Inox Traxx releases new “In My Darkness” EP on Charlotte De Witte’s sub label RPM

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Berlin based talent Inox Traxx has experienced a significant growth in recent years, thanks to her rapidly evolving, hypnotic, and distinctive sound, releasing Two EPs last year on Ben Sims’ labels (Hardgroove and Symbolism) as well as making regular appearances at Berghain.

She now brings her stylish techno sounds with a new EP that again stands her apart on Charlotte De Witte’s Sub label RPM, now available to listen via KNTXT. The EP consists of 3 tracks:

In My Darkness kicks off with heavy, rock solid drums that are peppered with whipping snares and dark synth lines, and is about facing your fears and pushing through.

Close then gets more kinetic and stripped back, with brilliant hits skating over the drums and a distant vocal luring your attention into the shadows. A track about a distant love.

Titles is about big changes and believing in a bright future. The track shuts down with a crisp tech feel and howling solar winds that bring mood and menace to the high functioning drums.

1) In My Darkness
2) Close
3) Titles

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