Volbeat Interview @ Sonisphere 2011


We had the chance to talk with Michael (singer) and Andres (bassist) after their performance at the Sonisphere Festival 2011.

Summer Festival Guide (SFG): So, How are you guys?

Michael (M): ok… I think.. we've never played that early before. It's been a challenge. (laughing)
Andres (A): yeah (laughing)
M: I didn't expect people to be there at all, but it was good.
SFG: I was there taking photos and I could see the reaction and it was indeed very good. I had the chance to see you live last year, at Download and it was good as today.
M: Thank you!
A: Thanks
SFG: Let's talk about the tour, you are going to start in the next few weeks. Are preparing anything special?
M: Na.. we are preparing to go home tonight! (laughing)
A: We have 12 days of absolute rest!
M: 12 days in which no one will speak about Volbeat!
A: We need some peace and quiet for a change
SFG: I can imagine!
SFG: Have you got any plans for a new album?
M: No
SFG: Nothing at all…
M: We are gonna release a DVD later in October it will be a live performance and it will be in Blu-Ray as well. That's pretty much the only thing we are going to do for now. We have lots of ideas for a new album but the previous one is still pretty new so for now we are ok with it.
SFG: Nice, a live DVD sounds great. Are you going to stay for the entire festival today or are you leaving straight away after finish with the press?
A: right away! (laughing)
SFG: So you definitely burnt my question about who you'd like to see performing! (laughing)
A: Sorry!
M: Well we would love to see Mรถtorhead, but hopefully they will be alive for another couple of years! We will have another chance!
SFG: Fair enough! Ok, do you remember your first concert?
M: no idea..
A: for me… I think it was Public Enemy
SFG: that's nice!
A: it was nice
SFG: what's the first album you have ever bought? And then I'll leave you alone!
M: oh no don't worry!
A: first album…uhm… I think mine was Twisted Sister!
SFG: nice one! I like them
A: they were awesome
M: I think mine was Cat Stevens
SFG: he is great!
A: mine was better!
M: let's have a mix between the two, Cat Stevens/Twisted Sister
SFG: sounds like a pretty awesome project! (laughing)

M: the best one! (laughing)

SFG: Well, that's it guys. Thank you for the chit-chat, good luck for the tour and I'll see you around.
M/A: Thank you for spending your time with us!

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