5 reasons why you should attend Wellnergy Festival

Wellnergy offers a way to get away and restore your soul, to learn about wellness and hear great music.

Its debut edition took place on the 17th of June at Barn Elms Park and was a huge success.

Here are five reasons why.

The Music

Music is curated by the Gardens of Babylon collective with internationally renowned electronic music artists all bring their A-game. There are all sorts of nice sounds from across the spectrum with standout shows form Magit Cacoon and Patrice Baumel providing the soundtrack amongst others.

The Extras

As well as the sounds, there is also plenty more to explore at Wellnergy including a Wellness Stage, Mindfulness Tent and more such as comedy, exhibitors, traders, pop up food and well curated bars that mean there is always something great to do and learn and explore.

The Five Pillars

With the day split into two halves, Wellnergy offers the best of both musical and wellness worlds. The first half of the day focuses on fitness, mindfulness, talks and positive development, with the second half focus being more music led with upbeat, loving and vibey energy.

The Experts

Guest health and wellness experts Dr Alex George, Grace Beverly, Maude Hirst, Alice Liveing and Dilly Carter all feature at Wellnergy and share a vast wealth of knowledge that is unlike anything else you will be able to experience. It means you truly leave feeling better than when you arrive.  


Wellnergy Festival was one of the most inclusive festivals in the UK as it partnered with Spectrum First to create the first ever neuro-inclusivity festival safe space which catered for all neurotypes. Attending events involving large groups of people or crowds can be difficult for neurodivergent people so this place to go and chill out and restore calm is invaluable.