Planet Paradigm Announces Full Line-up For 2020

Cult favourite forest festival Planet Paradigm is back once again for third magical getaway. This one day trip goes down deep in the Groningen woods on May 23rd 2020 with the likes of Zip, DJ Masda, SIT (Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia), Onur Özer, Junki Inoue, Ferro B2B Benny Rodrigues, Abstract Division, Reiss, DJ Orchid B2B UlsT and many more all providing the stylish and stripped back soundtrack for a surreal intergalactic getaway.

VBX is hugely well respected in the underground dance world. The parties they throw in places like Amsterdam are always packed with proper music lovers thanks to the tasteful line-ups assembled. Each one mixes a crack team of residents with hot stars of the day and bona-fide legends. The team knows their local Amsterdam scene inside out and back to front and have a stylish minimal aesthetic to all they do, which means the music is always the main star. They know the best venues and put on legendary parties during ADE.

Meanwhile, once an abandoned warehouse, Paradigm is an important cultural hub located in a rural area of the northern Netherlands that has its own rich rave history. They also host their own wonderfully immersive festivals that create a space where you can be yourself and express yourself freely in a community with people from all walks of life.

Once a year these two behemoths come together to create a unique one-day opening to Planet Paradigm. This cultural phenomenon is a close-knit affair with real music lovers and has sold out each and every time. It always takes in headliners who contribute their own classy, left-of-centre sounds to help visitors reach a higher state of consciousness by triggering all six senses from sunup until way past sundown. The surroundings are mystical, too, with unconventionally designed stages such as the Forest Stage, Dome Stage, Romney Stage and Club all immersing you in an escapist realm that feels many miles away from everyday life.

Like last year’s showcase, aural and visual senses will be pleased in particular with all flavours of left leaning house, techno and electro from deep diggers like Zip and Onur Özer, Cabaret Records co-founder and Japanese favourite DJ Masda, taste making minimalists SIT (Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia), a live show from French wonderkid Sweely, mysterious Rotterdam techno talent Tafkamp, special back to backs from Paradigm and VBX legends like Ferro and Benny Rodrigues, with more from Abstract Division, Reiss, DJ Orchid B2B UlsT,Colin B2B Roy Lodder and much more.

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Sweely *live

SIT (Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia)


Onur Özer



Junki Inoue

Joren Edwards

Gerrit de Boer

Ferro B2B Benny Rodrigues

DJ Masda

DJ Orchid B2B UlsT


Colin B2B Roy Lodder

Aleksi Perälä


Abstract Division