//Florence and The Machine @ Bestival 2012

Florence and The Machine @ Bestival 2012

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The night is pitch black and clear, stars speckle the darkness and fringed silk flags ripple in the breeze as the main stage area fills with expectant faces.

Florence Welch strides gracefully on stage to a deafening scream from the thousands strong crowd, wearing a Poison Ivy-esque getup – a floaty green dress contrasting violently with her bright red hair which is bedecked with trailing ivy. 'Only If For A Night' warms up the crowd, whilst fan favourite 'The Drumming Song' does indeed get "louder and louder" as Florence belts it out in her distinctive vocal style.

New track 'What The Water Gave Me' is almost at anthem status as a chorus of terribly off key ladies and gentlemen around attempt to sing back up for lady Flo'. After encouraging the crowd to hop up onto each others shoulders, Florence gives a little parenting advice along the lines of "Raise Them Up" as 'Rabbit Heart' invites a lot of eyes-closed swaying from flower-garlanded girls. Candi Station cover 'You've Got The Love' sparks a swathe of fancy dress animals cuddling up to each other and 'Shake It Out' sees some fairly impressive ass wiggling (mostly of the male persuasion).

Florence and The Machine @ Bestival 2012

The last time Florence and co graced the Bestival main stage back in 2008 unfortunate sound problems plagued the whole set and it was a bit of a wash out, but this year sees the redhead's powerful voice triumphantly resonate across the site, mingling with the screams and cheers of a well and truly enthralled crowd. Closing with an epic, pogo-ing 'Dog Days' Florance flounces out with style.

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