitars, dark melodies reminiscent of Queens Of The Stone Age and the explosiveness of early hardcore that retains the defiance that has ridden with them from their early days.  Miss at your peril!


Friday 24th August at Reading Festival / Saturday 25th August at Leeds Festival

The MacabeesTHE MACCABEES’ third album ‘Given To The Wild’ was released earlier this year to massive critical acclaim and soared into the UK charts at Number Four.  The South London five-piece are enjoying a hugely successful year so far, and with a sold out Brixton Academy under their belts The Maccabees are further cementing their status as one of the most exciting British bands of our time.  We welcome them for their first headline appearance on the NME/Radio 1 Stage.

FOSTER THE PEOPLE have garnered a huge amount of critical acclaim and public adoration on both sides of the Atlantic since the release of their debut album ‘Torches’.  With last year’s feel-good hit of the summer ‘Pumped Up Kicks’, word of their music spread in a manner that was shockingly quick, even in the age of endless internet churn with everyone agreeing on one thing: this was a band on the cusp of an undeniable breakthrough and Foster The People show no sign of slowing down.

Band of the people, THE COURTEENERS, head to Reading & Leeds Festival ahead of the release of their third studio album, the follow up to 2010’s ‘Falcon’.  With the Manchester four-piece eager to road test new material, head honcho Liam Fray recently declared their new sound as “industrial Motown”.  An incredible live band, this could be one of the years most talked about performances.

Saturday 25TH August at Reading Festival / Sunday 26th August at Leeds Festival

Hailing from El Paso, Texas AT THE DRIVE-IN came, conquered and released three albums: ‘Acrobatic Tenement’, ‘In/Casino/Out’, the EP ‘Vaya’, and their ultimate swansong ‘The Relationship of Command’ which is now cited in dispatches as one the most important albums of its genre. Then they split.  Now it looks like the many who were never able to see this incendiary live act back in the day will have their dreams fulfilled with this NME/Radio1 stage headline show.  This band are name checked and revered by fellow musicians and fans alike and this, their ONLY UK FESTIVAL APPEARANCE will definitely be unmissable.

On the eve of their fifth album ‘In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull’ THE CRIBS make a return to the scene of one (or two) of their best ever shows.  Recently reverting back to their near legendary three-piece status the band continues to evoke passion amongst their fiercely dedicated and ever growing fanbase.  The Jarmans – brothers Gary, Ryan and Ross have always been fiercely independent, proud of their DIY ethos and from their early days adept at writing great songs leaving a catalogue of classic punk rock brilliance, battle scars and memories.  The Cribs will once again be thrilling, spilling, entertaining and engaging.

Canadian punks BILLY TALENT come to Reading & Leeds Festival with expectations for their upcoming fourth album riding high.   The band, led by vocalist Ben Kowalewicz had been playing together for almost a decade before a name change lead to a record deal and their debut eponymous album was released in 2003.   “A sh*t-hot, world-dominating hard-rock band has grown out of these four former Mississauga teenagers' shared high-school dreams of … well … growing into a sh*t-hot, world-dominating hard-rock band” is how they describe themselves.   Check it out for yourself at the NME/Radio 1 Stage.

MIIKE SNOW are back and return with their new album ‘Happy To You’ later this month.  The hugely talented Stockholm-based three-piece have previously dabbled in the DJ scene and in punk bands, alongside electro and new wave, which lead to writing and production stints with the likes of Madonna and Britney Spears.  Now ready to step out of the studio again, these shows are a must see for all music fans.


Sunday 26th August at Reading Festival / Friday 24th August at Leeds Festival

Ed Banger’s JUSTICE make electronic music that everyone can rock to.  With riffs now as heavy as their beats, the Grammy-nominated Parisian pair head for Reading & Leeds armed with new album ‘Audio, Video, Disco’. The record has established them as an international force who are equally at home blaring from a dance club sound system or performing in an arena.  Expect a powerful and mesmerising headline performance from a truly unique group.

Since releasing their debut album ‘Tourist History’ in March 2010, TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB have rapidly become one of the biggest new success stories in UK music. After selling out headline tours in the UK, US, Europe, Australia, Asia, Japan and South America, playing two successive sold out nights at Shepherds Bush Empire and selling out Brixton Academy in under four hours, the band have deservedly earned both a devoted word-of-mouth live following and huge critical acclaim. The Times have called them “the band of the moment” and NME declared that they have “quietly become one of the UK’s best loved bands".

The release of THE HORRORS’ third album ‘Skying’ saw the band’s already impeccable credentials soar even higher.   The record was celebrated across the board by fans new and old as their finest yet and recently won the NME ‘Album of the Year’ accolade.  Not that their debut ‘Strange House’ and follow up ‘Primary Colours’ hadn’t already cemented their reputation as one of the most original and ground breaking groups around. Both dense and expansive, insidiously poppy and stubbornly arty, The Horrors are one of the bands you must see at the festival.

SBTRKT returns to Reading & Leeds Festival after last year's triumphant DJ set on the Dance Stage, this time round, fans will be treated to his famous live show.  His self-titled, Mercury nominated debut album propelled towards the top of DJ’s playlists around the world with his combination of funk, soul, synths and bass.  Fresh from releasing single ‘Hold On’ with Sampha, SBTRKT now has his sights firmly set on the August Bank Holiday weekend.


Saturday 25TH August at Reading Festival / Sunday 26th August at Leeds Festival

After ranking high on several Best Of 2011 lists with their Mercury-nominated album ‘The English Riviera’ and playing to a sold out Royal Albert Hall in October, METRONOMY now turn their attention to 2012 with a headline set on the Dance Stage.  Expect a belting, unashamed summer pop set which is sure to propel the quartet to new heights.

Katy BKATY B stops off at Reading & Leeds Festival having captured the sound, spirit and energy of British youth culture with 2011’s Mercury nominated debut album ‘On A Mission’.  Having just won ‘Best Dancefloor Anthem’ for ‘Broken Record’ at the recent NME Awards, Katy has captured the hearts of many, setting her apart from her peers and firmly gaining her status as one of the UK’s biggest breakthrough acts of recent years.

Having recently completed a stint on the sold out NME Awards tour, 2012 is shaping up to be a huge year for AZEALIA BANKS. The controversial ‘212’ is fast approaching four million views on YouTube, whilst Azealia recently topped NME’s cool list for 2012 and featured in the Top Three in the BBC Sound Of 2012 poll.   With her recently announced debut album ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ due out in September, Reading & Leeds audiences will be treated to a very special preview come August.

Known for his lightening DJ mash ups, JAGUAR SKILLS is one of the most in demand names on the circuit. Praise has been forthcoming from Trevor Nelson who declared he is “the greatest mash-up DJ right now, no one does it better” while Mark Ronson stated “Jaguar Skills, like myself, is a proper ninja! He’s dope!!!”  Expect an aural assault of every tempo, from dubstep to drum ‘n’ bass, and everything in-between.


Weekend tickets £197.50 plus applicable booking fees ● Day tickets Fri, Sat, Sun £85.00 plus applicable booking fees ● Early entry permits £15.00 ● Campervan permits £60.00 ● Lockers £15.00  ● Reading car parking £5.00 ● Weekend ticket prices include camping

Online/Telephone from Monday 12th March 7.15pm:

Tickets are strictly limited to a maximum of four per person/address/payment card for those booking by telephone or online and two per person/address/payment card for personal callers to walk in stores.

Credit Card line: 0871 231 0821

The Cure to headline Bilbao BBK Live


The band will be touring the major European festivals this summer offering a very special set: over two hours of selected anthems from their fourteen studio albums, including those from ‘Wish’, a very special celebration of the 20th anniversary this album.

Just a week after announcing performances by Klaxons, Noah and the Whale, Snow Patrol, Band of Skulls, The Gift, Vetusta Morla, Lori Meyers and first headliners RadioheadBilbao BBK Live now adds second headliners The Cure, French duo Inspector Cluzo, British four piece Tribes, Mexican alternative-psycodelics Zoé and Spanish super group Corizonas to the line-up.

With this new announcement, the line-up of Bibao BBK Live starts taking shape attracting, once again, the biggest names in music. Previous editions of the event have included headliners such as Coldplay, Pearl Jam, Depeche Mode, Jane’s Addiction, RHCP and Suede.

Three Day Early Bird tickets to the festival, which include camping, are available for just £73 until the 24th of January on See Tickets, Ticketweb and

The Cure set for Bestival 2011

Yes! One of the most influential bands around, The Cure will be crossing the Solent to join us at the festival season’s last hurrah for their only European show of 2011! From their debut album ‘Three Imaginary Boys’ to 2008s critically acclaimed ‘4:13 Dream’, The Cure has inspired countless bands in the last three decades and whilst most of their contemporaries have fallen by the pop wayside they remain as relevant and vibrant as ever. As one of the Bestival crew’s collective favourite bands of all time, we’re all jumping for joy that The Cure is coming to the party to headline Saturday night at Bestival. September really can’t come quickly enough for us.

A gleeful Rob da Bank says: ‘I’ve spent the last twenty years of my life listening to The Cure and the last five attempting to persuade Robert Smith and the crew to hop on a ferry to our magical Isle. I’m still not sure what we’ve done right but I’m overjoyed that they are coming as Saturday night headliners. Few bands have had such a massive impact on my life (and hairstyles) so I’ll see you down the front!

Iconic Cure frontman Robert Smith commented: “I am delighted and excited that The Cure’s only European festival performance in 2011 will be at Bestival… We will do all we can to help make it a weekender to remember!

Topping this year’s Best Major Festival Award winning show will be no mean feat but Rob da Bank and the ever-trusty Besti-crew have left no stone unturned to make our 2011 show even better than ever ensuring that Bestival will be the festival for music lovers! Bestival’s eighth outing – taking place at Robin Hill Country Park on the Isle of Wight from the 8th to the 11th of September 2011 – is all set to be truly legendary. And here’s why!

Fresh from their triumphant Olympia gigs we can announce that the mighty Primal Scream will be presenting their landmark album ‘Screamadelica‘ in its entirety, headlining the Big Top on Saturday night. ‘Screamadelica’ transformed the musical landscape in the early 90s and with the band’s current run of shows celebrating the album completely sold out this is a golden chance to catch a pioneering band performing their meisterwerk in all its coruscating glory. The legends keep on coming for Bestival 2011, with Beach Boys co-founder Brian Wilson set to bring his baroque surf-pop to Robin Hill. Brian’s song writing prowess and production ingenuity has made him one of the most deeply revered figures in pop music and one of the most influential composers of the 20th Century. With a litany of timeless hits that can’t fail to ignite the main stage crowd, it’s a complete honour to have him onboard.

With the big hitters lining up thick and fast, Bestival’s reputation as the place to catch the freshest, best and most exciting music all spread across 14 stages continues with a host of acts, both old and new, currently causing a stir, including bass futurists Magnetic Man. The super-group that has brought Dubstep culture to the mainstream, Artwork, Benga and Skream will be unleashing a speaker smashing, rug cutting assault for your pleasure. Swedish chanteuse Robyn will be bringing her blend of pop nous and electro cool to the party. Described by the Guardian as the missing link between Abba and Orbital, Robyn’s boundless energy is sure to be infectious. The blogosphere’s biggest band right now Crystal Castles will deliver their synth punk stylings like only they can. Currently riding high with their ‘Not In Love’ single in collaboration with Robert Smith, Crystal Castles are at the top of their game ands an unmissable live act.

Fat beat brilliance at Bestival will come in the form of DJ Shadow who is currently slaying audiences on his Live from the Shadowsphere tour. DJ Shadow has consistently blown us away, so we really can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for us. Bass-heavy Techno purveyors LFO will be on hand for some heads down action. One of Sheffield’s greatest exports LFO mainman Mark Bell keeps on pushing the envelope, so expect some proper heavy frequencies. Syrian superstar Omar Souleyman will be unleashing his ecstatic vibes, wild arpeggios and soaring synths on an unsuspecting crowd, the UK’s most exciting new pop star Katy B will be on a mission with added soul and bass, glitch-rockers 65daysofstatic will perform a live film score, Portsmouth’s finest Cranes will be playing their dadaphonic future songs, Berlin wunderkind Boys Noize will be cutting up the digital mayhem, Diplo will be smashing together eclectic rhythms for maximum impact, the youngest ever DJ to win a World DJ Battle Championship, A-Trak will be terrorising the turntables and Norman Jay will be bringing the good times like only he can.

Hip Hop stalwart and all round party starter Grandmaster Flash will be rocking some dope beats, illustrious reggae and dancehall selector David Rodigan will be dropping the irresistible riddims, 2 Bears featuring Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard will be turn loose the burly beats, DJ Mehdi and Riton’s Carte Blanche project will supply the weekend weaponry, minimalist techno don Pantha du Prince will be rolling out the low end acid-throb and just to keep the Bestival flavours brewing the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain will return to wow one and all.

There are still plenty more stellar acts to be announced, including two more headliners, plus there will be lashings of trademark Bestival off-the-wall behaviour with merriment, magic, mayhem and plenty of lovely tea and cakes. We’ve listened to all the feedback from you and have made a few little tweaks so that there will be some changes to the wondrous landscape of the UKs most creative festival courtesy of Josie da Bank’s eye-catching expertise that are going to make Bestival 2011 the greatest show on Earth! So what are you waiting for?

Commenting on Bestival 2011 Rob da Bank added: ‘This year felt like a landmark year for Bestival. There’s no avoiding the fact that we’ve become a large festival but I still feel we’re more intimate than any of the other shows our size and, crucially, we’re 100% independent. That means we book who we want to book, choose all the food stalls and traders ourselves and listen to our messageboards and fans 365 days a year to make sure we keep Bestival the best. Things we’re focussing on for Bestival 2011 are keeping Besti as the place to see new bands, making the campsites much more of a community with better roadways to clear litter and make finding your tent easier, we’re also starting to put stages at the other end of the site so it’s not just one long tunnel of stages. Hope you can make it in 2011!

Remember to keep checking for all the latest action.

Ticket Info: / 0844 888 4410

Ticket only or ticket and ferry packages: / 0844 844 9988 / 0871 376 1000

Adult Weekend Ticket (inc. camping) – £160
Student Weekend Ticket (inc. camping) – £150
Age 13 to 15 Weekend Ticket (inc. camping) – £80
Age 12 and Under Weekend Ticket (inc. camping) – FREE (but you must obtain a ticket)**
Campervan Tickets: £65 (per vehicle)

All Tickets:
– include camping.
– will incur a booking fee.
– there are No Day Tickets.