Chew Lips @ Fred Perry Subsonic Live

A late English wonder goal by Danny Welbeck had the moods high and the expectations tipping to riotous proportions when The Garage opened its doors to a Subsonic Live event headlined by Chew Lips on Friday evening.

First on set were electro pop duo, I am Camera, who combined seductive sway and powerful vocals with brilliant synths and psychedelic lights to leave the audience trapped in a void of feel good trance.

London four-piece outfit Fiction were to follow, offering rebellious instrumental combinations, piercing vocals, and a penchant for having a good time on stage creating music which the crowd was clearly enjoying. They ended with a song called ‘parakeet’, which was an orchestral crescendo of sorts for headlining act Chew Lips. 

As the momentum of the evening gained and the venue filled up Chew Lips was the perfect pinnacle for the final live act. A set oozing with energy and indie pop personality had even the most hardened wallflowers nodding their heads and shuffling their feet.  

The evening was a true testament to Subsonic, which aims to showcase the very best emerging musical talent and was rounded off fantastically by DJ sets that played into the early hours of the morning.

Chew Lips

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