Standon Calling 2012 Review

It’s difficult to tell if it was the festival theme and fancy dress, the smaller size of the festival, the setting, the mix of music, or a combination of all of these factors, but Standon Calling 2012 had an amazing atmosphere! It was certainly easy to feel right at home at this really friendly festival.

Well the theme was ‘Journey to the Ends of the Earth’ and organisers had created a great setting at Standon Lordship which was amplified even more on the Saturday when everyone donned their fancy dress outfits. There were costumes of all kinds to be seen including traditional explorers, Wizard of Oz characters, characters from Up, native Indians and much more, some of which words cannot begin to describe!

Although this festival is smaller than many, this helps contribute to the friendly atmosphere as you encounter the same people multiple times throughout the weekend. The setting and multiple stages of Standon Calling are certainly at the level of much larger festivals though – and how many festivals do you go to where there’s a swimming pool?!

Standon Calling

The music at Standon Calling 2012 was definitely a key factor in generating its amazing atmosphere. The 3 days of the festival were packed days with live music which catered for everyone as there was practically every type of music you can think of – rock, dance, drum and bass, folk, reggae, ska – a complete mix. From small unknown bands to Standon Calling regulars right through to Beardyman – there was a lot to take in.

Overall Standon Calling 2012 was a great festival with an amazing, super friendly atmosphere with a lot of music and fun for your money!

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