Interview with The Japanese Popstars

As we witness the end of The Japanese Popstars beat banging set at Tiësto Live in Victoria Park (30th July 2010), we get a quick call up to say they are doing a few interviews.

Who are The Japanese Popstars you might ask, they are an electronic act from Northern Ireland made up of Declan McLaughlin, Gary Curran, and Gareth Donoghue.

We are directed behind the main stage to the dressing room area to see The Japanese Popstars having a laugh with their crew and management.  Sitting down on a table in the park we have an informal chat to the lads from Northern Ireland about anything and everything Japanese Popstar!

SFG: “So guys, how did you come up with the name The Japanese Popstars?”

TJP: “Well Irish Popstars just didn’t sound good so we went around the world map and settled on Japan”

SFG: “You guys have recently finished work on a new album, when is it due out?”

TJP: “We are not sure when the new album is due out, it is up to the record label and management.”

SFG: “You guys are doing the festival rounds this year, what is your current schedule like?”

TJP: “Well we played in Ibiza last night, we have had no sleep and just finished playing here, we are back to Ireland for a few days then heading back to Ibiza next week.”

SFG: “Any plans to head down south to Ozzie and New Zealand?”

TJP: ”We could be in Ozzie / New Zealand next year”

SFG: “I understand you guys are signed to Gung Ho records?”

TJP: “We are now signed to Virgin/EMI Records, we were previosuly with Gung Ho”

SFG: “Coming from New Zealand you must also know Greg Churchill and Luke Walker who are signed to Gung Ho Records?”

TJP: “Luke is a great friend of ours, he has just remixed our new single, and Greg has just sent us his new tune, Oh yeah by the way, Luke works for Sega and hooks us up with games!”

SFG: “What is on the horizon for The Japanese Popstars?”

TJP: “We are working on more remixes this year and will be taking a break from the studio before we kill each other.”

SFG: “Its been a priviledge chatting to you guys, rest up and see ya soon!”

The Summer Festival Guide would like to thank the awesome guys from The Japanese Popstars for taking time out to chat to us, we look forward to their latest album release, look out for it in the near future!

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