Camden Rocks 2014 Review

Camden’s notoriously idolised for its music scene, the generation of Amy’s, Pete’s Carls and Noels may be behind us, but there’s still enough to of the icon to put on an incredible line up.
Located at some of London’s cult venues-Proud, Electric Ball Room and The worlds End, this was sure to be a festive hit with locals and tourists alike.

With an eclectic and heavy mix of bands, from 00s Indie Hero’s Johnny Borrell and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, to the heavier Black Out and incredible turbo wolf.

Stand Out performances came in the form of new kids on the block The Struts with an incredible set at Proud, with glamour and swagger oozing into the crowd.

The Black Out came out to a full crowd at Underground sending a never-ending buzz into the streets outside and turbo wolf blended 70s grit with heavy guitars to creatry a heady-gritty set. 

Headline sets came from the Subways who seem to always be on top form, sending the full-to-capacity crowd into frantic moves with their huge back catalogue of hits.

The only downer was the festival didn’t feel new, nothing shouted out as being exciting as far as atmosphere went, but maybe that’s just because its Camden. Maybe it needs no Gimmicks, Camden at the end of the day is Camden, and Camden Rocks does exactly what it says on the tin.

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