Hannah Wants Creamfields 2015 Q & A

So Hannah, how’s your 2015 been so far?

Amazing thank you! I started the year with the Holy Ship in Miami followed by a two-week vacation in Cancun and it’s been absolutely hectic since then. I’m a happy girl.

In your words what was your big break?

I don’t think there was one. I’ve been DJ’ing and grafting for over a decade to reach where I am now. Some people think success happens over night but it doesn’t. Every day, every month, every year I’d progress a little further in one way or another and I’ve still got so far to go, there’s still so much I want to achieve. It’s a roller coaster journey of a career and life.

With the music industry forever changing, how do you keep track and do you think your sound changes with it?

I don’t keep track with it and for me that’s worked out well. I’ve only ever concentrated on my game and my work; I don’t concern myself with anything or anyone else. Not least because I don’t have the time to even if I wanted to but also because I think it’s paramount that you stay true to yourself and your own unique sound.

Sounds and styles are ever evolving, that’s the joy of music! The music I’m playing and making today is not the same as I was playing or making 1 year ago or 5 years ago or whatever.

I do, make, play whatever I’m truly passionate about and if people like what I’m doing and join me on my musical journey then that’s great! It’s an amazing feeling to know that I can impact on somebody’s day or night in a positive way whether it’s listening to a mixtape or radio show or raving at a set, I love that!

You recently announced your debut solo track ‘Just’ which was premiered on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show. How excited are you to release this long awaited track?

More than you know! I’ve been working on solo material for months now but I’ve wanted to wait until the right time to show the world. I’ve got lots of new material coming up including a collaboration with an amazing vocalist called Detour City, there’s two versions; one’s made for the club on a techno vibe and the other is a real chill downtempo beat. It’s all super exciting!

With a Radio 1 residency and festivals throughout the summer, how do you find the time to just sit back and relax? When you do get a moment to yourself, what do you like to do?

I don’t. Well… very rarely. I struggle to switch off and relax anyway, there’s always something to do. If I’m at home and I get a couple of hours in the evening or whatever I’ll just jump on the sofa with my Sky remote (and sometimes a take-away!) and just chill.

Did you at least take some time off for your birthday earlier this month?

I was travelling from one gig to another. I checked into my hotel and had the choice of going to the cinema and dining at a restaurant orrrrr staying in… I ordered a Chinese and stayed in. To most that may sound like the lamest birthday but my schedule is that hectic I had an absolute whale of a time! Haha.

Do you have any rituals before going on stage?

No. Just a vodka and diet lemonade is good. Although I do love to get to my gig no less than an hour before so that I can check out the vibe, the venue, see what the DJ’s playing before me etc. Then I’m happy, I’m more prepared with my set and know where I want to take the crowd.

You’re playing parties across the globe this summer; Croatia, Serbia and Canada to name but a few! Where’s your favourite place to play and why?

This is a pretty impossible question to answer; there are way too many great parties around the world and all for different reasons. Boat parties are great, intimate with unreal views, playing to thousands in festival tents is just insane; club gigs are full on raves…

Recently you posted on Facebook saying “In 2010 I used to wander around Ibiza daily when I spent the summer here dreaming of being up there on billboards. Five years later it's come true”. What is it about Ibiza that makes it so special to you? Why do you think to this day it’s still the clubbing capital?

Ibiza feels like my second home. I spent two summers in Ibiza with a dream to become a professional DJ and my months spent there definitely helped start to build my name. It’s also the mecca of dance music from around the entire world, playing in the super clubs of Ibiza has got to be up there in the top goals of any DJ.

Congratulations on being nominated for the Bass category in the 2015 DJ Award! How does it feel to be up alongside some of the biggest names in the business?

Thank you! It feels surreal, I was a little surprised by the nomination! The other nominees are literally like some of the biggest artists from around the world so to even be considered and nominated next to them is a massive achievement for me.

You’ve performed Creamfields before, what’s your favourite memory from the show?

The whole gig! Honestly it was a 2014 highlight for me alongside Hideout Festival. It was the biggest crowd I’d played too, the tent was rammed and the vibe was crazy. I loved every second.

So youre geared up for this years show then?

Of course! I won a Mixmag competition in 2012 to play a set at the silent disco at Creamfields, it was my first ever festival gig! I then returned last year to play to thousands in the AMP arena which was insane. It was a definite highlight of last year so I’m super buzzing to be coming back!

We hope you’ll be sticking around the Daresbury site! If so, who are you looking forward to seeing?

That weekend I’m playing four big festivals over three days. It’s gonna be crazy but Creamfields is the last one so it’s definitely geared up to be a celebratory gig! I’ll be sticking around for as long as I can, I’ll no doubt be found in the MK Area 10 tent where I’m playing. Actually I’ve never seen Maceo Plex DJ, it’d be cool if I could catch his set to see what he’s all about.

It’s a great achievement to break through in such a male dominated industry, how do you feel about that?  What advice would you give any budding ladies out there wanting to break into it?  

I’d give the same advice to anyone, it doesn’t matter whether they’re male or female. For me gender is completely irrelevant.

I’d say don’t expect things to happen overnight. Things take time and rightly so. Secondly I’d say to act professionally and consistently. Other than that… practise, practise, practise! So many people want to be DJ’s nowadays, you need to stand out from the crowd whether that be your mixing style or selection. Make mixtapes, send (professional) emails to local promoters and slowly but surely build your profile. Oh, and don’t gain an ego! In my opinion, it’s the worst quality of them all! Be a nice human!!!

You’ll be performing at the first ever Creamfields Ibiza in August, and theres a lot of excitement surrounding this inaugural festival which many have regarded as a game changer for the island, how does it feel to be part of it? What are your thoughts about it?

I’m super honoured to have been asked to be a part of it. I’ve never played at Ushuaia before either so it’s going to be a first on a lot of levels. The line up’s great, Creamfields in Ibiza is a match made in heaven, and I can’t wait!

Finally, finish this sentence: Creamfields is…


Hannah Wants will be performing at Creamfields Ibiza on Saturday 1st August 2015 and Creamfields UK on August Bank Holiday weekend, for info and tickets go to http://www.cream.co.uk/ 

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