Example Live At KOKO London (Ultimate Weekender)

Examples Ultimate Weekender started off with a bang as the singer raved until there was no roof to touch with all the bouncing involved.

The intimate weekender, for fans close to Example, were treated but also tested to their limits as this type of show takes no prisoners. From the start, hits such as ‘Watch The Sun Come Up’ were majestically played with the roaring crowd obeying Examples plea to show him their ‘Piano Fingers’.

There was barely time for rest as ‘Playing in the Shadows’ was played mid-way through the set that formed a giant mosh pit in the centre of the standing area. The inevitable drum and bass / dubstep drop sent them into a euphoric frenzy.

The intensity was never given up, much to the pleasure of the raucous crowd who just wanted more and more. They were served perfectly with old hits such as ‘Won’t Go Quietly’ and ‘Kickstarts’ and some new songs from Examples 5th album ‘Live Life Living’ released June 23rd 2014.

A stand out song showcased from the new album was ‘Stay With Me’ which outlined positive vibes about the new album. Other songs such as ‘All The Wrong Places’ ‘Only Human’ ‘Take Me As I Am’ and the most latest release ‘Kids Again’ were also included in the energetic set.

The massive finish of ‘Changed The Way You Kiss Me’ that also includes DJ Chuckie’s  big Synth remix allows fans to jump so high that they touch the ceiling and are left screaming a sing along as Example leaves the stage.

The show didn’t stop there however as fans flocked to The Village Underground for the after party to see the second Example performance of the night with DJ Wire. A great venue for fans of a ravey background as it set a dark and moody but yet lively atmosphere for the acts that graced the stage until 2am. Example as bouncy as ever mixed his tunes with other favourable dance songs in a 50 minute set.

Example will continue this weekend in the same format with gigs in Manchester and Glasgow. The singer will be a big festival act for the summer 2014 festival season, and will promise to give a brilliant live show and be one not to miss.

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