Chasing Cadence Interview at Takedown Festival

I was at Takedown Festival and managed to get a few minutes to chat with singer Jack from Chasing Cadence. 

Where abouts are your from? We're all from Hertfordshire scattered around the place but all in that general area 

Did you guys grow up together? No we found each other online, when we were looking for new bands 

Do people back home support you guys? Yeah our friends and family are great but I guess a lot of bands say it but the music scene where we are is terrible but there are people are trying to build it up it just takes a long time 

What's the goal you wish to reach in say 5 years? We'd love to be touring, getting our music out there playing some cool venues and meeting new people. 

Claim to fame? We played with Taking Back Sunday what was awesome as we all really love there music 

Do you guys have any other activities outside the band? We all work a lot so that takes up a lot of our time but couple of us like football so we sometimes play bit of that here and there. 

Who's the biggest motivator or the group and keeps everyone in line? It's prob got to be Rob, he's been a bit grumpy last few days due to lack of sleep but he's normally the one who keeps up going. 

Does anyone have any bad habits? Alf snores really loudly, sometimes we have to put head phones in to get to sleep cause it's so loud. 

What do you miss most when on tour? Eating got food got lot of spots cause eating rubbish food, we always try to get accommodation when on tour as we're all really feminine and like to always be clean, baths as most places have showers and after show you ache so a bath would be nice. Home comforts we miss.

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