Axwell brings his Heart Show to L.E.D 2010

You are playing the Friday of the very first L.E.D festival, how does it feel?
Great! Looking forward to playing in London again! Just hoping for some nice weather!

Can you tell us some more about your heart show that you will be bringing to Victoria Park?
Well, it is a 5 x 5 meter LED screen and with help from my video techs I want to give the audience something back! A more synchronised show with a visual impact. I just want to bring something to the table and develop it as it proceeds. And hopefully people will like the music and the show.

Your Brixton shows have been incredible, how does it feel to have such a loyal UK fanbase?
England has always been an important place for me and it’s fantastic to see the crowd excited and loving what I love to do! It gives so much energy and that makes me want to continue to do music.

What does 2010 have in store for Axwell, can we expect any big hits?
Haha, well I always try my best to deliver and fulfil the fans expectations, and I have some tracks that I personally love.  “Nothing But love (for you)” will be out soon and the hype on the internet have been amazing!  I try my best and I hope it’s enough to get the crowd going!

Will you be making time to see anyone else on the L.E.D line up this year?
My schedule is more C R A Z Y this year! I am even doing a couple of days with 2 shows on the same night! But it would be nice to hang around when Sebastian Ingrosso is playing without having to work myself! Haahaha.

Travelling around the world must be amazing, but do you get time to see any of the countries?
Before, when I did 2 maybe 3 gigs per weekend id could try to take some time to walk the streets in a new city. Maybe see a friend. But now when I do 4-5 shows a week it’s hard to keep up with work. So every chance I get in the hotel or on the airplane I need to focus on making music. Otherwise I won’t have any tracks to play next year!   

You also have your own night in Ibiza, will you be bringing a bit of the Island fun to L.E.D?
Is a special thing to travel to Ibiza and visit a place like Pacha. The vibe, the weather and listening to the fantastic music. And that’s hard to take to another place, but I promise to try and make everyone as hot as they would be in Ibiza.

In the Cream arena you are joined by lots of your friends, Ingrosso, AN21 & Kim Fai just to name a few, can we expect one big party?
It’s always a big party! That’s what keeps the spirit alive! I am going to book a big suite so the after party will be at my place!

When you began DJing/Producing did you ever envisage getting to this stage in your career?
I dreamt about it but maybe I didn’t dare to think it could be true one day. But at the same time I believe that success comes to those who work. Sometimes it’s harder, but if you fight for what you believe in and do what you like, the road forward will give you opportunities and if you make the right decisions, it can even take you further.

What did you originally set out to achieve when you began?
I just wanted to do music. I didn’t want to do anything else. And if I could pay the bills by doing just that… I would be happy!  Getting to play these big shows and Djing on clubs is amazing and great fun to do, but it also gives me the opportunity to continue to do what I wanted to do since I was a kid. And that’s more music.

Can you tell us in 3 words what the show will be like at L.E.D?
Heart-pounding, sweaty & fresh!

Axwell will be bringing his ‘Heart Show’ to L.E.D festival on Friday 27th August. For more information and tickets visit

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