Hevy Festival 2014 Review

Day one: Thursday

Rocked up at the site while it was raining feeling a little depressed as I didn't want it to rain all weekend, but after 10 minutes of being there it stopped a cleared over. Set up my tent in a field with no more then 10 other tents. After a couple hours the field slowly started to fill up. At about 6pm I decided to have a little explore around the site and have a look to see what Hevy had to offer, it took a hole 5 minutes to get around the whole site, thinking it would be a tad bigger then it was, but considering its so small the atmosphere is brilliant. 

Day 2: Friday
Finally woke around mid-day to a rather warm tent and the sound of the stages getting the sound ready for the first acts to go on. At around 1pm decided I should go check out some bands and see what the day has to offer. Checked out the clothing stalls and found a great stall called Skull and Cross Bone Boys Club bought a few new t-shirts, a hat and some shades, and had a long chat with the guys that own the stall and found to be the nicest bunch of lads. Also nice to see Violent Hearts Clothing here too, as they were founded just over the water from where I live. At 3pm I went to go shoot Heart In Hand and catch there set as I'm a fan of there's and caught them at Takedown Twenty14 earlier in the year. I fully enjoyed there set, I fell they should of been put on later in the day as the tent wasn't as full as I thought It should of been, but non the less they played a cracking set and everyone looked to be enjoying it to the full with a small circle pit going on in the middle of the tent for the duration of their set. Also they brought on Lead singer from Texas In July (JT Cavey) for guest vocals, which was brilliant. I'd give them a 10/10 for performance as I really enjoyed watching them and shooting them.

After catching HIH went for another little wonder around the site to see what else was going on and talked to some random people to see if they were enjoying Hevy this year, everyone I chatted to were loving the weekend and having a great time. After my small wonder around I caught Brutality Will Prevail's set, I'd never seen this band before or heard of them, but fully enjoyed it, they were very heavy compared to HIH but I felt it was a brilliant set, the crowd were wild throwing shapes and pitting to every song, so they went down well with the Hevy Crowd.

After BWP I went to catch Feed The Rhino as I caught them earlier in the day for a chat. This was my second time seeing FTR as I caught them a few years ago in London supporting WSS. FTR lead vocalist came out rocking a Skull and Bones Boys Club vest and owned that stage, during there second song he jumped onto the barrier to get the crowd singing with him, then jumped back on stage and climbed onto the speaker so everyone could see him while they finished the song. I really enjoyed there set and the crowd were loving every minute of it. After they finished I had a little wonder down to the press area to see how everyone was doing and how they were finding the weekend, they all were enjoying it and chatting about who they were looking forward to seeing and shooting, and who they'd already enjoyed.

At 8:30pm I went to go catch Deez Nuts as they are one of my favourite bands and been looking forward to them since knowing I was going to Hevy and they didn't disappoint as per normal, JJ Peters vocals were flawless and the music was tight and completely spot on, JJ managed the whole set with a tie-dye hoody on, in which I found crazy as that tent was so hot and under the lights was even hotter, but he pulled it off brilliantly, the crowd sang every word to there hit song Stay True, the pits stayed strong through the whole time they were on, only down side to the performance was that they should of been on main stage.

After the smashing performance from DN I wondered down to main stage to catch the Friday night headliner's FinchI wasn't sure what to expect from Finch as I'd never seen them live and to be honest not really heard of them. After sitting in the photo pit for about 15 minutes they all came on stage and started there first song to which I didn't have clue what it was but I enjoyed it.  During there second song the Guitarist took a slip and fell head first off the main stage (which was a good 6ft high) right in front of me, I didn't know what to do I felt so awkward as he landed straight on his neck and winded himself he looked like he'd really hurt himself and I stood there like "oh god this could be the end of there set before its even began" but like a trooper after a couple minutes to get his breath back and making sure he hadn't done any damage he jumped right up and ran around to get right back on stage and carry on performing. They played for about an hour and the crowd loved every minute of it and sang along to the songs, for a first time seeing them I thought they were great and no faults (almost). After all the acts played I decided to have a look at my shots from the day and was rather happy with them. Uprawr put on a party till 1am in which most the camp-site was there partying.

Day 3: Saturday,
Early afternoon we had our first interview with Dead Harts, which was a laugh as we'd met the band on Thursday as they also owned Skull and Bones Clothing so the interview ended up being a giggle, after the interview I went to catch there set to see what they were all about. Even though the tent wasn't full they played like they were playing to a thousand people the stage presents was brilliant and the crowd were loving them, a few members of the crowd were singing there songs and the lead singer jumped down to the barrier to get in with them and they all sang into the mic, for a band I'd never seen before I loved every minute of it, they put so much effort into there performance and didn't disappoint.

After the set I headed back down to press to have a chat with The Hell which was a tad confusing, and a little frustrating as all the questions asked were answered as a joke, so didn't get a whole lot of information from them, after they interviewed they had to jump on stage where I caught one song of theirs before having to run off and catch another band on main. The song in which I caught was rather good they were all dressed up in bandanna and faces covered with sunglasses and animal masks in which I found rather amusing, the small tent was packed out and crowd were enjoying the performance.

After The Hell was Me Vs Hero, another band I'd not heard of but really enjoyed there set, it made a nice change from just seeing a heavy band to go see a pop punk band with clean vocals and easy listening rifts. Their whole set was blessed with sunshine, so the audience were chilling out sitting on the grass while watching them. Definitely a band to go see if there playing near by. At 4pm I popped down to 2nd stage to get few snaps of Heights and to see what they we're like musically, I wasn't impressed with there performance over all I felt the lead singer was far to cocky and just acted like an idiot on stage and let the rest of the band down by kicking mic-stands over and thinking he was a massive rock star who could get away with trashing the stage, I only stayed for 3 songs while I got some photo's but left rather swiftly after that, so didn't catch the end to see if they'd buck up there performance. After that performance I went to see Capdown on main stage and was pleasantly surprised with there set the singer was fantastic, his voice was brilliant and what I liked even more was that he brought out a Sax and started playing amazingly and he was so modest when talking to the crowd, saying he was a normal guy with kids who loves to play music. These guys are a must see. Sadly I had to leave partly through there set to go catch a band I'd wanted to see over the weekend, which was Polar. 

I heard many good things about this band from friends and they were all right, the band were great, the stage presents was brilliant, the singer often jumped into the crowd to interact with them, the whole tent was moving and everyone singing along to their songs, for such a new band to the scene they are defiantly a favourite to watch. After rushing about all afternoon catching as many bands as possible I had a little time out in press to go through the photographs I had taken through the day.

At 8pm I went round to main stage to catch Reel Big Fish who were dressed very brightly and brilliant to watch as they were so much fun on stage with all the different types of instruments such as sax, trombone, trumpet, guitar and drums. The lead singer was dressing in a bright shirt and stripy sunglasses, the whole crowd danced to every song and sung there hearts out, they had to be the funniest band all weekend to watch and the music was outstanding they had to be in the top three for all acts over the weekend, defiantly worth seeing.

Only one more act to see and that was the headliner's The Vandals, this was also another band I'd not heard of so wasn't sire what to expect, the guitarist came on, in the brightest orange t-shirt I'd ever seen followed by the rest of the band. During there first song there was a cracking guitar solo in which the crowd loved and watching the guitarist was very amusing as he danced around stage through almost the whole hour odd that they were on. When they finished the crowd chanted for one more song, while banging on the barriers, and they got what they wanted one more song from The Vandals, and that was that Hevy Acts were finished till next year.

Hevy Festival is such an under-rated festival it was a brilliant weekend with some wicked bands playing, no matter how small it was it made the festival unique and I wouldn't want it to change or get massive like the rest of the festivals it just wouldn't be the same and don't think the atmosphere would be as good as it was, so anyone into the Scar,punk,hardcore,metal, just all round alternative music this is defiantly a festival not to miss next year! Also an awesome perk to this small little festival is that is was 5 minute walk from Port Lypme Animal Park in which was free to enter for any festival goer, so if you wanted a little break from the music, poping into the park was great to go see the monkeys, tigers, rhinos and lots more animals, which was great and so unique as no other festival has this facillity to use and enjoy!

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