JUDAS Interview at Truck Festival 2016


So, first of all, what are your names and what roles do each of you play within the band?

James: My names James, and I motivate everyone. (Laughter) And I play the bass.

Todd: Hi, I’m Todd and I play the guitar.

John: I’m John. I’m the superstar of the band.

Sam: I’m Sam, and I lay the beats down. 


Where did the name ‘JUDAS’ come from?

James: Well, here’s a story to be told. (Echoes come from all around “Here’s a story to be told”) So, we had a guitarist before Todd, who was called Tom – and James, John, Sam, and Tom – we all had biblical names. 

John: No, it was disciples names, so we were gunna be called The Disciples, which we liked, but Sam wasn’t a disciple so we called him Judas – and then the name came about.

And now Todd has messed it all up…

Todd: Yeah, I’ve completely messed it up.

James: Todd’s the new hip and trendy Judas.


What would you say your influences are, and what genre would you put yourselves in?

Sam: We’re probably the best one.

James: Yeah, the best one.

Todd: We always get told we’re U2 and Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys.

Sam: It’s a cross between alternative and Indie Rock, I think. We try not to sound like anything in particular. 

James: Stadium rock.

John: Stadium hits.

Sam: It’s extensive. It starts and Natasha Beddingfield and ends at…

James: Mr Motivator.

Sam: Rod Stewart. 

Todd: We’re not trying to be like anyone.

James: But I’m trying to be like him and he’s trying to be like me.


What other festivals have you done?

Sam: Lots. 

John: SoundCity in Liverpool.

Todd: Isle of Wight festival.

Sam: Man on the Farm.

James: We’ve got Y Not? and Tramlines coming up and Party in the Pines.


How does Truck Festival compare to others?

John: It’s amazing.

Todd: One of the best.

James: It’s sick.

Sam: We’ve been really looked after here. 

Todd: We’re lucky enough to play the main stage here as well which is absolutely amazing. 

John: Yeah, thank you so much to the power.

James: It’s the biggest small festival.


What made you apply for the Band App?

Sam: We just saw it.

James: Obviously, we have friends in other bands and we saw that they were applying, and we thought “Fuck it, we’ll apply”, and we bloody got it.

John: Apparently there was 850 bands applied and we won, so… 

Sam: We didn’t win on the votes or anything, but we got chosen by the dudes that run the festival.

John: We did win on the votes.

Todd: Yeah, we won on votes as well.

Sam: Did we!? 

John: Yeah, that’s why we’re on the main stage. We won everything, mate.

Sam: So… we won everything. So out of 850 bands we’re better than everyone. (Laughter) 


Is there anything you want to say?

James: Find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: weareJUDAS. Give us a like. 

John: We’ve got a new EP coming out with some absolute crackers on it. 

Sam: If you see us around say hi because we actually like people.  

John: And we’re really good looking.

Sam: And we’re all single!


When’s the EP due?

John: It’s a secret.

Sam: You’ll know when it’s out.

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