Comedy lineup announced for End of the Road Festival

Located in a hidden glade in the woods that surround Larmer Tree Gardens, End of the Road's comedy stage is a bit like a seditious medieval meeting, except instead of rebels plotting against the king you are greeted by a series of brilliant comedians wearing jeans and T-shirts rather than tabards and sword-sheaths.

Okay, so it was not the best simile, except, maybe, for the fact that among the comedy additions announced today – alongside wonders such as Mark Watson and Sara Pascoe – is Gemma Whelan, also known as Yara Greyjoy from that ridiculously addictive TV series Game of Thrones. She and seven others join an already-great lineup whose names so far confirmed include Phil Nichol, Michael Legge, Robin Ince, Nick Doody, Joey Page, Colin Hoult, Tom Allen, Sarah Bennetto, Stuart Black, Chris Coltrane, John Robins, Robin and Partridge and Felicity Ward.

Read on for the latest confirmations with notes by the festival's comedy creator Sarah Bennetto.

Mark Watson
Stand-up, writer, all round great guy. He has won the Edinburgh Best Newcomer Comedy Award and Panel Prize, and has appeared on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Mock the Week. His “long shows” are the thing of legend, and his warm-hearted humour and terrific flights of fancy will leave you aglow. 

Sara Pascoe
Wit and whimsy, with a dark edge and political subtext. Sara Pascoe is a talented stand-up who also starred in Twenty Twelve, The Thick of It and Live at the Apollo (amongst many more of your favourite comedy shows). 

Gemma Whelan as Chastity Butterworth
Hilarious stand-up and comic actor, Gemma Whelan can also be seen gallivanting about as Yara Greyjoy in the mighty TV behemoth, Game of Thrones. Chastity Butterworth will whip you all into shape as she lectures on social niceties and festival manners. 

The Monster Comedy Shed
A wonderful little thing run by that clever Neil Wates and the folk at Monster Comedy. A tiny audience inside a wooden garden shed, plus special guest comedians. There will be no more than four audience members at a time – you have been warned! The Monster Comedy Shed will also be wheelchair accessible. 

The return of the anarchic comedy trio. They have yet another Edinburgh Award nomination under their belt, a smashing podcast, plus a BBC sitcom just about to launch! Watch them soar in 2013 onwards.   

Tony Law
Often surreal, always sharp Canadian stand-up and Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee. Audiences and comedians, alike, love him. And with good reason – the man’s a comedy god.

Phil Kay
A force of nature. Phil Kay had a few years off End of the Road, and now he’s back with a new book in the works and even more tremendous adventures to tell us about. A mesmerising, messy comic journey. 

Tiffany Stevenson
Straight-talking and often biting, Tiffany Stevenson can be found cracking her wit whip at all the best theatres, clubs and music festivals. End of the Road Festival is honoured to have her joining us in 2013.

The music lineup at this year's End of the Road Festival is topped by Belle and SebastianSigur RósDavid Byrne & St Vincent and Eels.

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