Glastonbury 2011 Festival Guide

As we all know, the scale of Glastonbury is unlike any other music festival in the world!  With up to 130,000 festival goers descending onto Worthy Farm, things can get a bit crazy at times and we have a few suggestions to help you make your way through the festival.

  1. A map of the festival can be found here:
  2. Glastonbury has provided a fine guide to the festival and a guide for transport which can be found here:
  3. The latest up-to-date weather forecast is here: /Festival_News/EntryId/529/Glastonbury-Weather-Forecast-2011.aspx

Any other information you require can be found on the Glastonbury website.

Things to remember to pack:

  • Enough clothes / shoes for all types of weather, 2011 looks like we may see a little bit of rain, but hopefully more sunshine!
  • Any medication you require
  • Your tent
  • Food and Drinks (NO GLASS bottles) for your journey and stay at Glastonbury
  • A torch
  • Body / Face Wipes for those days when you cannot get to a shower :)
  • Some cash, however there are ATM machines at Glastonbury, just be prepared to wait in some queues.
  • NOTHING VALUABLE – this will avoid the disappointment if something gets lost or stolen.
  • A written copy of phone numbers for members of your group at Glastonbury.
  • A record of all your card numbers and contact details for emergency situations.

The Summer Festival Guide will be heading to Glastonbury, we may just tap you on the shoulder to ask for a photo or two :)

We all hope you have a brilliant time, see ya there!

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