Strawberry Fields Festival 2013 – Saturday Review

As if the acts from Friday night didn't leave us excited about the rest of the weekend at Strawberry Fields, Saturday nights music was host to a few hidden gems of talent.

After being approached by the lead singer of These Mortal Cities asking if we could go and take some photos of them playing in the big top stage, we headed down in the afternoon to see what they had in store. Playing under the BBC introducing recommendations, we had high hopes that these were going to be something special, and we were right. The further into their set they got, more people began to fill the tent; dedicating one song to a little girl who was dancing around to their songs. Having a pop feel to their music, reminding me of a young one direction, these guys really got the crowd going, and seemed like genuinely nice people. I have high hopes for them in the future.
Later on came Lucy Rose on the main stage, the act performing prior to headliners 'The Enemy'. Sitting gracefully on a stool with her guitar, dressed in a baggy sweatshirt and jeans, she reminded me of an up and coming Taylor Swift; she was certainly a different to the other acts that had been performing throughout the afternoon. Her voice was incredible, with an acoustic chilled out feel, she really captured the audience and the crowds began to flock around her, enticed by her presence on the stage.
To follow Lucy were headliners The Enemy. Running 20 minutes late, the crowd was still in good spirit, and it escaped most people's attention that they were yet to appear. It was only one security guard I heard who seemed disappointed in them keeping the crowd waiting. But they appeared, a huge projection of 'The Enemy' filled the background of the stage, and the smoke began to create a rocky atmosphere. Not saying anything to the fans, they went straight into their set, probably aware they were running behind schedule. Their set set included 'Gimme the Sign' and 'Away from Here', to which the crowds were going crazy and a mosh pit began to form. Overall their performance was outstanding.
The Enemy @ Strawberry Fields Festival
I spoke to a group of people afterwards about what they saw and they said 'They were amazing, definitely worth coming for!'. Lets see what Sunday has to offer now after incredible performances over the last 2 days.

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