Sundown Festival 2013 Review

Although only a fledgling festival, it certainly wasn't about to skimp on acts, a festival boasting head liners such as Example and Jessie J certainly was going to put up a fight against some of the other smaller festivals of 2013. Although the Layout was a little jarring, (split into 3 sections, the top end featuring the main stage for acts such as JLS and Amelia Lily, the middle section featuring a second stage for more dance based acts,shops and food stalls including the Ska-BQ (which did the best jerk chicken burger I've ever experienced, but lets not get into that now) and the bottom end featuring a fun fair with the epically named ride, Super Bob.
Saturday started off as a sunny day with a breeze that lent itself to some rather unfashionable burn lines on bottom revealing shorts by some of the festival goers. Although a late opener everyone was in and ready for the first act, after some riling up by the the two compares, the duo (who were not dissimilar to Alan Partridge) roused the crowd with some chants and classic school disco Oggy,Oggy Oggies.
The first act to ascend the stage was a single beat boxer titled as Intensi T, he began to get the crowd going by playing the harmonica not dissimilarly to a steam train, with a bluesy edge. He wasn’t to far off a more industrial Ed Sheeran often getting the audience to join in with parts of songs that were on loop. The only drawback of this act was that he only had one original song, and although this stood out as his best track amongst the covers he performed he lacked the intensity that other beat box artists such as Shlomo or Rahzel had, however that is not to say this wouldn't come with time.
The first commercial act on today was Angel, who mixed up his set with a lot of 90's hip hop influences and covers such as Montel Jordan's 'This is how we do', however he saved his most popular song 'Wonderful' until last, much to the crowds delight.
Photo courtesy of Lee Blanchflower
Jaguar Skills was the unexpected highlight of the weekend, placed early evening on the main stage he mixed old school hip-hop, drum and bass and contemporary with his classic 8-bit video game feel, it was here the crowd started to limp a bit as there was a distinct lack of lyrics for the audience to join in with. Jag Skills soon picked up on this and started to work in songs such as the Beatles 'Come Together', to help pick the crowd up again for the rest of the evening.
Closing the Saturday night on the main stage was Example, his stage presence and exuberance of energy was enough to really excite the crowd as he launched into 'Kickstarts', after continuing with this high energy set including songs like 'Won't go Quietly' and 'Close Enemies', he slows the crowd down by playing 'Watch The Sun Come Up'; a classic festival pleaser. After slowing the crowd down he prepares them by telling them that he “wants circles larger” at which point the beat drops for his final song 'Changed The Way You Kissed Me', and all hell breaks loose.
After the excitement and heavy handedness of the crowd the day before, Sunday morning starts with a much more chilled out feel to it, with most of the crowd sitting on the floor on blankets, although there was the odd teenage girl adorned in UV paint denoting their love for Jessie J and JLS.
The First act of the day is De:Vide, a band featured on the Voice (given the Head liner, they of course gave shout outs to their mentor from the show Jessie J) They filled their set with a couple of their own songs, a cover of The Fugees 'Ready or Not' and not forgetting their audition track 'My Girl'
The Next major band to take note of was another TV Talent; Union J, amongst the screams so high pitched only dogs could hear, they managed to belt out their cover set, featuring Love Story by Taylor Swift, Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis  and last but not least their first single 'Carry You'.
However it wasn't until later on in the evening that the Union J boys got a real run for their money. JLS bounded onto the stage like a group of 4 overexcited puppies. Singing, dancing and harmonising so perfectly in time that any aspiring boy band would've had tears in their eyes due to their synchronicity. When they finally slow down for a moment  catch their breaths they managed to have a giggle with the fans by reading out the banners they have made for them, of course there are the usual 'JLS we love you Signs', but it wouldn’t be a festival in Norfolk without a sign saying “J.B ride my tractor” now would it? The boys then dedicate their final song to all the 'hot girls' in the audience as they launch into 'Hottest Girl in The World'. And of course it wouldn't be a JLS gig without a classic back flip from Aston would it?
Photo courtesy of Lee Blanchflower
After a half an hour wait and one very intricate stage build later, Jessie J storms on stage with a Rocked up version of 'Price Tag' while wearing a toothpaste green crop top and culottes. She then slows down the band and speaks about how there is no definition of perfection and how her fans should no try to be something their not, which leads into 'Nobody's Perfect', and 'Who you are', after giving the crowd a few moments to wipe away the tears (yes, really). She introduces the backing singers and lets them take centre stage as they are leaving due to the fact two have been signed independently, (which is easy to see why, when they then perform a medley of Michael Jackson and Beyonce's work it out). After a breakdown of old and new songs such as Excuse my Rude, Laser light and Do it like a Dude, Jessie splits the crowd down the middle and gets them to sing independent parts as she leads the crowd into her final song, Domino, which has everyone including the stallholders up and dancing, a positively perfect way to end Sundown's third year as a fully fledged festival, its definitely the one to watch for next year.
Photo courtesy of Lee Blanchflower

‘Selfies’ to find Next Models’ for the face of Sundown Festival


The official model agency of Sundown Festival, Next Model Management – one of the world’s biggest agencies – have opened the search for one lucky guy and girl to become the new face of the UK’s most exciting new music festival, and ‘selfies’ are the way to enter

The ‘Next Face of Sundown’ model competition runs from 11 July – 22 August 2013. One boy and one girl will be chosen from the entrants on Instagram and given a VIP package to attend Sundown Festival on 31 August – 2 September in Norwich with a friend

Jessie J

To enter, hopefuls should Instagram ‘selfie’ shots @nextmodelmgmt using #NEXTFACEOFSUNDOWNUK where all entries will be carefully reviewed by Next Models’ top international scouts. One boy and one girl will then be invited to Sundown 2013 to meet Next Models in person and attend the festival in VIP style

The prize package includes an introduction to Next Model Management, with the chance to sign globally, two tickets to Sundown Festival 2013, a camping pitch (which are now sold out) and a VIP Pass which gives weekend access to the ‘Bank Fashion’ hospitality area

Example and Jessie J will headline the festival, with the likes of Rita Ora, JLS, Wiley, DJ Fresh, James Arthur, Union J, Naughty Boy, Jaguar Skills and many more also set to perform the main stage. Rinse FM and Hospitality will host Stage 2 with sets from superstar DJs including Skepta, Redlight, High Contrast, Zinc, Netsky, Danny Byrd, Nu:Logic and Huxley, while Circus, Color and Hed Kandi will host the campers-only after-show Warehouse parties. For the full line-up, visit

“This competition is a great way for guys and girls all over the UK to be able to get in front of our model scouts, it’s so easy to just snap a photo of yourself and upload it to instagram. If you have always wanted to find out if you could be a model, this is the perfect chance for you” says Ross Young, head of New Faces at Next Models London

Sundown Festival spokesperson, Dion Clements comments: Fashion and music go hand-in-hand so, following Sundown’s hugely successful partnership with Next Model Management in 2012, we’re delighted to renew and develop the relationship further

OsFest 2013 Shropshire’s biggest Music Festival

OsFest is now in its 3rd year, with previous acts like Goldie Looking Chain, Tinnie Tempah, Razorlight and many more this up and coming festival always delivers. This year for May bank holiday we had another great line up. JLS were to headline along with James Arthur, The Enemy, Lawson, The Pigeon Detectives, Lucy Spraggan and many more to come. 

*With short notice James Arthur had to drop out with commitments made in the US which regrettably meant he couldn’t be at Osfest this year. To fill the main stage spotlights  Britain’s got talent finalists  – The Lovable Rogues took up the arena. Fridays DJ set from Monki Radio 1’s 1XTRA DJ set the crowd right from the start. The crowd at this point was only small due to most people arriving Saturday, as with the crowds the weather was the same. When waking up Saturday I was amazed to see perfect blue sky and sunshine! unlike previous years where the weather had dominated this set up the weekend perfectly and added so much atmosphere to the main arena. 

Leading to Saturdays main acts I was delighted to see TICH and A*M*E perform who gave a great performance and with the amazing lighting setup on the main stage. This gave me the opportunity to snap away and get some really amazing images. With the crowd starting to really build heading into the afternoon, along with the drinks flowing and the sounds of the Mega Spin and bumper cars in the background Wiley took the stage. With Wiley’s great line up of songs such as ‘Rolex‘ and ‘Can You Hear Me?‘ the crowd were so reactive to his words, jumping down from the stage at one point to meet his fans security had to pull him back from being eaten by the front rows of the crowd. The side of the area had a cut-out section for people to walk in and out, near the side of the main stage and the with the sun starting to set projected beams of orange and amber light hit the crowds hands as they sang along to Wiley’s chants; This really highlighted the incredible success of this festival and was a very euphoric experience!

As the sun was about to set, the next performance was from Lawson, a true success in the music industry over the past few years their fan and crowd numbers have shot up with their success and great vocals performed by Andy Brown. Singing songs from their very popular  2012 album Chapman Square, the crowds were at their peak! My favorite song performed by them I think had to be their Swedish House Mafia cover of ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ the crowds reacting singing along with them Andy really pushed the crowd to sing their hearts out. 


With a short break it was time for the undoubtably the crowds number one act at this point, JLS had arrived and were backstage waiting to come on. Peoples camera phones were out and the crowd from the back of the arena was a sea of mobile LCD screens. I think I even saw an iPad involved! Starting their performance with ‘Beat Again’ you could hear the younger girls screaming! I thought that Wiley’s performance would be hard to beat due to his off stage performance and energy with the crowds, I think by the end of JLS performance it was a level pegging. The lights from the main stage were being hammered and the strobes and house lights were being switched around to illuminate the crowds. I know many of the younger crowds had gone to sleep easy that night after having such an exciting hot day in Oswestry. 


Another sunny day to come at OsFest 2013 acts the Enemy, Pigeon Detectives, The Lovable Rogues and Lucy Spraggan to play main stage along with many more, with the sun shining the main arena area was the only shade the amusements surrounding the main tent became busy once again. Lucy Spraggan was a great favorite of mine from the  Sunday at OsFest, she had risen from the Live and unsigned category at the age of 20 to being a very good competitor in X-Factor and due to illness she didn’t get chance to perform all the way through the show as she was forced to quit the X-Factor due to illness. 

She references all of her songs from real world experiences and it was like listening to her telling multiple stories as she sang, her song about Jeremy Kyle as she wakes up was a great one for me, the crowds again loving her great on stage performance of singing and story telling. 

With the Lovable Rogues performance, the crowd really started to get involved and more and more people from the surrounding amusements started to make their way into the tent area. Performing their great new single ‘What a Night’ the main arena was pounding! The speakers and acoustics from the main tent were really impressive! wherever you were inside the tent you got a great sound and even form the back of the crowd you could still enjoy the performance of any of the acts due to the high stage and great lighting setup, perfect for the little ones who found them selves being hoisted onto their parents shoulders to get the perfect view. I saw a grown women on someones shoulders who wanted an even better view from the back of the arena area. 

Though the day different acts performing at OsFest had been interviewing in the Specialized Media Tent and were scattered around the VIP area for those with the right wrist bands was a perfect way to see some of the acts up close. I saw The Pigeon Detectives interviewing along with The Enemy and Lewis Watson who performed in between Lucy Spraggan and The Lovable Rogues. 

Heading towards the close of the festival this year, we were just waiting on The Pigeon Detectives and The Enemy I have to say OsFest ended on such a high after watching The Pigeon Detectives perform. The lead singer for The Detectives Matt Bowman had more energy and control of the crowd than I had ever seen from an artist on stage before! His command of the crowd due to his energy was presented as pure respect from the crowds in the main arena. He was poring water of his head while performing ‘Im Not Sorry’ from their 2007 album ‘Wait For Me’ I think they set the mark for the entire festival at that point. Matt was squirting water all over the front of the crowd, jumping from the drum kits and bouncing around in the press pit! I think these guys should have been last on at OsFest as it was very difficult for The Enemy to top such an energetic performance. They did very well and I really enjoyed their performance! I got some great shots and while watching them interview they really seemed to be a really down to earth group of guys. While performing they played my all time favorite cover ‘sit down’ and ‘Away From Here’ They were great to see live and some of their guitar work was awesome! I remember being below Tom Clark (Lead Singer) as he thrust his guitar up with one hand and slammed down a chord on a few areas of the stage. 


Overall I had a great great time this year and will be heading back up next year with no  doubt in my mind. With the great reception from all staff, security and for the line up this year. Im hoping with the continued publicity of this little (Big) festival they will grow and grow on the map. 


More Sundown acts announced

Four new artists have been announced for this year’s Sundown Festival as the event plays host to a selection of some of the most promising young talent in the UK music scene

Joining the Saturday Main Stage line-up – which already boasts the likes of headliner Example, Rita Ora, DJ Fresh, James Arthur and Jaguar Skills, among many more – are the returning Ria Ritchie and newcomer Amplify Dot, whilst Charlie Brown and Ed Drewett will both join the Sunday Main Stage line-up, which already includes headliner Jessie J, JLS, Wiley, Union J and more

Returning to Sundown Festival after last year’s impressive performance, Ria Ritchie is a talented young singer, musician and song-writer. Having written with the likes of Plan B – who was the first to spot her talents – Craze & Hoax (Emeli Sande, Dot Rotten), Futurecut (Lily Allen, Rizzle Kicks, Olly Murs) and Ben Mark (Take That), Ria was signed to Takeover Entertainment and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and flourished through a process of incessant gigging, including supporting Tinchy Stryder, Example and Wretch32, and big things are expected for her very soon

Amplify Dot is a British rapper whose career kick-started – at just 14 years old – when she jumped on stage and blew the audience away with her impromptu performance at a Missy Elliot gig, after Missy asked if anyone in the Brixton audience could rap. Having worked hard to hone her skill over the past decade, building experience in London and LA, Amplify Dot is now signed to EMI and ready to unleash her vocal talents as a solo artist

Charlie Brown is a rising talent whose debut single On My Way entered the UK Singles Chart at #7 late last month. Having signed to AATW in 2012, Charlie has worked with everyone from Wiley, Jay Sean and The Script, through to high-profile hit-makers such as Fraser T. Smith (Adele), RedOne (Nicki Minaj) and FutureCut (Wretch32), while collaborators on his debut album Dreamstate include Quiz & Larossi, MoJam (Emeli Sandé, Professor Green), Focus (Misha B), and Wayne Rodrigues (Nelly Furtado, Kelly Clarkson)

Ed Drewett is the household-name-in-waiting of UK music, having worked with everyone from Pro Green, collaborating and featuring on the #3 chart track I Need You Tonight and supporting him on three tours, through to The Wanted, as the writer of Lightning and the #1 chart singles All Time Low and Glad You Came

Drewett’s debut solo-single, Champagne Lemonade, was subject to multiple delays, eventually being released in 2010 amid sweeping management changes at his first record label. He finally released his second solo single, Drunk Dial, in March of this year, ahead of his forthcoming debut album

Drewett has also more recently collaborated with Olly Murs, helping to pen songs for Olly’s latest album, Right Place Right Time

The full line-up for Saturday’s Main Stage confirmed so far, now includes, Example, Rita Ora, DJ Fresh, James Arthur, Jaguar Skills, Angel, Little Nikki, Ria Ritchie and Amplify Dot, with Rinse FM’s Saturday Stage 2 including sets from Skepta, Redlight, High Contrast, Zinc, Friction and Huxley, with Color hosting the campers-only after-show Warehouse party

The full line-up for Sunday’s Main Stage is so far confirmed as Jessie J, JLS, Wiley, Union J, Amelia Lily and Tich, with Hospitality’s Stage 2 Sunday line-up hosting sets by Netsky, Danny Byrd, Nu:Logic, S.P.Y, Fred V & Grafix and Metrik, with MCs Wrec, Dynamite, SP:MC and Texas all providing lyrics, ahead of the Hed Kandi after-show closing party, for campers, in the Warehouse

The ‘Circus Opening Party’ on the indoor Warehouse stage – again accessible only with camping tickets – will see Doctor P, Funtcase, Cookie Monsta, Brown & Gammon, Roksonix and Krafty kicking off the weekend on Friday 30 August

Sundown Festival spokesperson, Dion Clements comments: “Sundown has always offered the chance to see some of the biggest names in urban, dance and pop music, but we’re also keen to showcase new talent we know have promising futures; Ria, A.Dot, Charlie and Ed all fill that criteria with ease and we’re pretty sure the audience will be among some of the first music fans to see why”

Tickets are on sale now for Sundown Festival, which will take place at the Norfolk Showground on Saturday 31 August & Sunday 1 September. For more information, or to book tickets for the event, visit, or call 0871 224 1112 / 1113

Jessie J, Ne-Yo and more for Birmingham’s Fusion Festival

Jessie JNe-YoJLSThe WantedMcFlyThe Saturdays and James Arthur are among the first names to be confirmed for this summer’s brand new Fusion Festival, in support of The Prince’s Trust and in association with Capital FM.  

Joining them are Union J, Wiley, Amelia Lily, Wretch 32, Conor Maynard with many more to be announced. Birmingham’s iconic Cofton Park will play host to the ultimate summer pop party with 60,000 people and some of the biggest acts from both sides of the pond coming together for a huge weekend of pop at its very best.
Chart topper Jessie J will headline Saturday night’s poptastic proceedings alongside platinum-selling boy band JLS and “It’s All About You” crooners McFly.  British rapper WileyUnion J and songstress Amelia Lily will also be taking to the stage as part of an incredible mix of artists to play the festival.  
Sunday will see American R&B god Ne-Yo bring the noise to Cofton Park, where he’ll be joined by chart heartthrobs The Wanted and uber glam The Saturdays, fresh from gaining their first UK Number One with “What About Us”.  Wretch 32Conor Maynard and this year’s X Factor winner James Arthur are also on the bill, with many more acts to be announced across the weekend.  
Expect spectacular live performances, massive chart smash hits plus all the fun of the festival fair with a full fairground and many other interactive events.
Fusion Festival is proud to support The Prince’s Trust, with £5 from each ticket sale donated to the charity to help change young lives across the UK. The Prince’s Trust is a youth charity that helps vulnerable young people to turn their lives around.
The current line-up for the Fusion Festival was announced on the Capital Breakfast Show with Dan and Katy this morning at 8.15am. More acts will be announced in the coming weeks.
Programme Controller at Capital FM, Paul Gerrard, said "This is going to be the biggest event Birmingham has seen in years.  The whole team here at Capital can't wait to see some of the world's biggest stars rock up to Brum, it's going to be an incredible summer and Capital will be right there for every moment."
Festival spokesman, Mike Owen of Go Big said “We felt the time was right for a brand new music festival for the UK’s 2nd city and we are so excited to be working with such a fantastic organisation as The Prince’s Trust and with Birmingham’s Number One hit music station, Capital FM.  We’ve got a brilliant line-up this year and this is only the beginning for Fusion Festival.”
Paul Brown, Director of youth charity The Prince’s Trust said: “We’re delighted that this stellar line-up of acts will be helping to support the work of The Prince’s Trust. Every year we work with thousands of disadvantaged young people to get their lives on track. Thanks to Fusion Festival, we will be able to ensure that more young people look forward to a brighter future.”
Jessie J
The Wanted 
The Saturdays
Wretch 32
Union J
Conor Maynard
Amelia Lily 
James Arthur 


Lucy Spraggan joins the OsFest lineup

Lucy has performed at Osfest for the past two years but now returns as one of our headline acts after performing in the X Factor live shows; We just had to have her back! Lucy will join James Arthur, The Enemy and King Charles on Sunday 26th May.

JLS, Lawson and Wiley will be taking to the stage on Saturday 25th May before headline act JLS.

We also have rising stars ‘I am Tich’, who has already toured with Paolo Nutini, Pixie Lott and Justin Bieber.

‘Get Cubs’ and ‘The Propellers’ will perform over the weekend,  both have been featured on Radio One recently.

Manchester alternative rock band Rook and the Ravens will also be performing.

Plus our fantastic home brewed talent including The Taste, Danny Gruff and the Peacemakers, Dan the Thief, Portlights and The Maydays.

This year Osfest is partnering with the £500,000 Appeal to help fund a £2million Bone Cancer Centre at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Oswestry (RJAH). The new Centre will be designed to treat cancer patients in a dedicated care environment, the majority of whom are under 24 years of age. Appeal Director Gwilym Owen OBE, commented, “This is fantastic news! We are delighted that Osfest 2013 has come onboard to support our Bone Cancer Centre Appeal. The festival targets the age group where bone cancer most often strikes”.

The music festival at Oswestry Showground has been held for the last three years and has attracted a number of top acts including Example, Razorlight, Stooshe and Hard-Fi.

The festival, which attracts thousands of music revelers, will take place over May Bank Holiday weekend from Friday 24thuntil campers depart on Monday 27th May at Oswestry Showground.

A variety of music and dance acts, both well known and emerging, local talent promise something to suit all musical tastes.

The main stage big top will only take 5,000 festival goers this year.

Full weekend camping tickets start at £59.50 Non Weekend Camping £55.00 and day tickets from £29.50.

Carly Jackson, event director, has urged people to get hold of their tickets fast!

Carly said: “As the main stage is undercover this year when they are gone they are gone, so don’t miss out”.


Rita Ora added to Sundown Festival lineup

Rita Ora rocketed to fame in 2012 with more #1 singles in the UK Singles Chart than any other artist last year, with singles Hot Right NowHow We Do (Party) and R.I.P from her debut album Ora all hitting the top spot.

Rita joins the already confirmed and previously announced line-up of main stage headliners Jessie J and Example, along with JLS and DJ Fresh, with Rinse and Hospitality hosting Stage 2

Sundown Festival spokesperson, Dion Clements comments: “Being able to announce we’ve added the amazing Rita Ora to the line-up at Sundown Festival 2013, along with Jessie J, Example, JLS and DJ Fresh having already been announced, is just awesome! Rita’s another big artist who brings a real buzz with her”

Jessie J and Example to headline Sundown Festival

Example will headline the main stage on Saturday, back by massive demand after the KickstartsChanged the Way you Kissed Me and Say Nothing singer whipped-up the crowd to huge acclaim at Sundown’s inaugural festival in 2011

DJ Fresh – the man behind hit dance tracks Gold DustLouder and Hot Right Now – is the second artist to be confirmed for Saturday’s main stage line-up

Jessie J

Sunday’s main stage headliner is none other than one of the biggest female singers in the UK today… the sensational Jessie J is coming to Sundown Festival 2013! The Do it Like a Dude, Who’s Laughing Now and Nobody’s Perfect singer – whoseDomino video has racked up more than 100million views on video sharing site YouTube – has been repeatedly called for, by Sundown Festival audiences, to perform at the huge end-of-summer event

Also announced for Sunday’s main stage is the biggest UK boyband of a generation, JLS, whose hits like She Makes Me WannaHottest Girl in the World and Beat Again have seen the four-piece capture the hearts of millions across the UK

Sundown Festival 2013 will see the addition of a second outdoor stage, Stage 2, which will provide a House, Garage, Dubstep and Drum ‘n’ Bass edge to the event. Hosting that stage on Saturday will be Moda Black, whose top house tracks Knee Deep in LouiseHurt You and the aptly titled Sundown have firmly established them as one of the UK’s most exciting record labels for progressive electronic music

Hospitality, the live event arm of hugely successful Drum ‘n’ Bass label Hospitality records – which itself is home to artists such as High Contrast, Netsky, Danny Byrd and Camo & Krooked – will host Stage 2 on Sunday 
Sundown Festival spokesperson, Dion Clements comments: “With the huge strides taken by Sundown Festival in quickly establishing itself as one of the UK’s best live music events to end the summer season, Sundown 2013 is set to expand even further on previous years. Example absolutely smashed it as part of the line-up two years ago, to the extent we all felt a little bad for the artist that followed in the running order… so this time he will headline the first full day of Sundown. Jessie J has been the single most requested artist, by Sundown fans, yet to appear, so we’re absolutely ecstatic about bringing her to the Sundown main stage to headline the Sunday”

Dion adds “With our unique mixed offering of the top urban, pop and dance acts, Sundown caters for a massive range of tastes in the music spectrum, bringing together a truly diverse music audience for one huge weekend

Sundown Festival will take place at the Norfolk Showground on Saturday 31 August & Sunday 1 September. For more information, or to book tickets for the event, visit, or call 0871 224 1112 / 1113


All ticket types are on sale from 1000, Friday, 8 February – tickets, booked in the first 48-hours only, can be snapped up at the same price as last year

Wiley and Lawson added to OsFest lineup


Bringing you a multitude of acts over the 3 days starting Friday evening and delivering through till Sunday! Saturday alone will have at least 10 acts on Main Stage to keep you in your dancing shoes all day – Wiley will be performing his number one hit ‘Heatwave’, band of the moment LAWSON will be taking to the stage and the evening will be topped off with a LIVE performance from JLS, the perfect weekend.

Other local artists will take to the 2nd stage and the infamous "Dance shed"; OSFEST truly has something for every musical taste.

Watch this space for Sunday’s acts to be revealed!

The list of acts for this year is looking superb and we will be releasing  updates over the next few weeks – we in the Osfest office are working tirelessly to bring the BIGGEST and BEST Osfest so far… BREAK FOR THE BORDER… be part of it – get your tickets today!

JLS to perform at Osfest – Break for the Border


Further Details:

  • Their first time in Shropshire performing LIVE:
  • Only 5000 tickets available
  • The first of many announcements for 2013 – This year will be BIG!
  • To get you in the mood for JLS at Osfest, make sure you catch their DJ SET at the Buttermarket, Shrewsbury
  • From only £29.50 for the day you can see JLS and a whole host of other bands and artists.
  • Remember we are under cover this year, so there is no need to worry about what the weather is going to be like.
  • Oswestry is 15 minutes from Shrewsbury, 20 minutes from Wrexham, 30 minutes from Chester and a drive or a train ride from anywhere else in the UK! Where ever you are… BREAK FOR THE BORDER!
  • BUY your tickets from / or call 01691 680468

The MULTI act line up is starting to take shape… with  massive names already confirmed for Saturday 25th May…. JLS !!!


Osfest – Break for the Border will be bringing you a multitude of acts over the 3 days starting Friday evening and delivering through till Sunday!
The list of acts for this year is looking superb and we will be releasing  updates over the next few weeks – we in the Osfest office are working tirelessly to bring the BIGGEST and BEST Osfest so far… BREAK FOR THE BORDER… be part of it – get your tickets today!