Wireless Festival 2015 Full Review

Thousands flocked to Finsbury Park this weekend for popular festival – Wireless. Each year the festivals line up is spectacular, Summer Festival Guide headed over to check things out. With over 40 acts on both  Saturday and Sunday; including Ciara, Jessie J, David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, Avicci and Kendrick Lamar, Wireless was sure to be a festival not to be forgotten.
With the sun beating down on Finsbury Park Saturday's sold-out show, started to fill out almost immediately. As the crowd flooded through the gates of Finsbury Park, they were greeted by a high-spirited Conor Maynard who kicked started Saturday on the main stage, whilst KStewart and Ady Sulieman took to the other two stages. 
Raleigh Ritchie and Tinashe later took to the main stage and both performed equally good sets. Raleigh got the crowd jumping around and seemed to genuinely enjoy it just as much as they were enjoying him. Tinashe performed a great up beat set from her latest album Aquarius. Summer Festival Guide caught up with Raleigh Ritchie back stage where he told us about his love for performing, festivals and Game of Thrones.
Indiana took to the Pepsi Max Arena where she slowed things down a bit and performed a very mellow set. Fans swayed as the singer performed tracks from her latest album – ‘No Romeo’ and she drew in the crowd however the singer sped things up a bit towards the end of her set and the crowd loved it. 
Whilst waiting for Mary J Blige crowds flocked to numerous food vans to refuel. Ranging from Chinese to Mexican, Vegan to Steak Grills and Lebanese to Caribbean food the crowd were definitely spoilt for choice. Mary J Blige dived straight in to her set list starting with her hit song ‘Just Fine’. The crowd immediately jumped to their feet and started dancing. Mary J had the crowd dancing for the whole 45 minutes of her set. With a great set list and her high-spirit Mary J had the crowd eating out of the palm of her hands.
Gorgon City and Childish Gambino later took to the main stage. Whilst Stormzy took to the RE: WIRED stage. Gorgon City's up beat set had the crowd dancing with range of hits including 'Stronger', 'Rather Be' & 'Real Love'. 
The mult-talented Childish Gambino ran out onto the main stage next and it wasn't long before he was shirtless and belting out 'Crawl', 'Worldstar' and more from his back cataloge of albums.
Stormzy had a huge crowd for his highly anticipated set performing his latest tracks to a very appreciative crowd who sung their hearts out word for word. 
As the crowd waited for Kendrick Lamar yet again they headed for the food vans and the bars to refuel and rehydrate. Kendrick took to the stage performing many tracks both old and new including 'Backstreet Freestyle', 'Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe' and 'Swimming Pools (Drank). The crowd loved Kendrick and Kendrick loved the crowd. Avicii wowed crowds when he later took to the stage and saw what had been an amazing day off with an equally amazing set and a spectacular light and firework display. 
Sunday afternoon saw Wretch 32 kick start the day off on the main stage with an impressive performance. Also kicking off the day around the park was Samm Henshaw on the Re: WIRED stage and Kiko Bun in the Pepsi Max Arena. Summer Festival Guide caught up with Samm Henshaw backstage and he was just as happy and full of energy off stage as he was on. 
Charlie XCX, August Alsina and Clean Bandit were the main stage line up for the afternoon. Whilst Arrested Development, Ciara, Pusha T and Rae Sremmurd took to the Pepsi Max Arena. Leaving Damage, Jacob Plant, Tove Stryke, Jaden & Willow Smith, Elliphant and Shakka to entertain those at the RE: WIRED stage. 
Charli XCX with her trademark Sucker heart prop and full band on stage rocked the crowd with her hits 'Sucker', 'Breaking Up', 'I Love It'.  Full of energy and with the sun pelting down on Finsbury Park, Charli had the crowd singing with her throughout her entire set!
Ciara was off to a rocky start with her mic being switched off for the first 15 minutes of her set. However that did not stop the crowd from singing along to the popular singer's songs and enjoying the show Ciara provided. Jaden and Willow left the crowd slightly befuddled with a rather unusual performance. However the crowd soon perked up when willow performed popular hit 'Whip my Hair' and Jaden shared a new track with the Wireless crowd. The sibling duo were full of energy and provided a good performance, aiding each other throughout.
As night began to fall, crowds were left disheartened when the festival organisers shamefully admitted that Nicki Minaj was running late due to travel complications and that they had lost touch with the award winning female rapper. It was later announced that Nicki and David Guetta had mutually agreed to share the set time which crowd's responded to with boos. 
When David Guetta took to the stage half an hour after the announcement crowds went wild as he started his set. The light show Guetta provided was spectacular and he managed to win back the crowd with popular tracks, smoke, confetti and fireworks. David Guetta continued for a further 40 minutes before Nicki Minaj finally made her entrance and crowds seemed to have forgiven the female rapper within an instance. 
Nicki continued to work the crowd and performed popular songs including 'Truffle Butter', 'Only', 'Moment for Life' and 'Anaconda'. Adoring fans sang and danced the night away enjoying the all-round amazing show Nicki delivered. Nicki Minaj was the perfect act to round off the Wireless weekend she left the crowd on a positive high and closed the show with a tremendously great performance.
Photos from Saturday at Wireless Festival
Photos from Sunday at Wireless Festival

David Guetta and Nicki Minaj Headline Wireless 2015

French born DJ David Guetta and Trinidadian-American rapper Nicki Minaj took to the stage of Wireless Festival last night and did not disappoint. Due to travel issues Nicki had missed her spot but had mutually agreed with David that they would share the set. David Guetta started on stage with a number of classics including dance and hip hop tubes which got the crowd dancing and singing along. David constantly remind the crowd of his love for for London and wasted no time in letting off the fireworks, smoke and even confetti. Throughout his performance David engaged with the crowd, hyping them up for both his performance and for what was up to come.

About 20 minutes into his set David teased the crowd with a song he and Nicki had recorded together. However it wasn't for a further 20 minutes that Nicki Minaj finally graced the adoring crowd with her presence. Nicki wasted no time in getting started and had the crowd eating out of the palm of her hands. David and Nicki performed one song together and then Nicki was left to take over. Nicki jumped straight into songs off of her latest album The Pink Print. Including only and anaconda. Both of which she performed with backing dancers both male and female which sent the crowd wild. Nicki moved on to older songs from previous albums including Pink Friday. 


Nicki continued to engage with the crowd asking her 'fellow West Indians' if they had prepared any Ox tail soup or Curried Goat for her. She continued on to joke with the crowd and fully engage with them throughout her set, whilst continuing with songs both old and new.


All in all it is safe to say that although Nicki had missed her own set, she made up for it with the performance she provided for her fans. She did not fail to deliver an amazing set, with amazing song choices and a positive vibe despite the complications she had finished. It is safe to say that Nicki Minaj was a perfect way to end the weekend and Wireless Festival 2015. 

Kendrick Lamar headlines Wireless festival 2015

American rapper Kendrick Lamar took to the stage of wireless festival last night and did not disappoint after a long day of the crowd eagerly awaiting his performance. With the sun shining down on Finsbury Park, Kendrick wasted no time in getting the crowd up on their feet, chanting "Oh Kendrick Lamar" clapping and cheering. Kendrick started out with an old classic of his, Temptation before swiftly moved on to crowd pleasers such as Backstreet Freestyle, I, Money trees and many more from a combination of his albums. Kendrick continued to work the crowd and had them eating out of the palm of his hands. In turn the crowd continued to feed Kendricks set by singing along, dancing and chanting, the crowd and Kendrick struck up an immediate bond. Kendrick constantly reminded the crowd of his love for London leading to an eruption of cheers every time.

Kendrick connected with fans and even suggested bringing one dedicated fan, who knew all the words, up on stage. Before deciding to give her a shout out instead. Kendricks constant interaction with the crowd  as well as the set of good songs he chose lead to an amazing atmosphere. Many had waited eagerly all day to see Kendrick and he did not disappoint. 

All in all it is safe to say after a long hot day of waiting to see Kendrick Lamar, he did not fail to deliver exactly what the crowd wanted and it was a great way to end the day.