15 Jun, 2017

Parklife Review 2017

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After the month we’ve had, particularly in Manchester, it’s hard not to frame this year’s Parklife in relation to the Manchester Arena. That’s not to say this is a bleak review. Quite the opposite. The crowd’s unflinching capacity for a great time was matched by heartfelt tributes by the artists, and the organisers, and the ravers themselves. It didn’t affect the festival but you could sense its presence, almost out of sight, but not like the many dark clouds that shrouded the festival in a near

4 Feb, 2013

Biffo Clyro announced as 2nd headliner for Reading & Leeds Festival + more!

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Reading & Leeds Festivals can now reveal that the next Main Stage headliner for 2013 is Biffy Clyro, in what will be a UK festival exclusive performance. The band joins Eminem, another UK festival exclusive, as headliners at the Festivals with the final headline act soon to be revealed!

10 Dec, 2012

Eminem set to headline Reading and Leeds Festivals in 2013!

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The most successful rapper in history, Eminem is the first headliner to be announced on the Main Stage at Reading & Leeds Festivals in 2013. 11 years after he topped the bill at the festivals, he returns for this performance, his only UK festival appearance in 2013.