States of Panic Interview

We managed to pull Hex from States of Panic out of the studio for a few moments to talk to him about their upcoming show at Bloodstock, festivals and their new album!

SFG: What was the first thing you did this morning?
Hex: Opened my eyes…… To find myself still in the studio.

SFG: What will be the last thing you do tonight?
Hex: Close my eyes, and fall asleep in the studio

SFG: What's the first thing you put on your festival rider?
Hex: For me, definitely a can of Monster energy! It is essential for gig days….and most other days….if I'm being perfectly honest, every day. I think I might have a problem!

SFG: What is the strangest thing you have seen at a festival?
Hex: I saw a group of about 6 people all wearing pikachu onsies at download, at first I was fairly weirded out by it but then remembered I was at download and it didn't seem so strange any more.

Photo courtesy of Dominic Kincaid

SFG: Do you have a pre-performance ritual, if so what is it?
Hex: Apart from tanking up on Energy drinks and general gear preparation we have a warm that we do. We kick everyone out the dressing room and put on Andrew WK's Party Hard then run on the spot for the verses and Jump during the choruses. Sounds ridiculous when you explain it to someone but it is great for getting the heart rate up before the show.

SFG: What has been your favourite festival of the year so far?
Hex: The only one I've been to so far was Download so I'd definitely have to say Download!

SFG: What gig are you most looking forward to next?
Hex: After Bloodstock we have a lot of really exciting gigs lined up but I think the one I'm most excited for is Trashfest over in Finland in October!

SFG: Where would be your dream place to play a gig?
Hex: That's a tricky one, if you mean in terms of venue I'd say a underground tunnel quite like the video for Slither by Velvet Revolver purely for the video footage. In terms of geographical location there are a million places I'd love to go, I want to play everywhere!

SFG: Who would you love to tour with?
Hex: Would love to tour with a band like Escape the Fate or Dead by April. They are two of my favourite bands and it would just be cool to share a stage with them.

SFG: Having played a festival before, what if the main difference between this festival and others you have performed at?
Hex: I'm not sure but I'm excited to find out! I think the crowd will be different to download but will hopefully respond well to the onslaught of chaos we're about to unleash upon them!

SFG: What surprises are the crowd in for this year at Bloodstock?
Hex: I think we will be a surprise ourselves as we are quite different from the rest of the line up in a lot of ways. I think there will be a few people getting a bit of a fright. Hopefully the good kind!

SFG: When can we expect the debut album and what can you tell the fans about it?
Hex: We are currently in the process of smoothing out all the songs ready to send to the producer which should be happening over the next week or so but the next step is for us to release a music video for our second single. I can't give away too much yet but the song is sounding huge and the ideas are going to be epic!

SFG: To those that don't really know you, sum up the band and what it represents in one sentence.
Hex: We are the alpha and the omega.

Photo courtesy of Dom Bower Photography

Merely tipping their hat to monsters of rock past, States of Panic combine old-school, modern metal, electronics and synth, twisting their sound into something fresh and new.

Their aggressive, high-octane crowd assault exudes a raw authenticity that channels the self-destructive spirits of the New York Dolls, spiked by the anti-establishment rebellion of Rage Against the Machine.

States of Panic provide a soundtrack for a generation disillusioned by plastic politicians and unemployment, reflecting the pent-up angst and restlessness of a youth sick of war, seedy statesmanship, lack of prospects and lack of hope. A troubled band for troubled times.

But despite the dystopian themes and subject matter behind the band, the music is anthemic and energetic, encouraging fans to be aware of social injustices, the importance of self-worth and to realise the power that we possess collectively.

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States of Panic are:

Johnny Gunn – Vocals
Rusty Gill – Lead guitar
Hex – Bass
Dagan – Rhythm guitar
Hammy – Drums

2013 confirmed live shows:

  • Sunday 11th August – Bloodstock Festival – Sophie Lancaster Stage 
  • Saturday 17th August – Warehouse @ Rainbow, Birmingham Headbangers Balls finale
  • Saturday 5th October – Trash Fest VI, Helsinki, Finland 
  • Friday November 29th – Hard Rock Hell Festival

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