Kendrick Lamar headlines Wireless festival 2015

American rapper Kendrick Lamar took to the stage of wireless festival last night and did not disappoint after a long day of the crowd eagerly awaiting his performance. With the sun shining down on Finsbury Park, Kendrick wasted no time in getting the crowd up on their feet, chanting "Oh Kendrick Lamar" clapping and cheering. Kendrick started out with an old classic of his, Temptation before swiftly moved on to crowd pleasers such as Backstreet Freestyle, I, Money trees and many more from a combination of his albums. Kendrick continued to work the crowd and had them eating out of the palm of his hands. In turn the crowd continued to feed Kendricks set by singing along, dancing and chanting, the crowd and Kendrick struck up an immediate bond. Kendrick constantly reminded the crowd of his love for London leading to an eruption of cheers every time.

Kendrick connected with fans and even suggested bringing one dedicated fan, who knew all the words, up on stage. Before deciding to give her a shout out instead. Kendricks constant interaction with the crowd  as well as the set of good songs he chose lead to an amazing atmosphere. Many had waited eagerly all day to see Kendrick and he did not disappoint. 

All in all it is safe to say after a long hot day of waiting to see Kendrick Lamar, he did not fail to deliver exactly what the crowd wanted and it was a great way to end the day.



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