Outkast close out Friday night at Bestival 2014

Highly anticipated Friday headliner Outkast were set to be something special at Bestival 2014, with a set of high adrenaline dance numbers and some Andre 3000 style cheekiness. As such, the arena is holding a ram jammed sardine can of bodies lined up ready to get their krunk on.
‎With an epic visual intro and some blindingly bright lights, Outkast hit the stage with gusto to a backdrop of a greyscale American flag. Opening with 'Bombs over Baghdad' the sound isn't great across the site, there's a heaviness missing from it.
‎Wearing some sort of wig/furry hat that looks like frosted roadkill and a jacket sporting the slogan "My Dad has cool albums", Andre bounces about the stage and hypes up hit 'Ms Jackson' as the crowd roars. Bestival has always been known for great crowd participation but the high pitched 'oohs' were especially loud and proud tonight. 'Ghetto Music' is accompanied by a frankly pointless screen loop of faceless ladies gyrating their backsides at the camera, and the arena crowd begins to thin. For those who know only the Outkast hits, the rap filled tracks are less lively, and wide-eyed revellers head off for rowdier pastures.
Krumping or twerking attempts aside, 'Hey Ya' is definitely well received with everyone trying their best to 'shake it like a Polaroid picture', in an extraordinarily British and sort of rubbish way, but the rest of the set is lukewarm‎ and‎ the crowd has halved at least. It's a shame but there's so much on 'after hours' at Bestival, it's not the end of the world, or tonight's adventures…

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