Interview with Lucy Rose at Kendal Calling 2013

Olivia Frayman was at Kendal Calling, reporting for Summer Festival Guide, here is her interview with Lucy Rose.

Olivia: Hi Lucy, welcome to Kendal Calling, you've covered a lot of festivals, do you have any favourites that stick out?

Lucy: Glastonbury was so epic and brilliant, that’s definitely got to be up there. And I really enjoyed Cambridge Folk Festival on Friday, I was headlining that night I was headlining the smaller stage and there was no one on the bigger one and it was really scary, and it was a lot of pressure and really good, people were really welcoming with my sort of music I was playing, so it was really nice.

Olivia: Ah that’s excellent, and what’s your music writing process like?

Lucy: Yeah its pretty crazy at the moment, I think I've written 16 songs for the next album, which is exciting, most of them I've recorded on the road and sound checks, and recently I've started playing on Beat Maker II on the ipad that I'm obsessed with, its actually like a dangerous obsession, which I keep writing beats with but it seems inappropriate, there’s always sections for a rap artist and stuff, so I’m like maybe this isn’t the right pair. 

Olivia: Any favourite things about playing a festival?

Lucy: The crowd, I think that’s the classic one, I think everyone is so up for it, drunk or a combination of both, that it’s just a different sort of atmosphere that you get at any other gigs.

Olivia: I hear that Vogue magazine listed you as one the Indie break through artists of 2012, how does that make you feel? Or were you even aware of this?

Lucy: Yes because every interviewer ask this (laughs).

Olivia: Oh no.

Lucy: No, it’s a good thing because I didn’t even know it was happening, then their like, did you know, and only now I know, yeah I actually never read anything about me, so the first time I heard about it was in an interview and someone asked me about it, obviously that’s pretty crazy, its vogue, I’m not stylish. 

Olivia: You'll make the front cover?

Lucy: I doubt that highly, that will never happen, but yeah, coming from Vogue, that’s pretty cool.

Olivia: And is there anyone that you'd like to collaborate with?

Lucy: I don’t know, there’s tonnes of cool bands, musicians out there, so anyone that came up to me and said let’s do something, I’d be up for, so I’m pretty open to all collaborations.

Olivia: And I hear you’re a fan of tea?

Lucy: yes.

Olivia: What is your favourite tea?

Lucy: My own blend of tea which I make, called builder grey it’s a combination of Earl Grey and English Breakfast, and it’s the bomb.

Olivia: So hopefully we'll be seeing that in the shops soon?

Lucy: Yeah I need to get that into some shops somehow, not sure how my way in is.

Olivia: And lastly, what can fans expect from your performance today?

Lucy: Hopefully a lot of energy, a lot of fun and a lot of new stuff mainly, there’s going to be a lot of new songs in there, hopefully just get into the rhythm.

Olivia: Thank you for your time, and best of luck for your performance today.


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