Black Tide Interview @ Sonisphere Knebworth 2011

We had the chance to have a little chit-chat with Gabriel (Gabe), singer of the band after their performance at the Sonisphere Festival 2011.

Summer Festival Guide (SFG): Hi, nice to meet you.

Gabriel (G): Hi nice to meet you too

SFG: I’d like to compliment you over your performance earlier on the Saturn Stage. It’s been great. I remember the first time I saw you live almost 4 years ago. You were all so young that at first I thought there was a mistake for having you on stage, then you started to play and you guys blew my mind away! Such a powerful heavy metal coming from you. It was crazy.

G: Thank you so much for this. It means a lot you have no idea. It really does. Thank you.
SFG: You’re welcome, I know your new CD will be out soon. Can you tell me something about Post Mortem?
G: Sure! Well, this album tells a story. The story of what happened to us after “light from above” (first album of the band released last 2008). We’ve been through a lot, it wasn’t easy and it’s basically the recollection of our struggles to keep the band together. There’s so much of us in this album, more than in the previous one.
SFG: sounds great! I can’t wait to hear it. What do you think about the performance today?
G: It was amazing, even though it was very early in the morning lots of people showed up and they were singing our songs! It was awesome. We didn’t expect such a reaction.
SFG: it was indeed a great reaction, I was photographing you and from the photopit I could hear the people behind me singing along.
G: yeah, it was pretty cool!
SFG: Have you got any plans for tour here in UK?
G: we are certainly coming back in the UK, we have nothing set in stone but most likely in October.
SFG: fantastic! Are you staying for the entire day today or leaving sooner after the interviews? If you’re staying, what is the band you are looking forward to see tonight?
G: We are staying for the whole show today. We are going back home tomorrow. I can’t wait to see Slipknot. They are awesome and we are all curious to see them live again.
SFG: I can’t wait to see them too. Last question and I leave you alone, promise!
G: Na! It’s ok.
SFG: Do you remember your first concert? The very first. Which artist/band was?
G: Uhm… my first concert… that’s tough. Let me think about it… Yes, now I remember. It was Judas Priest! My very first concert. Now that you asked, I remember it so vividly. I went with my father. The best show i’ve ever seen.
SFG: I am so ashamed to tell you mine now…
G: go on then! I wanna know!
SFG: na better keep it a secret
G: come on!
SFG: ok, Take That… but I am older than you and they were huge back in the days!
G:well it’s ok, you’re a girl so it’s ok.
SFG: well, thank you for not taking the piss out of me!
G: you’re welcome! (laughing)
SFG: ok, that’s it. Thank you for the chit-chat it’s been great. I wish you all the best for the album and I might see you around when you’re coming back in the UK! Is there a last message you wanna pass on to everyone?
G: Thank you! Well, my message is simple. August 23rd, our album Post Mortem will be available, it will be awesome if you can go and check it out! It’s worth it!


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