Strawberry Fields Festival 2013 – Friday Review

The place was getting dark, and as the crowd began to gather round the main stage, eagerly awaiting jaguar skills, what earlier looked like a reasonably empty festival scene soon became a place of chanting and cheering, excited people running to get a spot at the front of the stage ready for the headliners to begin.

As the video game style booth set got wheeled onto the stage, the crowd began to go crazy as the wait for Jaguar Skills was almost over, and the night was about to kick off. The chanting began, people began stamping their feet and clapping their hands; he enters the stage, arms in the air, face covered with a black Balaclava, his opening line 'put your mother fucking hands up'. The party had started.

His set list included some chart toppers, including Kanye West Niggas in Paris, love me again and rhythm is a dancer. About half way through he shouted to the audience 'this is an illegal party'. People began screaming, drinks were sent flying towards the stage and people got on others shoulders and began singing along with the next song 'woo woo that's the sound of the police.' The choice to have Jaguar Skills headlining the Friday definitely got everyone ready for what was in store for the rest of the weekend, and with their outstanding performance, the crowd loved the show they put on,begging for another song at the end of the set.

Jaguar Skills @ Strawberry Fields Festival

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