Good music with a good view. RockNess day 2 review.

I would be cocky and say I told you so but I think I'm suffering from heat stroke. Having to take refuge under the canopy of every second food van (the sun seems like a better excuse than my ever growing appetite) and only coming out of hiding for DJ Yoda was a sensible move. I now have more freckles and a more rosy complexion than I did on Friday but it was worth it.

I saw DJ Yoda at T In The Park a few years ago and after an impressive set then, I knew his set today was a must. He mixes every genre of music from Reggae, Big Band Swing, Country, Hip Hop and Drum 'n' Bass with small clips of well known films/programmes and video games to create tongue n' cheek dance music. Combined with the comical visuals behind him as he's scratching, DJ Yoda's live sets have the ultimate feel good vibe, perfect for any festival. Q Magazine have declared him "one of the ten DJs to see before you die" so if DJ Yoda is ever playing near you or at a festival, make the effort to go and see him, you will not be disappointed!

Having been around for many years and constantly travelling the world playing shows Fat Boy Slim is still at the top of his game, ever growing and his live set today didn't disappoint. His biggest hits such as "Rockafeller Skank", "Praise You" and "Weapon Of Choice" were mixed with a heavier bass and unpredictable samples to create a compelling live set from the famous DJ.

Since the sun had made such an appearance, it would have been rude to ignore the Ice Cream vans and Slush Puppy stalls located around the main arena. Sitting on the grass, ice cream in hand looking down at the main stage with the Loch Ness shimmering in the background is just something you can't get at other festivals. I can now see why RockNess is known as "the most beautiful festival in the world".

I have never been so excited to be in a crowd before. Free cake and champagne for everyone! Well, that is if you don't mind it being thrown/sprayed on you. Probably the most interactive set so far, Steve Aoki managed to DJ, jump around, throw numerous cakes at people, spray countless bottles of champagne and bring out an inflatable mattress for people to crowd surf on. Amazing. (Although I'm biased after I got a face full of champagne). The crowd responded well to all of Steve Aoki's antics and demonstrating why Scottish crowds are always praised on their energy and enthusiasm. An amazing set from Steve Aoki, I hope after today he makes a more frequent appearance in the UK and even Scotland because we like cake.

The last act of the day I saw was Example, an act I wasn't looking forward to as I saw him at T In The Park last year and thought his vocals were absolutely dreadful but he has improved drastically. He encouraged the crowd to scream louder, jump higher and dance harder by doing all three himself with endless energy. His stage set up was probably one of the most impressive I've seen, including colourful lasers that created wave patterns in the night sky creating a picturesque image in front of Loch Ness. A perfect end to the Saturday!

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