New Order @ Bestival 2012 Review

Strolling nonchalantly onto the main stage without so much as a howdy-do, eighties synth superstars New Order start off their headline slot with slow 'Elegia' and an extraordinary amount of smoke blasted in front of them.

After more than a few years of their on again off again status, this is a rare treat for Bestivalites, despite the absence of original member Peter Hook, and the arena is full to the seams. As they reel through classics 'Crystal' and 'Age of Consent' the crowd get down to some serious new wave bopping. '5 8 6' is accompanied by geometric swirling visuals and yet another full covering from the smoke machine, whilst 'The Perfect Kiss' gains an appreciative roar from the crowd.

It's hard to be too enthusiastic about a band who are so obviously absorbed in their own music rather than attending to the audience, but a bit of Joy Division's 'Isolation' is the musical equivalent of frosting, it covers up the  cracks in the cake, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves as they power through 'Blue Monday' and 'Temptation'.

New Order @ Bestival 2012

Closing with more Joy Division, 'Transmission' and 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', New Order leave the stage having satisfied fans and maybe gaining a few more along the way. It's not the full force performance many would have liked from a Bestival headliner, especially after the hyperactivity of some of the previous acts in the day (The Cuban Brothers, De La Soul) but they didn't exactly disappoint either.

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