Make Believe Festival … Anything can happen!

London, a place where some of the best and most widely known festivals are held drawing in millions but deep within the heart of Islington, an alternative festival is stirring and let me tell you, quirky and unique are just the start!

It began on Friday 3rd May as I approach the doors with club like bouncers, I cannot help but wonder what is going to be behind the doors and without a doubt, it was indeed different to any festival that I have encountered before.

Located in Islington Metal works, North London, the festival ran for 3 short days only and I can honestly say that without a doubt, it was a truly remarkable experience.

Walking through the doors, I instantly felt that I had time warped , surrounded by people in Victorian gear, it felt somewhat surreal yet comfortable at the same time to completely distance myself from modern day life.

The main room (although slightly small) was cramped full of people 100% engrossed and enjoying the atmosphere. A good job was done with the space they had, with ruby red curtains reminiscent of Aladdin’s cave and seating areas to chill out to the music.

Not only was Make Believe a 3 day excuse for childhood dress up, it also showcased some amazing bands with a banging head for music. With the main headliners including The men that will not be blamed for nothing, Sunday driver, Beatrix Players and The hall of mirrors to name but a few . The music although not what I would instantly listen to, surprised me by plenty of unique instrument playing and high note hitting. I found myself humming along and having them going around repeatedly in my mind for the rest of the night.

As well as live music, the festival also offered theatrical performances in the style of theatre, circus, art and puppetry so there was something for everyone to get stuck into.

The best part of the whole experience was the atmosphere of the room. As soon as you stepped over the threshold, it was like escaping 2013 and entering a new magical world where everything is possible and the possibilities are endless.

That simply sums up their title: Make Believe… Over those 3 days, you can be anyone!