Japan’s Rainbow Disco Club announces 12-hour live stream somewhere under the rainbow! with DJ Nobu, Kenji Takimi, Yoshinori Hayashi, Licaxxx, CYK, machìna, Sisi and more

Japan’s Rainbow Disco Club which like many others was forced to cancel due to the outbreak of COVID-19, has announced a 12-hour long streaming event dubbed somewhere under the rainbow! on Saturday 18th April.


Filming the event is REALROCKDESIGN who have long been part of the Rainbow Disco Club experience, including the special drone disco ball effect from last year. RDC are to film in advance in the festival’s location of Higashi-Izu Cross Country Course, for the viewers to feel and experience as if they are there.


The line-up features a slew of Japanese talent, all with deep ties to Rainbow Disco Club such as DJ Nobu, Kenji Takimi, Yoshinori Hayashi, Licaxxx, CYK, machìna, and Sisi. Additional artists as well as timetable will be announced closer to the ate


Says the organiser: “the world is facing difficulties everyday because of the effect of Coronavirus, many clubs, parties and festivals have been forced to shut or cancel. In such circumstances, we asked ourselves many times, what can we do in the current landscape for the scene in our own way? That’s why we decided to plan and make this event happen.”


To view the stream, you will need to purchase a ticket for a small fee on live streaming service ZAIKO. Early-bird tickets (1,000 JPY) will be available until March 31st. After April 1st, the price will be 2,000 JPY. Once you purchase your electronic ticket, you will be able to watch the archived video for a week after.


RAINBOW DISCO CLUB “somewhere under the rainbow!”


Date & Time:
April 18th the Saturday 12:00-24:00 JST
It will be archived until 23:59 on April 25th


DJ Nobu
Kenji Takimi
Yoshinori Hayashi
and more


Early-bird (1,000 JPY) *Until 11:59pm on March 31st, Tuesday JST
Regular (2,000 JPY) *After 00:00am on April 1st, Wednesday JST


Streaming and ticket site:


Filming and Effect:


A Statement from the Organizer


“We have been receiving an incredible amount of messages and support from all over the world after the Rainbow Disco Club 2020 cancellation announcement and are truly grateful for the support.


All of us are facing difficulties everyday now because of the effect of the Coronavirus. We had been busy trying to set up a crowdfunding and/or an alternative event until a few days ago but the situation surrounding the Coronavirus is changing every hour. 


Many clubs in Europe and America have been forced to shut and events to be cancelled, and many borders are being closed and all these artists and promoters are suffering from the damage, losing their work opportunities just like us. At the same time, all the dance music fans are losing their places.


But, we must unite and fight against the unknown virus. Now, it is important to keep distance, avoid crowds and prevent the spread. We must limit our social activities and you and your loved ones must act carefully.


We must keep smiling. This is what we have learned in the last 11 years from you.


Hereby we would like to announce that we made the decision to throw a -hour long
streaming party on Saturday 18th April. This will be a first for us, but we will do what we can to replicate the actual festival in Higashi-Izu.


We hope this will be a special day for you during this long isolation time at home. Many fun merchandise items to enjoy the party at home are coming their way, so please look forward to them. Early-bird tickets are also ready in the hope that you will be counting the days with excitement.


We cannot gather at the same place but we look at this project as a campfire. We surround ourselves with music; we dance, talk, eat, smile well, and love a lot – let’s get warm.”

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