Strawberry Fields 2013 Review – Sunday

As the festival was coming to an end, and there was only 1 day of acts to perform, I was excited to see what was coming up during the course of the day. Everyone was still in high spirits, and most people had began drinking again by midday.

The sun was out and everyone was chilling out, probably beginning to get exhausted from the 2 previous evenings. Later on in the day, we went to check out who was on in the big top tent. There was a youngish boy, under the name of New Walk about to begin his set, so we stayed to see what was going on. He introduced himself, saying he was going to play a few songs for us, and we all waited eagerly in anticipation. Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. Thinking he was going to sing and play the keyboard, all of a sudden the bass kicked in, and out came these dance tunes, cleverly remixed together; he was absolutely incredible and very talented.

The tent soon began to fill up, and people came in raving along to the mix, the smile on his face said he it all; he was very happy that people were receiving him and giving off positive vibes. I definitely think he’s one to watch, and in the near future, could be very successful. Next we headed back to the main stage, as we were aware the humorous Cuban Brothers were coming up shortly. The crowd began to gather for what appeared to be the biggest crowd of the whole weekend. On they came, extravagant as ever wearing bright yellow and blue suits and a bog afro. Everyone began cheering and you could tell the crowd were very excited about this performance. Imitating Geordie accents, telling members of the crowd he wanted to ‘take them to his tent’ and using the quote ‘he is sweating like a blind puff in a hot dog factory’, the crowd were in hysterics. Performing tracks such as ‘Touch the Sky’ by Kanye West, ‘The Ace of Spades’ and ‘We are Family’, they were definitely the favourites of the weekend.

The Cuban Brothers @ Strawberry Fields Festival

It was then on to the headliners The View. Taking a much more laid back approach, they literally came on and started singing. There was no engaging the audience, or saying hello, they just went straight into their set. There is no doubting that these guys are very talented and popular among the crowd, and they gave an outstanding performance.

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