More artists join the Camden Crawl 2014 lineup

Reflected in this month's exciting new lineup additions is #CC14's diverse selection of talent; from acclaimed guitar-driven acts Arrows of Love and Paws, to the crew of bass and techno purveyors including Mumdance and Livity Sound.

This summer, the multi-award winning festival is back after an extended break, bringing a brilliantly varied and colourful roster to Camden on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st June.

New lineup announcements:

On an electronic tip, CC14 are proud to announce new headliner, Orbital's Phil Hartnoll. Perennial tastemakers Dummy will also be presenting an array of innovative talent; with a Wire record of the year under her belt, Hyperdub darling, Laurel Halo, Keysound signing E.M.M.A and her unique mix of 8-bit synths, futuristic rhythms and unexpected melody, Greek-born producer and percussive dance experimentalist, Larry Gus (DFA) and West London beatmaker and new Mad Decent signee Cadenza.

Another Mad Decent act, Mumdance has been added to Last FM's bill, and is sure to be a must-see, combining UK club sensibilities with global sounds such as kuduro, funk carioca, tribal gurachero, soca, batucada carnival music and gagaku. Bass trio, Livity Sound will also bring their futuristic forms of techno, grime and jungle rooted in Bristol's rich soundsystem heritage to Crack Magazine's stage.

Meanwhile, on a more experimental tip, we have the euphoric sounds of Manchester's D/R/U/G/S, The Physics House Band set to dazzle audiences with their jazz and post-rock infused psychedelia, along with Bella Union's shimmering Great Yteve who join the Bird on the Wire stage at Camden Town Brewery.

In addition, synth fans will undoubtedly be thrilled with what’s on offer at the festival, with swoonsome, hotly tipped newcomers Rainer joining the likes of already confirmed new wave legends, ABC and Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor, who will be playing material from his much anticipated sophomore record “Await Barbarians”.

Championing lo-fi for the event, new additions include the dark, dangerous and gloriously chaotic, Arrows of Love on the 1-2-3-4 stage, no-prisoners punk heros Paws playing for Drowned in Sound, thunderous krautrockers, Traams and pitted as one of the most bombastic and viscous British live acts around, Bad for Lazarus for Rocklands. Fans of this kind of aural attack can also enjoy previously announced acts such as Atari Teenage Riot and Yuck.

Artists like progressive psychedelic folk four-piece, Wolf People (now added to Artrocker's lineup) and melancholy and timeless We are Catchers (who has his London exclusive on the Rough Trade stage) join the folk camp of performers this year along with the likes of Jeffrey Lewis & The Jrams

20 more acts added to Liverpool Sound City

D/R/U/G/S, Chew Lips, Pond, Eleanor Friedberger, Fossil Collective, Theme Park, PEACE, Post War Years, Clock Opera, Last Dinosaurs, Jake Bugg, Swiss Lips, Sheepdogs, Sunless 97, Wet Nuns, Hey Sholay, Jinja Safari, Tea Street Band, The Night, Crusades, Dan Croll
• They join the likes of Professor Green, Mystery Jets, Death In Vegas and over 320 more
• Day lineup’s announced
They are a tenacious bunch the Scousers, and they’ve pulled out all the stops for Liverpool Sound City this year. With an unrivalled lineup, there’s much to be happy about tonight on the shores of the Mersey. There’s one hell of a party looming in just over a months time.
The full lineup is below and reads like a who’s who of what’s hot right now.
Professor Green, Mystery Jets, Death In Vegas, Alkaline Trio, Slow Club, Django Django, Tim Hecker, Willy Mason, Forest Swords, ∆ Alt J, Chew Lips, The Heartbreaks, Stephen Langstaff, Stealing Sheep, TOY, Electric Guest, Mele, The Big Sleep, Willis Earl Beal, Last Dinosaurs, The Computers, Arcane Roots, Peace, Sheepdogs, JeanClaudeGoddamm, Dave Hause, Sunless 97, Folks
8otto, Ahab, Alex Hulme, All We Are, Barbieshop, Bleeding Heart Narrative, Bonfire Nights, By The Sea, Clutter, COMA, Dinosaur Bones, Ex Easter Island Head, Faceless Nation, fiN, Fitz., Fossil Collective, Ghost Outfit, Gush, Hugh Keice, I am Dive, IDream In Colour, Jackson Firebird, Jay Stansfield, Jessie Rose, Jethro Fox,Kites, Luke Fenlon, Mausi, Midnight Youth, Midnight Youth, Milla and The Geeks, NOKIES!, People In the Box, Pikachunes, Princess Chelsea, Roosevelt, She’s So Rad, Some Community, Stafraenn Hakon, Still Corners , Sun Drums, The City Walls, The Grande, The Hummingbirds, The Valkarys, Tibi & Her Cello, Tina In The Green Dress, We Are Animal, Yast
The Temper Trap, Michael Kiwanuka, White Denim, Niki & The Dove, Lower Than Atlantis, Eugene McGuinness, The Jezabels, Charli XCX, Pond, Clock Opera, Don Broco, White Arrows, Said The Whale, Yukon Blonde, Jake Bugg, Bear In Heaven, Post War Years, Mugstar, Wet Nuns, Jonquil, Swiss Lips, Shields, Vukovi, Fine Young Firecrackers, Crusades, Still Flyin'
Artwork & MC Pokes, Ben Caplan, Bendal Interlude, Bird, Bow & Arrow, Bwani Junction, Catfish and The Bottlemen, Cazadores, Cheap Thrills, Daytona Lights, Dead Cities, Dead Wolf Club, Dinosaur Bones, Elmo and the Styx, Farryl Purkiss, Funeral Suits, Get Back Colquitt, Hot Panda, Iktsuarpok, Inland Sea, Johnny Sands, Kazimier Krunk Band, Kestrels, Lake Poets, THE MARGINALS, Lilliput, Mammal Club, Man Get Out, Millions, Mind Mountain, Oliver Tank, Patterns, People Of K, Pete and the Harmonics, Ratty Little Fingers, Reptile Youth, Revere, Salem Rages, Scams, Slow Down Molasses, Some Community, Spring Offensive, Step Panther, STRIKE, The Dead Class, The Lake Poets, The Red Suns, The Royals, The Second Grace, THE UNION DOLLS, The Vermin Suicides, Thomas J Speight, Tiro Lark, TRUDI
James Vincent McMorrow, Space, Kids In Glass Houses, Ghostpoet, The Wedding Present, The History Of Apple Pie, Sweet Billy Pilgrim, D/R/U/G/S, Theme Park, Hey Sholay, Tea Street Band, Fixers, Invaders, Jinja Safari, Bleached, PINS, Lulu James, EJ, ThunderbirdGerard (USA/GER), Broken Lungs, Hideaways, Sissy & The Blisters, The Kill Van Kulls, Dan Croll, The Night
Algiers, Be Forest, Ben Salter, Blunt Truth, Bonfire Nights, Chelcee Grimes, Coffee and Cakes For Funerals, Common Tongues, Concrete Knives, Crash Of Rhinos, Death at Sea, Emma Louise, Esco Williams, Flat Back Four, Golden Fable, Goodnight Lenin, Heartbeat Parade, HighFields, I am Dive, Inland Sea, Ironside, Jackson Firebird, Jazzhands, Jordan Cook (Reignwolf), Kasst, Kestrels, Like Spinning, Long Finger Bandits, Low Roar, Manuka, Matzka, Millions, Miss Stylie, Monkey Pilot, Mont Blanc, Ninetails, Oliver Tank, Owls*, Oxygen Thieves, Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies, Samuel Mason, Secret Rivals, Seward, Sietta, Silent Sleep, Silverclub, Slow Down Molasses, Southern, Step Panther, Strangers, Sweet Lights, Tall Ships, The Bowers, The Brownies, The Daydream Club, The Likely Lads, The Lunar Fields, The Suicide of Western Culture, The Sums, The Thespians, This Is Two, Towns, Vasco Da Gama, Waa Wei, Young British Artists
Full Line up A to Z:
∆ Alt J, Ahab, Alex Hulme, Algiers, Alkaline Trio, All We Are, Anna Anna, Arcane Roots, Artwork & MC Pokes, Barbieshop, Be Forest, Bear In Heaven, Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers, Ben Salter, Bendal Interlude, Bird, Bleached, Bleeding Heart Narrative, Blunt Truth, Bonfire Nights, Bow & Arrow, Broken Lungs, Bwani Junction, By The Sea, Catfish and The Bottlemen, Cazadores, Charli XCX, Cheap Thrills, Chelcee Grimes, Chew Lips, Clock Opera, Clutter, Coffee and Cakes For Funerals, COMA, Common Tongues, Concrete Knives, Crash Of Rhinos, Crusades, D/R/U/G/S, Dan Croll, Daniel Kuhle, Dave Hause, Daytona Lights, Dead Cities, Dead WolfClub, Death at Sea, Death In Vegas, Dinosaur Bones, Django Django, Don Broco, Dutch Uncles, EJ, Electric Guest, Elmo and the Styx, Emma Louise, Esco Williams, Eugene McGuinness, Ex Easter Island Head, Faceless Nation, Farryl Purkiss, fiN, Fine Young Firecrackers, Fitz., Fixers, Flat Back Four, Flip Grater, Folks, Forest Swords, Fossil Collective, Funeral Suits, Get Back Colquitt, Ghost Outfit, Ghostpoet, Golden Fable, Goodnight Lenin, Gush, Heartbeat Parade, Hey Sholay, Hideaways, HighFields, Hot Panda, Hugh Keice, I am Dive, I Dream In Colour, Iktsuarpok, Inland Sea, Invaders, Ironside, Jackson Firebird, Jake Bugg, James Vincent McMorrow, Jay Stansfield, Jazzhands, JeanClaudeGoddamm, Jessie Rose, Jethro Fox, Jinja Safari, Johnny Sands, Jonquil, Jordan Cook (Reignwolf), Kasst, Kazimier Krunk Band, Kestrels, Kids In Glass Houses, Kites, Lake Poets, Last Dinosaurs, Like Spinning, Lilliput, Long Finger Bandits, Low Roar, Lower Than Atlantis, Luke Fenlon, Lulu James, Mammal Club, Man Get Out, Manuka, Mele, Michael Kiwanuka, Midnight Youth, Miila & The Geeks, Millions, Mind Mountain, Miss Stylie,Monkey Pilot, Mont Blanc, Mugstar, Mystery Jets, Niki & The Dove, Ninetails, NOKIES!, Oliver Tank, Owls*, Oxygen Thieves, Patterns, Peace, Peggy Hsu, People In the Box, People Of K, Pete and the Harmonics, Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies, Pikachunes, PINS, Pond, Post War Years, Princess Chelsea, Professor Green, Ratty Little Fingers, Reptile Youth, Revere, Roosevelt, Said The Whale, Salem Rages, Samuel Mason, Scams, Secret Rivals,Seward, She’s So Rad, Sheepdogs, Shields, Sietta, Silent Sleep, Silverclub, Sissy & The Blisters, Slow Club, Slow Down Molasses, Some Community, Southern, Space, Spring Offensive, Stafraenn Hakon, Stealing Sheep, Step Panther, Stephen Langstaff, Still Corners, Still Flyin', The Strangers, STRIKE, Sun Drums, Sunless 97, Sweet Billy Pilgrim, Sweet Lights, Swiss Lips, Tall Ships, Tea Street Band, The Bowers, The Brownies, The City Walls, The Computers, The Daydream Club, The Dead Class, TheGrande, The Heartbreaks, The History Of Apple Pie, The Hummingbirds, The Jezabels, The Kill Van Kulls, The Lake Poets, The Likely Lads, The Lunar Fields, THE MARGINALS, The Night, The Red Suns, The Royals, The Second Grace, The Suicide of Western Culture, The Sums, The Temper Trap, The Thespians, THE UNION DOLLS, The Valkarys, The Vermin Suicides, The Wedding Present, Theme Park, This Is Two, Thomas J Speight, Thunderbird Gerard, Tibi & Her Cello, Tim Hecker, Tina In The Green Dress, Tiro Lark, Towns, TOY, TRUDI, Vasco Da Gama, Vukovi, Waa Wei, We Are Animal, Wet Nuns, White Arrows, White Denim, Willis Earl Beal, Willy Mason, Yast, Young British Artists, Yukon Blonde