Queens of the Stone Age, Klaxons and more added to Rock For People lineup

For its upcoming 19th year, the organisers of Rock for People promised a combination of proven names and new talents. The festival will take place from 2nd to the 5th of July at the Festivalpark in Hradec Kralove. The first part of this promise is fully affirmed by four names of the first confirmed bands. These are names which are very well known by the Czech audience, and bands which belong at one of the biggest hotspots this year's festival season. "Look at these bands, each one a is representing different genre, every one a different story. The choices demonstrate our commitment to artistic diversity with a common denominator – quality and energy. And it is also important that these bands are coming out with new records." says Michal Thomes, director of Rock for People about this first lucky cloverleaf.

With their a new album almost complete, we are delighted to announce California's QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – a gathering of top musicians surrounding Josh Homme; a band that reigns in their kingdom of hard riffs, psychedelia and dark poetry. A new studio album is planned for 2013 and acoording to the media it is one of the ten most anticipated albums this year. QOTSA's music ranges from heavy metal and hard rock, through psychedelia, to alternative rock or even art rock. Mix this up with some of the famous guests on the new album: Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor, Jake Shears, Mark Lanegan and Nick Oliveri, and you can see why we are so excited. The impatience of waiting for the first slice of the new QOTSA cake (and a riff at Rock for People) is also caused by the avalanche of rumours spreading about one of the best live performances currently on the circuit.

Euphoria, dance and literally electrified!! This is what to look forward to for those who can't wait to see Parov Stelar Band. No need to introduce this project of DJ Marcus F├╝reder aka Parov Stelar and his 21st century electrified swing. Every concert, including the last one in Prague's Lucerna Bar, is hopelessly sold out. Therefore, and rightly so, Parov Stelar are at the forefront of music from the swing era. This enlarged group will bring its biggest hits to Hradec Kralove, in a show which will please the dancers amongst us, regardless of age or musical taste.

Americans PAPA ROACH will be popular with the part of the Rock for People audience who lean towards harder genres – rap metal, nu metal or hard rock. Even after twenty years on the scene, these Californian legends, led by frontman Jacoby Shaddix have energy to spare. It's not only demonstrated by their latest album, The Connection, but also by dozens of sold-out performances. They will bring their new tracks to Hradec Kralove and introduce them alongside the best of their back catalogue.

Evil tongues would say that the British group, Klaxons, gained mass favour because it created its own genre – new rave. Spontaneous shows, success at the biggest festivals, a number of highly respected and indeed, successful recordings in 'Myths of the Near Future' and 'Surfing the Void' show that this self-marketing is not so true. Klaxons are big stars among indie rockers or fans of electronic music. Their popularity will continue to grow with every step, as this year the band will release a new album for its many adoring fans.

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