Betraeus Interview

We caught up with Betreaus before their performance at this years Bloodstock where they are performing on the Sophie Lancaster Stage.  Check out what they had to say about festivals, what the fans can expect at Bloodstock and more!

SFG: What was the first thing you did this morning?
Betreaus: Set my alarm to snooze.

SFG: What will be the last thing you do tonight?
Betreaus: Finish prepping for Bloodstock!

SFG: What item do you most regularly put on your festival rider?
Betreaus: A stripper, but we never get one.

SFG: What is the strangest thing you have seen at a festival?
Betreaus: Our roadie nearly cutting his ear off trying to squeeze his head under a fence.

SFG: What is your pre-performance ritual?
Betreaus: Trying to order a stripper.

SFG: What has been your favourite festival of the year so far?
Betreaus: Techfest.

SFG: What gig are you most looking forward to next?
Betreaus: The lineup for Euroblast 10 looks pretty damn tasty,

SFG: What would be your dream place to play a gig?
Betreaus: Wembley Stadium.

SFG: Who would you love to tour with?
Betreaus: Gojira.

SFG: To those that don't really know you, sum up the band and what it represents in one sentence
Betreaus: We're a young british metal band, writing the music that we want to.

SFG: How did it feel to win the BOA 'Metal to the Masses' comp?
Betreaus: It felt like all of our hard work up to that point had paid off, amazing!

SFG: What can the fans at Bloodstock look forward to for your performance on the Sophie Lancaster Stage?
Betreaus: New material; heavy, atmospheric and progressive.

SFG: What is coming next for Betraeus?
Betreaus: Finishing and releasing our debut full length album! Watch this space…

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