Shapeshifters new single ‘In Colour’ Review

New Zealand's Drum and Bass masters Shapeshifter are getting ready to release their latest single "In Colour" which comes from their New Zealand #1 album "Delta.” ‘In Colour’ is a fusion of electronic beats, mixed with fearless lyrics. A band traditionally known for its hard hitting drum and bass tunes, this track is a much more light-hearted version, nevertheless it’s sensational. ‘In colour’ is the fifth song on their latest album, ‘Delta.’ This album is bold, Shapeshifter morph time and time again and that’s what makes this album so exciting. From depth charge bass music, elastic electronic textures and barreling breakbeats to bedrocks of soul, jazz and rave that ground their experimentation

‘In Colour’ epitomizes the boldness of this latest album; the lyrics are powerful, encouraging the listener to want to make the world better and to ‘Let all the colours ignite tonight’. This track maybe a more lighthearted version of their traditional hard hitting drum and bass beats that encompass other tracks, but it maintains the unique Shapeshifter edginess’. With P Digsss amazing vocals, mixed with brilliant electronic intense beats this track will certainly have you dancing from the get-go. The track is catchy with intense energy which eludes an irrepressible joy,showcasing various people from across the globe, smiling, dancing and generally having fun. This track will certainly make you smile!

This is a great single with revolutionary electronic tones underpinning the whole album, it is far from cheesy, and the authenticity of its message sounds through. They are certainly breaking new ground with this album as well as setting themselves apart from the competition. This track is creative and the band have explored new territory whilst still maintaining that heavy beat. This track will certainly reach all corners of the globe.

On top of their mainstream success Shapeshifter have released records through legendry south London Drum and Bass label, Hospital Records. With the combination of mainstream and cutting-edge, this  band has certainly covered all bases.  We’re not the only people to love this brilliant new track, MTV Iggy state "Shapeshifter dole out a heavy dose of happiness in the video for “In Colour.” We dare you not to smile as the uplifting chorus pulses behind footage of people around the world dancing and laughing."

The new single ‘In color’ is released 16th September 2013.

Review by Jenny McCall

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