Live at Leeds 2014 Launch Party Review

Over the past few seasons, Live at Leeds has built up quite the reputation on (beyond) saturated UK festival circuit.

Some how, its manage to stay current, and modern, whilst retaining its raw, cultish edge that puts it so far ahead of the rest of the inner-city festival crowds.  It celebrates young talent, becoming a who’s who of up and comers, the raw edge of indie and rock. The festival has also managed to it sit itself in the opening slot to the entire festival season, Heroic? No pressure right?

Hero status comes a loyal cult fan base, one that we are joined whole heartedly by tonight at Wardrobe: packed to the door with small time bands, hip local bloggers and a surprising amount of ‘Alex Turner’ quiffs. There’s a serious atmosphere here, after all this isn’t just the line-up to a cult (not to mention award-winning) festival, it’s the line up to what’s to come, this team is famous for picking up future huge hitters, Ed Sherran, LadyHawke, Maccabees, King Krule and the Futureheads have all played this festival, going on to play some of the biggest stages around, from glasto to the other local giant-Leeds Festival.

The line up this time, boasts an incredible list of names all playing across the cities three day event:
 Blood Red Shoes, Albert Hammond Junior and Kodaline are joined by festival favourites Pulled Apart by horses and the new stars of the indie scene; We were evergreen, Yuck and Say Lou Lou.

Once again the line up doesn’t disappoint, and that’s without the launch of the headlining acts…

Tommy Loebell


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